1 The Folklore of which i Heard

Living a long and healthy life can be troublesome, but never had I believed to come upon such an interesting folklore.. you see, I am a person on interest. There's not thing in history, folklore or even a spoken tale that I haven't heard of around the world..

I don't ever lose or forget a simple thing as such.. but what if I'd tell you that even the biggest of known creatures maybe gods as well want to forget? It was around the year of seventeen fifteen when a small boy told a tale about an elder god or better said.. being or entity.. Arkham city where the story was told was plagued by decease and nightmares.. no one knew what it was or where it came from! That small boy who never spoke a word showed interest in doing so now.

He went to pubs, restaurants and even brothels which he knew he wasn't allowed to enter.. he told every soul what he saw and what he had heard about Cthulhu and the one mischievous thing he had done.

"For those who listen, Cthulhu's mischievous act was of something unheard.. he took a human child as tribute but not once he had actually killed one! It was ingenious of him to raise a young one to send him back to tell us of his time. He wants us gone and if we don't he shall hunt our dreams for eternity! let your voices be heard! it is needed for everyone to leave this second!"

Nobody had believed a word the young one said at all everyone was partying and doing the things they wanted.. Cthulhu was furious and started to give them even nightmares even worse than before.. nightmares that showed him in a form where people lost their minds.. and rambled on about it.

"If no one believes my word then I shall throw a legend around!"

The boy went home and wrote a folklore like tale.

"The words never meant to be read were on paper and it was for everyone to see"

The boy finally had a way to show people something but Cthulhu was not happy about the boy simply because he had wrote such a idiotic and stupid folklore!

Cthulhu spoke to the young child and asked him why such a folklore would help his endeavors.

"Young one tell me.. why are you writing such a childish poem or a folklore? it would not help us get rid of your people.."

The youngling looked at Cthulhu who he was able to see in the cloud's and simply told him...

"Cthulhu there's no such thing as childish in this world.. people can say so and still believe it! only people oblivious enough shall not be fooled by these written words"

Cthulhu who was surprised by the quality of the idea left for the night and left the boy thinking about the idea and how to make it work.

In the morning it was nothing but dark out, it was a rainy morning.. the young boy ran from pub to pub, from restaurant to restaurant and even the brothels were visited. He had plastered them with his legend about the Folklore and made it believable for everyone!

it was simple but it showed effect to a small degree the older men and women didn't believe it but the younglings were terrified to hear about such a thing existing.

The young boy had confirmed to the younglings about what he had seen must have been real and shower them the picture he had drawn.. now somewhat convinced the boy went out of his his way to see what he had written as well to make sure that it was also still there.. Yet he was shocked and stood still as police and private detectives alike started tearing them down telling everyone with fear in their voice to

"Not believe a word, Cthulhu was not real!"

[Chapter Complete]