9 Past(2)

[Host, the store products will arrive after you're ready to start a store.]

Aakesh got confused hearing this. It was unclear to him what the system meant by suitability criteria.

"And, how can I be suitable to start the store?" He asked the system.

[Host, I will give you some quests to complete. These quests will help you learn more about this Multiverse. As you successfully complete the quests, you'll become more and more suitable for becoming the store owner of the Multiverse's most reputable store.]

The system replied to Aakesh's question without even a hint of emotion.

"When will you send me my first quest, system?" Aakesh curiously asked the system, as he was curious about the contents of the quest and how it would make him a great store owner.

[Whenever you're ready, Host.]

"Really!" Aakesh exclaimed in amazement. Is there anyone who does not wish to work according to their own schedule? He also wanted it.

[Yes, Host.]

The system replied emotionlessly to Aakesh, even though he was exclaiming to himself. Suddenly a suspicion arose in his heart.

"Hey, system," He called out.

[Yes, Host.]

"Why are you so nice to me?"

[Because you're my Host.]

"That can't be it. You'll give me your land, products, and safety for the store. I only have to sell the product. That makes me an employee and you an employer. So why are you acting like I'm the employer?"

"Why are you acting so nice with me and doing or answering everything I want or ask?" Aakesh expressed his suspicions.

[Insufficient permission to answer this question.]

[Host, it's my duty to help you and fulfill your demands as long as it doesn't exceed your permission.]

The system answered both of his questions respectively in an emotionless voice. Aakesh wasn't happy with the answer as the system didn't give any new information. His knowledge was the same as before expressing his suspicions.

Currently, he was not allowed to ask for any answers, so he might have to wait until he got more authority in the future to ask for them.

His eyes started getting drowsy as he found himself more comfortable on the chair.

"Hey, system. Can you give me a bed made with this same cushion," Aakesh requested the system, as he wanted to sleep comfortably on the bed, not the chair.

[Yes, Host.]

Within moments, there appeared in the middle of the room a bed created only of cushions. Everything was already set up. Aakesh just needed to sleep on the bed.

After the bed appeared, he noticed a weird thing. He still felt that the space was still as empty as before the bed arrived.

"Hey, system. What is happening here; even though you have placed a huge bed in the center of the room, it still looks empty as before?" He asked the system.

[Host, it's due to a space skill. What you're seeing is nothing; even if you place multiple universes in this room, this place will still look as empty as right now.]

The system responded in its own strange voice. "Wow!" Akash said in surprise. He would have been convinced that the system was boasting if he could hear any emotion, but the voice was as emotionless as it could be.

Having the same empty space even after filling universes sounded too astonishing to be real, but Aakesh saw the mini version of the skill himself, so it must be true. The skill excited him, as he could also learn this skill himself. As he lay in bed, he lost himself in dreams of possessing the mysterious space ability.

Since the store cottage was located in the emptiness of the void, there was no day and night here. Time flew. After unknown hours of sleep, Aakesh woke up.

He saw a blurry plain blue roof above him. He sat up and stretched both of his hands. His eyes were still blurry, so he rubbed them.

As he felt rejuvenated, he mumbled, "So refreshing." He then got down from the bed and walked in the room for few rounds to exercise his body.

"Hey, system," Aakesh called out to the system.

[Yes, Host.]

"I am ready for my first quest. Give me one," Aakesh asked the system.

[Host, please see the mission.]

A sudden blue screen appeared out of nowhere in front of Aakesh. The screen followed his eyes as he moved his head. Golden fonts started emerging on the blue screen.

[Mission: Knowledge of countless races

Description: You need to have knowledge of the countless races residing in this Multiverse. Your goal is to make your store 'The First Store', so you'll have customers from every species in the future.

Requirement: Learn about the features, characteristics, and rare traits of every race.

Reward: Unlock the Status menu.]

Aakesh read the entire text on the screen. He didn't judge the mission as difficult or easy. "Okay, how am I going to learn about the races?" He asked the system since he was ready to start the mission.

The blue screen in front of him turned into a black screen while the fonts on it disappeared.

A strange being with a similar body shape as him appeared on the black screen. White fonts started appearing above the creature. It said 'Human'.

The first race Aakesh learned about was Humans. Humanity is a species that originated on planet Earth around a quadrillion years ago. They have the same ancestor as apes; that's why they look similar to apes in body shape. They went on to conquer many planets, then galaxies, and then universes. They are still one of the weakest races in this Multiverse.

Humans have a rare trait of excessive greed. The greed of power has made them come to this point. They have a high reproducing rate and are one of the most intelligent races in this Multiverse. Their intelligence is the reason they've been able to avoid wars with stronger races than them.

"Interesting race," Aakesh commented after reading about Humans. He read about it again to remember everything written about the Humans on the black screen.


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