181 A Bunch of Fools

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Dominic was even more frightened by the several silvery-gray Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles that drove in one after another. They were obviously the standard vehicles allocated to the senior executives of the Hale family. All the people who alighted were the general managers and leaders of all major enterprises under the Hales. They walked past Dominic one by one and bowed to Lucas respectfully.

"Wh-what exactly is going on here?!"

"Why are these people so… so respectful toward Lucas Gray? It's like he's some prestigious and mighty bigshot."

"Yeah, I know that Mr. Farrer. He's always so lofty and condescending toward us, yet he's now smiling so subserviently to Lucas Gray…"

"Oh my god. What's wrong with this world? This is too surreal!"


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