The Formidable Lady of the Poor Scholar's Household

Author: Graceful Devotion
Historical Romance
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What is The Formidable Lady of the Poor Scholar's Household

Read ‘The Formidable Lady of the Poor Scholar's Household’ Online for Free, written by the author Graceful Devotion, This book is a Historical Romance Novel, covering BLOODPUMPING Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: The scholar spent five coins to buy a wife. Whether she lived or died was entirely up to fate.The scholar, dressed in pa...


The scholar spent five coins to buy a wife. Whether she lived or died was entirely up to fate. The scholar, dressed in patched clothes, leisurely strolls along the path. Whether he could have a meal at home depended on luck! The stingy scholar, who hoarded one silver as though it was ten silver, unintentionally gained a wife who was ethereal and otherworldly. Life became extraordinarily enchanting."

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story is very nice.... does anyone knows it's raw ....... plz let me know .....


This is a hilarious story Really like the fl and the ml, they are so interesting. really like the characters surrounding the main couple. There's even a female giant ! I love it💕💕💕 5 1/2 Stars !!!


need more chapters [img=recommend][img=recommend]


Tags - transmigration, historical, weak to strong, comedy, romance. I've have yet to read any "blood pumping". Since the novel has yet to be picked up in all fairness it cannot get full/4 marks its in its trial stage. However, I do like what I'm reading and actually have laughed out a few times, granted the FL has transmigrated but she is the 1st one for me that appears not to have a cheat sheet/spatial pocket. Her personality is a bit cold and distant but you get why she is like that. Then you have the ML who for the first time I've read in a looong while is not a "rich/noble" person -, he is poor and very self conscious of money/finances. He has the mindset of what women are suppose to be like in that era, however he is not pedantic, tolerating and is a bit open minded when it comes to the FL. His charm is that he is "shy" around her and his thoughts on money is funny. There is also the supporting characters both good and bad who adds wisdom, flavor, laughter and annoyance. The story has potential and I get the impression its about a couple that grows/learns together along with life antics. I am hopeful that the story gets picked.


Excellent storyline. Great character growth and plot. It's funny but poignant in many places and I need the author to finish this book lol 😆 I'm emotionally invested!!




Some hearty laughs , some sniffles and a lot of face palming... A good read .


this story is very nice and worth of spending time .. nice characters ....keep it up 👍👍👍👍also waiting for updates


I like the two principal pj . Pity their interaction with each other îs poor. I would like some steamy scenes. And more about the food and culture in the area.I praise this subiect is new and entertaining . I love it!!! Keep going!


I like this story. There's action, a bit of romance, subtle humour and quite well structured.Please give more chapters....😍😍Tq writer


Amazing 😘 An interesting and funny story 🤣🤣🤣


Fascinating story . Hope it continues . The best part is The humor .


nice story with interesting characters off FL n ML, husband is petty while wife is indiferent, and other side characters also hilarious, hope to red more chapters soon to see how their relationship develop


Excellent book, page turner right from the start. My only complaint about this book is there are only 40 chapters available lol. I also purchased a subscription so I could read the rest of this fabulous book!


Entirely great story, excellent character development and so on. Can't wait to read the entire novel.


Reveal spoiler


A very interesting and fun read,can't wait for more.


I love this book. I need new chapters. The naration is well written, funny and the characters are also well-defined. [img=update][img=update][img=update][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]




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