1352 Finally Captured

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The young woman still wanted to continue attacking Lucas, but when she saw Jensen's true face, she immediately widened her eyes in disbelief. "You… you're not an old man!"

Jensen's face was completely revealed in front of everyone after his mask was removed, and he knew that his scheme was now useless.

He sprung up from the ground and exerted all his strength to attack Lucas!

Jensen was an expert who was extremely skilled in martial arts. In fact, his skills were almost on par with the skills of the top experts of the Hamiltons. He knew that he was no match for Lucas. He launched a sudden attack on Lucas not in hopes of defeating him but rather to stall for some time so that he could rush onto the train and leave.

However, Jensen's skills were nothing in front of Lucas. Lucas just kicked once, and Jensen fell onto the ground again with a loud thud.

Before he could get up, Lucas was already stepping on his chest, making him unable to get up at all.


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