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Spring always came late in the Northern Territory of the Glorious Empire.

It was not until early April that the blizzard that had been raging for half a year finally unwillingly receded. The warm sunlight once again fell on the Northern Territory, bringing life to all living things.

However, not everyone took kindly to the bright and beautiful sunlight.

For example, this man who had just walked out of Graycastle.

He was wearing a leather hat with a triangular brim. The brim of the hat was tipped low, completely covering his eyes. However, he seemed to still find the sunlight glaring, so he raised his hand and pulled the brim down a little.

This man looked to be about 17 or 18 years old. He was tall and handsome. He was wearing a black shirt with a red pattern on the bottom. The red cross-patterned knight boots were wrapped around the knee, making his already slightly fluffy black pants bulge; he looked very noble in his knee-length burgundy coat.

However, his face was especially pale, as if he had just recovered from a serious illness.

"Young Master Colin!"

"Young Master Colin!"

Along the way, the servants in Graycastle saluted and greeted the man one after another.

However, Young Master Colin seemed to have a lot on his mind, so he gave a perfunctory response to the greetings of the servants.

After a while, he finally stopped in front of a small house. It seemed like he was hesitating whether he should go in or not.


In the corner, a kitten was meowing in dissatisfaction. It seemed to blame the man for blocking the sunlight.

Colin came back to his senses. He looked at the kitten by his feet and relaxed. A smile appeared on his face.

He crouched down and brought the kitten to him.

"Meow!" The kitten struggled for a while, but it could not break away from Colin's grip. It decided to give up and just stared at the stupid human in front of it.

Colin rubbed the kitten's neck with his fingers. It seemed like he was hesitating.

"Ci!" Seeing the human in front of him slowly reveal his sharp canine teeth, the kitten did not want to be outdone and bared its teeth at him.

The human and the cat stared at each other for a moment, and Colin suddenly laughed and set the kitten back on the ground.

"Meow! Meow! Meow!" The kitten appeared to feel as though it had successfully defeated the foolish human in the confrontation and meowed a few times proudly.

Then, it skillfully lay down, turned over, and exposed its belly, indicating for the "defeated general" to quickly come and serve its master.

Unfortunately, the stupid human ignored it and got up and walked into the small house ahead.

The maids who were busy in the house were a little surprised when they saw Colin. They hurriedly stopped what they were doing and asked carefully,

"Young Master Colin, Why are you here? Dinner will take some time. If you are hungry, we can prepare afternoon tea for you."

"No, I'm just looking around." Colin glanced around the kitchen and saw the reindeer in the corner. "Is it venison for dinner?"

"Yes, young master. Venison stewed with carrots, vegetable soup, butter bread, and wine."

Colin touched his dry lips and said, "No need for wine. Prepare a cup of deer blood for me."

"Okay." The maids were a little surprised, but they still nodded and replied.

In their knowledge, among the masters of the Kingdom of Graycastle, only the Baron enjoyed drinking deer blood, and Young Master Colin's taste had always been very light.

After Colin finished his instructions, he turned around and left. However, when he reached the door, he seemed to have thought of something, so he turned around and ordered,

"Add another serving of garlic, raw."

"Yes, young master," the maids hurriedly replied.

At the same time, they secretly cursed in their hearts. Young Master Colin's taste was getting increasingly stronger.

As night fell, the dining hall on the top floor of Graycastle was illuminated by a row of candles and the flames in the fireplace. The decorations in the hall were quite luxurious but also had a somewhat rugged atmosphere.

A kite shield carved with the head of a roaring bear was hung above the fireplace. It was decorated with paintings of various styles and taxidermied animal heads used to show off the strength of its owner.

"Young master, a few days ago, a few barrels of white wine from Winst Manor were added to the wine cellar's inventory. Would you like to try some?"

After the maids had finished setting the table, the butler, Eamon, stood behind Colin with his hands folded and recommended in a low voice,

"Winst had a short rainy season last year, and the sun was shining. The wine should be of good quality. It should pair well with the venison tonight."

Eamon was a bit worried after learning that Young Master Colin was acting strangely in the kitchen.

The rude Baron Angele was already hopeless in Eamon's mind, but he had high hopes for Young Master Colin, who was trying to improve the family's taste.

He did not expect that Young Master Colin would ask the kitchen to prepare deer blood and garlic!

Eamon felt that he had to do something.

The Angele family had to become more elegant!

"Alright." Colin nodded after hearing what the butler said.

Eamon smiled and poured a glass of white wine for Colin.

"Do you need anything else?"

Colin waved his hand. "No, I'm fine. Go ahead."


The butler's footsteps disappeared and Colin was the only one left in the empty dining room.

His father, Baron Angele, was fighting in the war. His mother had passed away many years ago and his sister was married. Therefore, Colin was the only one sitting at the empty dining table.

However, he did not feel lonely at all.

After finishing the food in front of him, Colin drank the white wine while staring at the remaining deer blood and garlic in a daze.

After finishing the glass of wine, he picked up the cup of deer blood and raised it to his mouth with a frown.

It did not smell as bad as he had expected, nor did it make him nauseous. Colin finished the wine in one gulp.

It was slightly sweet.

Colin licked the corner of his mouth. He didn't know whether to be happy or sad.

"Could it be that I really transmigrated into a vampire?" Colin muttered softly.

Then, he put down the cup, took out a roll of parchment from his pocket, and spread it across the table. He recorded in words that didn't belong to this world:

[ Normal food can not produce a feeling of fullness. ]

[ Drinking deer blood can bring a significant sense of satisfaction and restore physical strength. ]

[ Other blood, to be tested... ]

Putting down the quill pen, Colin sighed.

What he most wished for was to have something like a beginner's guide to crossing over and a vampire survival manual for him to refer to, without him having to make wild guesses.

Even if he didn't have these, he would at least have to cross over to become an existing species in this world, so that Colin would know exactly what he was, what sort of upgrade route he had, and even be able to find a teacher or something.

Unfortunately, there were no records of vampires in this foreign world that was akin to the Western Middle Ages.

This world had elves, orcs, trolls, nagas... and dragons that once ruled the world but were now extinct.

But there were no vampires.

Colin felt that he might have become the first vampire in this world.

This made him a little worried because, in his previous world, vampires were simply creatures that existed only in fantasy.

How powerful they were, and what weaknesses they had, were all imaginary.

And the settings in different works were not exactly the same.

So, in order to fully understand his new body and new role, Colin now had to experiment on himself.

From what he had seen, he found that he was truly like the legendary vampire.

Light-fearing, bloodthirsty, immortal...

Yes, immortal.

Just this morning when he transmigrated here, he found... there was a dagger in his chest.

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