7 System!?

"WHAT THE FUCK!Who is that? Wait, that's me...WAIT,THAT'S ME!"Julian shouted into the mirror.

Julian, you should be damn grateful for the bathroom being noise cancelling or Mama King would've whooped your ass for swearing.

"Okay, calm down Julian, take deep breaths..."Julian's heavy breathing and rapid heartbeats seemed to have slowed down after the disastrous shock he faced.

"I don't know what's exactly happening...but it seems as if I have went back in time to when I was young"Julian stared at the extremely docile and lovable face in the mirror.

Julian had read many novels of this sort, where the main character gets reincarnated or sent back in time, in his past life. It was a hobby of his to read novels to escape from the stress and pestering of work and the media. However, that wasn't the issue for Julian. The issue was why he was given a second chance;why was he given a second time.

As Julian thought and questioned himself in the bathroom, a sudden outrageous thought appeared in his head.

"If I am supposedly the main character of a story and got sent back in time...then does that mean I have a system?!"

"Okay, better trying than not"


[Welcome, Julian King to the Football System. I am the System and my name is Omega. I am also your personal adviser and your teacher at times but I can also be your student as I have not yet have been able to learn about the place you call "Earth". However, to use me , you will need to first pass this trial/test]

"What the..."

[Initiating test in 1,2,3...]


And then there was silence...

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