Caught in bed with a man that wasn't her husband, Kathleen Crawford was declared guilty and shamefully banished from the Hudson's family. Although she was set up, and nothing happened between them, but who was ready to believe her story given the circumstance that the one who saw her was the Almighty Shawn David Hudson: her own husband. No longer the weakling and spineless women that left the Hudson family, she returned a few years later with a new but powerful identity. Revenge was her mission: an eye for an eye for those who have set her up. She didn’t mind crushing whoever dares to stand in her path. But in her quest for revenge, will Shawn sweep her off her feet a second time or is Kathleen’s heart too cold to be melted by his irresistible charm?

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Who Is My Real Rival?

'Who is my real rival?' He sighed helplessly then signaled for the waiter and placed his order.

Few minutes later, the waiter returned with garlic shrimp and a bottle of red wine.

"The main course will be delivered in a moment, please," he informed Shawn.

After the waiter excused himself and left, Shawn poured the wine and proceeded to gently spear the shrimps into Kathleen's plate.

From under her thick lashes, Kathleen couldn't help but admire his slender hands as he skillfully worked on the shrimps.

He had always been the one to peel and cut her shrimps for her in the past while she gobbled them down with reckless abandon.

An inexplicable feeling crept up somewhere in her heart as she reminisced about those sweet days in their marriage.

After placing it on her plate, their eyes met and locked for a few seconds but it was broken by Kathleen as she started,

"About the…"