1096 Finally Caught Up

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However, even though the Flame Dragon experts were well prepared, they probably didn't expect Lucas to be able to dodge the sniper bullets while still driving the Land Rover in pursuit of Jace and the white-bearded old man.

So after Lucas drove far away, the sounds of the sniper gunshots ceased. Clearly, there were constraints on the snipers' positions, and Lucas had already left their range. Even the best snipers wouldn't be able to do anything.

Without the interference of the sniper rifles, Lucas immediately floored the accelerator of the Land Rover and chased after the Mercedes-Benz at full speed.

The performance of the modified Land Rover was shown at this moment as the distance between the Land Rover and the black Mercedes-Benz continuously narrowed.

"Mr. White, what should we do?! They're about to catch up!" Jace kept looking backward.


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