322 Getting Discharged and Going Home

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Although Bruce had already guessed it, he was still stunned by Lucas's ability to remain composed and speak calmly. After all, the person he killed wasn't an ordinary person but a direct descendant of the Wallaces, one of Orange County's four most powerful families!

In particular, Lucas had killed Liam right in front of Kyle and the Kingstons' employees. This was truly shocking!

"Mr. Gray, according to the information I received, Kyle Kingston personally delivered Liam Wallace's corpse back to the Wallace residence last night and even said a lot to them. He must have smeared you and made extremely unfavorable allegations about you. The Wallaces should bear a grudge against you now, and they'll surely confront you soon. They also declared that they would steer clear of the Hales and swore to be at odds with us from now on."


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