2 The Materium Forms

The light spread like a blinding flash seemingly consuming all darkness in the area. It was a big bang of winds and energies of a light silver color. It was pure in a sense, pure and untapped substances that were born out of a spark of Arlow's thoughts and the nothingness around him.

As the light receded, what was left in its wake was a constant swirling of silver energies. They moved as formless as the wind and held no real form or direction to them. Arlow watched all this around him with genuine surprise. Just as he was about to give up, a great change had occurred leaving the once-empty void around him, filled with this silver energy.

He watched a wisp of the energy move in circles around him and dart off quickly. This would happen every few minutes, with the energy circling him like a playful child. He willed himself to reach out and catch one as it drifted too close, only to remember that he didn't have hands in this soul form. Yet despite this, he found that he had moved.

With just willing himself, he could move around this new silver energy space.

"Hahaha! Hahahaha!" Arlow laughed in joy at such a simple action of moving.

He willed himself to follow after one of the playful energy wisps, performing loops and twists and turns along with it. He laughed and laughed at the joy of being able to move after an unknown amount of time. This lasted for quite some time as he enjoyed moving for more than a week in earth time. Eventually, his joy calmed, but underneath his calm was a bubbling delight that was hard to suppress.

He moved as far in one direction as he could until he came to the edge of the silver energy bubble. Which he discovered, was still constantly expanding into the dark void that once surrounded him. He was quite content that his new living space would continue to expand as time went on.

He spent some time experimenting with the silver energy by willing it to try different things. He found it was effortless for him to command the energy the transform it into a kind of energy lightning, energy fire, and any other kind of highly active energy. He began to wonder if it was possible to create anything he wanted as long as he had enough will and strength to do it. And so, he attempted another experiment; to create solid matter.

It was exponentially more difficult to force the formless energy to create a kind of solid matter out of nothing. He had to recall his memories of physics and chemistry as best as possible to create protons, neutrons, electrons, photons, and other such particles. But this ended up being much more difficult than he could have possibly imagined and he wasted many years in these attempts.


1,324 years later.

Something changed. Arlow's experiments on creating physical matter had a breakthrough when creating high-energy photons. He had discovered a path of least resistance in forming solid matter, by forming highly energized particles first. With this discovery, he was able to finally create the particles he wanted, though they were at an incredibly high temperature than what should be possible.

This caused another explosion of the compressed particles, along with the reaction devouring the lower part of silver 'energy domain' and converting the energy into physical matter. His goal had been achieved, though he wouldn't claim that he knew exactly what he was doing nor that the end result was what he predicted. There was now a physical world forming in the lower half of the ever-expanding 'bubble' of silver energy he resided in.

The two halves were now separated by a barrier, intersecting strangely through a kind of 4th-dimensional intersection. Even though there were '2 halves' of the same expanding domain, from another person's perspective they overlapped seamlessly like two circles drawn on top of each other. But for Arlow, it looked like the floor of his living space was a see-through glass pane, watching the birth of the universe.

Arlow was excited and named the two halves of the energy domain; the Materium and the Immaterium. Unfortunately, he did not realize he had created the universe. Through a series of unplanned results, a beautiful universe was born.


Many years passed since Arlow had created the Materium and it had expanded many times its original size. As the silver energy bubble expanded so too did the Materium below it. Life had begun to flourish in the originally lifeless Materium. And Arlow could finally say he was no longer alone here. He watched countless plant life, beasts, and creatures through the eras.

He was like a tourist, observing everything from a glass floor above. He had discovered that the barrier between the Materium and the Immaterium was impermissible for either side to cross without significant actions done in order to permeate it. He could pass through this barrier easily, but the silver energy inside the Immaterium could not be pushed through by him.

Arlow was waiting and hoping that other sentient life would form in the Materium if he waited long enough. While he waited, he continued experimenting with the silver energies in the Immaterium. He was able to manipulate it into some semi-physical energy matter, which was both energy and matter. He named this Quantum-matter. With the quantum matter, he attempted to build long landscapes from his previous life on Earth. But he always ended up with silver sand... and no other kinds of Quantum-matter.

So the majority of his time was spent making ocean-like amounts of sand and spreading it out evenly across the Immaterium. It was the strangest environment a normal human mind might witness, as the sands seemed to flow like actual ocean waves, yet they were solid enough for one to walk in safely. Occasionally, the swirls of the silver energies would spin up small silver dust storms. It was like its own biome at this point.

But this brings us back to the current time. Arlow was pulled out of his usual thoughts and experiments after he found a patch of bronze sand among the silver. It was followed by occasional bronze-colored thin energies mixed in around the area. This oddity was enough for him to follow the trail of energy until he found the source. A group of bipedal reptilian humanoids who were performing a kind of ritual, on a group of plants.

Arlow was excited because the creatures were speaking and he could see a faint glimmer of bronze light from over their hearts. They had souls and were drawing power from the Immaterium. He watched them from above the Materium with happiness in his heart. He would no longer be alone here.


Author's Note:

I have a lot of love for the 40k universe and I am writing this because of that. If anyone else shares my passion for 40k and thinks of something that could be added to this writing, let me know.

Let me know if the main character needs work.

The main character will be a master warp manipulator due to him being here when everything began and spending enough time practicing. That being said, he will have a technological feat that he will be known for but I can't think of what I should have him make. If you have ideas, mention them in the comments.

My ideas:

-> Quantum-matter Organics - A type of organic matter that is the birth of the psyker gene in the future, along with other genetics that support a stronger connection to the Immaterium without having a person having a hugely strong soul.

-> Soul Augments - An extremely delicate process involving spiritual aspects of the will or the intellect.

-> Micron Energy Converter - A compressed form of energy formed from the Immaterium and further technologies. This technology allows for previously impossible possibilities and things are able to be done on a small scale.


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