1307 Compensation of 150 Million Dollars

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Lucas was furious. He had rushed over as quickly as he could, and the moment he arrived, he saw his daughter being thrown against the ground. His heart had stopped beating at that instant.

His eyes were as sharp and as cold as ice. After he held Amelia in his arms, the first thing he did was grab the neck of the bodyguard who had tried to slam Amelia against the ground.

The tall and burly bodyguard, who weighed nearly 100 kilograms, looked just like a chicken being strangled by the neck in Lucas's hand. He couldn't resist at all. Then Lucas flung him away with all his might.


The bodyguard landed heavily on the ground in front of Luther and his wife, and his eyes rolled backward. Before he could even make a sound, he had already passed out.

This sudden scene shocked everyone.

When Tommy's mother saw the bodyguard lying unconscious on the ground in front of her, she screamed at the top of her lungs. "Ahhh!"


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