27 Primal stone

Chapter 27

Time passed. Aakesh had nothing to do, so he requested the system for a bed for sleep.

The system, instead of giving him a bed, created an entire floor for him. The system gave the explanation that when the store grows popular, he'll have to hire several salespeople. The stairs for the upper level were on the opposite side of the counter.

Aakesh went up to his room and fell asleep with Lily sleeping on his forehead. Hours passed. The day on the Visteerna arrived when the first ray of light appeared on the planet.

Unlike other planets, Visteerna operated differently. It had eleven suns in total, each representing a continent. They rose at the same time and set at the same time. So there was no day and night difference between the entire planet.

The movement in Kakot started after the first ray of sunshine arrived on the planet. People started doing their work as their regular routines. At first, people ignored the emergence of a sudden building in the market since it was the largest market and everyone was busy with their work.

Everyone's focus on the building only arrived when a man exclaimed loudly in the busy market. The man was the owner of the store next to the newly emerged building.

"Oh my Deva! How can our market have a new building in a single night?"

"Who names their store 'The First Store'? What an arrogant store owner?"

"Isn't it the land that the prince warned everyone against buying?"

People started gathering in crowds and conversed with whispers with each other.

"Yes, you're right. It's the land that the youngest prince warned everyone not to buy."

People were more interested in the land on which the building emerged rather than the emergence of a new structure in a single night.

The land was controversial due to the past owner of the land offending the youngest prince of the Bisan Kingdom. There was a well-built store on this land, but when the store owner annoyed the prince, the soldiers destroyed the building and arrested the store owner. Since he's been in prison for the last three years, he's been tortured every day.

No one wanted to offend the prince, so the land remained vacant despite being in the largest and busiest market for more than a trillion people in Kakot. The market is so bustling that even an inch of the land costs gold.

In no time, people gathered to make a large crowd in front of the store. Many soldiers were also present in the group. Many of them wanted to see who had got so much courage to buy this land, so one of the soldiers went forward and lightly knocked on the glass door.

"Open up. We are the soldiers of the Kingdom," He announced loudly at the gate.

He would've kicked the door open if he knew the identity of the landowner. Since he didn't know, he didn't want to offend the new owner.

The soldier stood there for a few seconds, but no response came from inside. He knocked again, but still, there was no response. He stood there embarrassed for a while before he had no choice but to leave. After leaving, he went to report the situation to the prince.

While in the store, Aakesh was sleeping peacefully as the crowd continued gathering in large numbers at the front of his store.

Seeing no one coming out of the newly emerged building, the crowd around the store dispersed since the people had their own work to do. It was pointless for them to stare at the structure the whole day.


Aakesh was sleeping peacefully when the sudden mechanical sound woke him up.

[Host, it's time for you to open the store. Please get ready and welcome the customers.]

The system informed him in its mechanical, emotionless voice. He rubbed his eyes as he stood up. He had unlimited endurance, so he didn't need to sleep. He only sleeps to pass some time.

He got off the bed and then looked at Lily. She was still sleeping, so he didn't disturb her and went to the bathroom to freshen himself.

The system has already prepared a wardrobe for him with red dhotis since they were his favorite clothes to wear. He didn't wear anything above his waist since he liked to be barechested.

He tied his black hair, which had come to his waist, in a bun after wearing the dhoti. He then went out of the room and then to the lower floor where the store was.

The shelves weren't empty like before. They were filled with the first product the store would sell. Below the product, there was the price and the description of the products written.

Yesterday, the system informed him that they would no longer be using planet cores as a price. Everything the store will sell from now on will be in the Primal stones.

These stones were created from the purest energy present in the first dimension. Since there were various power systems, these stones can be used by higher-level creatures for meditation. Primal stones were also the main currency of the power users.

Primal stones were classified into five categories: inferior, ordinary, top, superior, and supreme. To the top Primal stone, there was a 100:1 conversion between the categories. Neither the superior nor the supreme Primal stone has a conversion rate. It was up to the seller to decide the conversion rate.

Creatures also traded in coins: bronze, silver, gold, and platinum, with the conversion rate of 100:1. One inferior Primal stone was equivalent to 1000 gold coins or 10 platinum coins.

When Aakesh read the price of the products, he was stunned.

"Hey, system, are you sure people will buy our products with this price in a poor kingdom like this?" He confusingly asked the system.

[Yes, Host. When they find out the benefits, they'll buy it.]

The system emotionlessly replied. Aakesh nodded and went up to the door to open it, but he stopped when he saw something.


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