25 Pop's Boyz

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The Krork legions fell through the air, aimed at the Necron army in the distance. After many years of fighting with the Krorks, the Old Ones found the most effective way to use them on the battlefield, was to simply fire them into the enemy ranks. Some of the Krork company held backpacks with different gear they might need, jump packs, weapons, and ammunition of all kinds.

These Krorks were the first to be targeted by the Necron anti-aircraft machines in the sky.


Explosions lit up the sky and green lightning crackled around them. The Necron machines were incredibly accurate, hitting the priority targets with every third shot. The power armor they wore intercepted these without much issue, each having a built-in personal shield made to intercept and run off the natural 'energy' Krork's produced when fighting. 



"GOOOORRRKK!" Mork screamed excitedly, smacking his brother across the cheek.

"YOU SLIMY GIT, WE'RE NAKED BECAUSE YOU PUSHED ME!" Gork wailed and counter-attacked Mork with an elbow to the chin.

Mork took a moment to look down at himself, and back up at Gork who was also naked. Then he looked at his and Mork's bodies injuries and burns from the atmosphere burns on reentry. He noticed the charred skin was black and his eyes lit up.

"GORK, ITS BLACK! ITS BLACK!!" Mork screamed excitedly while pointing at his charred skin.

Gork froze and looked at his skin for confirmation. Before nodding to himself that everything was okay.

"BLACK CAN'T HURT US" Gork yelled back with a smile.

The charred skin they once had began to clear up again after that declaration and become healthy. Their skin seemed to have adapted to the burning heat upon reentry and they no longer felt any burning.

To explain this phenomenon, Gork, and Mork were very special among the Krorks. Most Krorks use the energy they generate by belief when they all gather together, to produce some reality-warping effects. With a large-scale army of Krorks, this reality-warpings range and strength grows proportionately with the number of Krorks and the belief of the Krorks. However, Gork and Mork, who are progenitors of the Krorks, are unique.

Arlow designed two incredibly powerful souls to resonate with each other. They need significantly fewer conditions to warp reality by their belief so long as both the twins agree on something to be true. Sadly, they would rather not agree with each other and fight when they get the chance. But there are exceptions to this, such as some 'rules' they both decided on a few years back when they were born.

When they figured out they were 'Pop's boyz' and would eventually 'grow as strong as Pops' because they were his boys. They had drawn many conclusions about their origins and abilities during their time in education by the Old Ones. Each of these conclusions was more preposterous than the last one. From deciding that since their Pops lived since the beginning of the universe they would live just as long. To the deciding the strangest conclusion, that they were immune to the color black.

These conclusions about themselves led us to the current situation. Where Gork and Mork realized they were immune to the charring effects of their skin... because it was the color black. Well, in reality, they are not completely immune to any effects or attacks from the color black. An attack just needs to be strong enough to shatter their 'belief' to hurt them.

"INCOMIN!" Gork screamed and grabbed Mork to use him as a brace for impact with the ground.

"GAHH!" Mork screamed and thrashed around.



The sounds of Krorks hitting the ground around the area rang out. Gork and Mork crashed directly into the ground and made a small crater. They stood up shakily, with Mork sneaking one quick knock on Gork's head for using him as a cushion for their fall. The Krork's bodies were incredibly durable and could easily survive a fall from orbit. Gork and Mork were covered with wounds and some broken bones, but they would be fine.




Necron gauze beams of green light opened fire on the hundreds of landed Krorks. The built-in shields from the power armors blocked a few of the stray shots before some of the shields ran out of power and the Krorks inside them were disintegrated. The Krorks did not sit idle, the backpack-carrying ones distributed arms and ammunition to the others quickly as they blitzed their way into the enemy's ranks.

The Old One ship above them would occasionally fire shots into the Necron army from orbit, but it was mostly tied up with a fleet of Tomb ships above the habitable moon. It had stopped attempting to land after the Necron fleet engaged them.

Gork and Mork hid behind some collapsed trees. Mork held two plasma rifles in his hands akimbo, while Gork was stripping the broken power armor off of two fallen Krorks for themselves.


Gork banged power suits with his hands, their power source flickering with each hit. Finally, the suits started working. 

"See, ya just need to hit 'em a few times." Gork smiled.


The sound of a green gauze was shot passed the two of them, making them jump.

"OH! YOU SNEAKY GITS," Mork yelled back at the attacker angrily.


The plasma rifles in his hand unloaded the entire clips in them, as the shots connected with the single Necron soldier that had found them. Its lights slowly dimmed and it crumpled to the ground. A single scarab-like machine detached from the back of the Necron and skittered away quickly. Mork glanced at his weapons, slightly dissatisfied with the noise the Old One's plamsa weapons made, before looking back in the direction of Gork.

"COUNT ONE FOR ME!" Mork said, laughing.

"Suits ready!" Gork yelled at Mork happily.

"OH! OH!" Mork ran back like a kid in a candy store.

Gork and Mork both climbed into the barely functioning power suits and started them up successfully. Then they both cheered and charged further into the battlefield full of Necrons. With every kill of a Necron soldier, the Krorks rallied under Gork and Mork. The cheers of the Krorks drowned out the battlefield with excitement.

While the dead Krorks, slowly spread Krork spores across the surface of the moon. New Krorks had begun to sprout from the rich nutrients of this lush forested moon.


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