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Lucas didn't have time to explain much to them and simply urged, "Didn't you hear what I said? Get to it immediately!"

Edmund and Bruce quickly took out their phones and relayed Lucas's instructions to their families.

Although they were disgruntled and confused, they didn't dare to disobey Lucas's orders.

Besides, they both knew that Lucas wouldn't harm them and that he naturally had his own reasons for giving these instructions.

After the two ended their calls, Lucas instructed again, "Don't go home tonight. Just stay in the Stardust Corporation. It's much safer here. I'm going out to handle some things. Wait for my news!"

Then Lucas turned around and headed to the parking lot.

"Lucas, pay attention to your safety!"

Edmund and Bruce didn't dare to ask what Lucas was going to do and could only remind him with worried expressions.

Who knew whether they could tide through the crisis this time…


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