1175 Fight

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Full of excitement, Clinton immediately mocked, "Lucas Gray, you're too audacious. How dare you speak to Mr. Kenzo like that?! You probably don't know that he's the fourth most powerful figure in the Peerless Martial Association, and his strength is second only to Mr. Zander, the head of the Peerless Martial Association's US headquarters!

"The Peerless Martial Association is an extremely powerful organization with branches in more than a hundred countries! The US headquarters of the Peerless Martial Association alone is something that even the eight top families won't dare to deal with together!

"Even if you have a powerful status, you'll have no choice but to die once you offend the Peerless Martial Association!

"Besides, how dare you covet the Waltons' assets?! Mr. Kenzo has already made it very clear that we are supported by the Peerless Martial Association. In fact, the majority of our assets belong to the association!


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