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As soon as dawn broke, everyone started to pack up and get ready to set off.

As the traces of the wolf cavalry got closer and closer, anxiety began to spread among the fleeing troops.

Sal wrapped up the remaining half of the hare that he had eaten yesterday and stuffed it into his arms. He did not pay attention to his companions who were constantly muttering beside him. Instead, he looked around the camp, looking for that beautiful figure.

Soon, Sal locked onto his target.

Though unfortunately, there was another man standing next to that figure.

Sal touched his left cheek. The whip mark on it was still faintly aching.

His companion, Bam, looked at Sal who was in a trance and could not help but laugh. "Okay, Sal, stop looking. That noble lady is not someone a civilian mercenary like you can climb up to."

"Who said that mercenaries can't like noble ladies?" Sal retorted impatiently.

"Haha, do you really understand the difference in status between commoners and nobles? Silly boy!"

"Don't call me silly boy again!" Sal turned his head and stared at Bam fiercely.

"Okay, okay." Bam was so scared that his head shrank, and he quickly begged for mercy.

Only then did Sal let go of the other party. His gaze followed the figure again, and he said in a deep tone, "Bam, do you know Earl Oman?"

"Of course I do. He's the lord of Fallen Eagle City."

"That's right. Do you know how Earl Oman got his title?"

"Didn't his father pass it to him?"

"Yes. Then, do you know how his father got his title?"

"His grandfather passed it to him." Bam felt that this question was a little silly.

"No." Sal shook his head slowly. "His grandmother passed it to his father."

"So?" Bam scratched his bird-nest-like hair, his face full of confusion.

"Why was it passed down by his grandmother and not his grandfather?" Sal's eyes flashed with a strange light. "Because Earl Oman's grandfather was actually a civilian mercenary!"

"How is that possible?" Bam exclaimed.

"But that's the truth.

Earl Oman's grandfather married the daughter of the former lord of Fallen Eagle City as a mercenary. Later, the son of the lord of Fallen Eagle City died tragically, and his title was passed on to Earl Oman's grandmother, then it was passed on to the Earl's father, the mercenary's son!"

Bam's mouth was wide open as if he was listening to a fairy tale.

Sal's eyes flashed with a strange light. It was something called ambition.

He moved closer to Bam and lowered his voice, as though he was making a vow, "Thus, the son of a mercenary can also become a noble!"

After saying that, Sal strode toward that figure.

Bam stared blankly at his companion's back, his emotions complicated.

However, what Sal did not tell Bam was that the mercenary who had married the daughter of the count was a tier 6 warrior. This was also the guild leader of the Northern Mercenary Union. Back then, he was known as the "Number one person under the Saint Domain".

"Lady Vera, good morning! Knight Colin, good morning! Please allow me to lead your horse for you, as an apology for offending you yesterday."

Colin looked at this submissive mercenary in front of him and felt a wave of annoyance. He waved his hand, as though he was shooing away a fly, "No need."

"You don't want to accept my apology?" Sal immediately put on an aggrieved look and deliberately showed his left face. The whip mark on his face was still dripping with blood.

"Colin, a real knight should know how to forgive." Vera seemed to have been deceived by the mercenary's pitiful appearance and actually spoke up to help him.

Sal was happy, but at the same time, he felt pain.

He was happy that Miss Vera would open her mouth to help him out.

The pain was that she actually called Colin by his name, without adding the suffix "Knight"!

This was an extremely intimate way of addressing him.

It was too unreserved!

"No, I think it's too much of a waste to let the leader of the Firefox mercenary group lead my horse. In fact, I happen to have a more important task to hand over to leader Sal."

"You think too highly of me..." Sal instinctively sensed that something was wrong.

"What, you're not willing to help me with this?" Colin would not give the other party the chance to refuse.

"I... Of course I'm willing. It's my honor." Sal could only force himself to agree, but in his heart, he was already beginning to regret it.

"Very good!" Colin grinned, revealing his sharp canine teeth. "In order to shake off the pursuers behind us, we need to mislead the other party, so that they won't be able to figure out our true movements.

"So, in a while, please lead fifty people, pick the young and strong ones who are fast and head north quickly. After about twenty to thirty kilometers, you will reach the bank of the rushing river.

"At this time, you must deliberately leave some traces of crossing the river north, but in reality, you don't really need to cross the river. Instead, you quietly follow the rushing river all the way to the east. After about ten kilometers, you will be able to meet up with us.

"Of course, when you follow the river, you have to eliminate the traces of the march. You can not attract the enemy!

"Do you understand?"

Sal was sweating profusely when he heard this. He felt that Colin was using his public image to seek personal revenge. He found an excuse to get rid of him. "You, you are asking me to be the bait?"

"No, not the bait, it's the suspicious soldiers!" Colin said seriously. "Moreover, we will also cooperate with your actions. As long as you strictly follow my instructions, there will be no danger."

"How?" Sal was still worried.

Colin immediately frowned.

If this was in the regular army, if Sal dared to ask such a question, the commander-in-chief could directly chop his head off.

This was because the commander-in-chief had no obligation to explain his overall strategy to every general under him.

After every general received the military order, they only needed to act according to the military order's requirements.

They did not have to ask questions, hesitate, and pick and choose.

Even if the commander-in-chief really assigned you a mission to die, you could only carry it out.

Military orders were like mountains. Even if they really wanted to crush you to death, you could not hide!

Unconditional obedience was the first priority of a soldier.

Though obviously, a mercenary like Sal could not have the qualities of a real soldier.

Colin was very helpless and could only explain patiently:

"Our cavalry will all spread out and search for the sentries of the wolf cavalry behind us. We guarantee that the other party will not be able to see through our specific movements within a day or two. So, as long as you hurry up, you will not be caught."

Sal thought for a moment and asked, "So, your plan is for me to lead a small group of troops to deliberately create the illusion of crossing the river to confuse the enemy, while the large group will find a place to hide?"

"That's right."

"Then how do you know the enemy will fall for it? No matter how carefully we clean up the traces of the march, as long as they investigate carefully, they will always find clues."

"Because we will hide in a place that the enemy will never think of."


Colin gradually became impatient. "Mr. Sal, have you been to the Riverrun area before?"


"Then you won't understand." Colin squeezed the horse's belly gently and moved forward slowly:

"Do as I say. After arriving at the south bank of the Riverrun, make some illusion of crossing the river and then go east along the current. You will come to the hiding place I mentioned and meet up with the large group. At that time, you will understand."

"Knight Colin..." Sal chased a few steps and wanted to ask again.

"Mr. Sal, I believe that you'll definitely be able to complete this mission, right?" Vera said gently.

Sal immediately held his head high and puffed out his chest. He patted his chest and said loudly,

"Of course! I'll definitely not let you down!"

Unfortunately, this little mercenary who was lost in Vera's charm did not notice that Colin, who was a few steps ahead sported a mocking sneer.

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