13 Important Moment In Time

Slagar rejoined Arlow on the ship shortly after a secondary transport was sent to get him. The resulting destruction from full-powered warp lightning was so catastrophic that if used to optimum efficiency, a small solar system could be obliterated. As a downside, the overdraw on Slagar's psychic power caused him to suffer from intense migraines and he had trouble focusing for a short while.

They then piloted the ship to hop back through the Webway channels and back toward the Old One system. Arlow separated from Slagar before they entered the Webway channels, by taking a separate portal into Panadmonium. Arlow had been working on a complex project to combat the threat of the Materium unknown energy beings. And with the success of the Choran gland project, he has obtained the data needed to move further forward.

The key component of his project was focused on the evolution of the Old One's title technology. Its applications have not fallen off with their advancement but increased in number of uses. It has become a cornerstone technology to filter psychic constructs and safely connect them with individual souls. He remembered reading about the Old One's 'spirit creation project' using the title technology. His presence had left a deep enough impression on the Old Ones and the Great Counsel to try and create others like him.

The artificial spirits needed a form of belief system to sustain them. The Old One race didn't have the cultural resources to sustain the birth of these artificially cultivated spirits. But from the theorized data in the report, the spirits would be no less influential than he was, being able to cover large areas of the Immaterium or even act as a kind of 'living spirit weapon' in the hands of the civilization they are linked to.

In Arlow's opinion, the marvel of the title technology created by Gorvor was an achievement as significant as the Webway created by his student.

Arlow had been content to share his Quantum organics technology, but the more important work he didn't share with the Old Ones. He had been working on something far more dangerous, but incredibly important. Arlow has thoroughly tested his limits and differences between the Old One's psychic abilities and his own. He deemed the list of differences complete enough after over a million years of study.

The first ability his soul had that others didn't was [Truth Sensing]. The limits were that someone had to be communicating directly with him for it to trigger and it worked independently from the Immateirum itself. The second ability was a [Link] that would form between himself and a nearby soul that would allow both parties to read the history of each other. This ability was limited by it only being applied to those who were nearby and were pure souls who willingly desired answers to the truth.

The final and most powerful unique ability he had was the ability to manipulate the composition of souls. Through the second ability [Link], he could add or alter the functions of the intellect, will, and other compositions that made up the soul. He could integrate personally crafted faculties that would not normally exist inside a soul, such as a deposit of infused knowledge, or a self-diagnosing system. He called this ability [Infusion].

He had been attempting to find a way to use [Infusion] on a willing soul and integrate a title star directly into a living soul.  If he could somehow merge a title star in the immaterial into a living soul, he was unsure at first about what changes would take place. But after the mutation in the title anchor during the Charon gland project, he can make a strong guess. The Charon gland project's titan-like silhouette should be some partial integration between the Webweaver title and Slagar, which would explain the web-like patterns and designs on the titan.

The Charon gland shortened the distance between Slagar's soul, which resides in his body, and the title star, causing the changes to occur. Normally, the title star is a separate entity condensed in the Immaterium and linked to a specific soul. That soul slowly absorbs the psychic energies of those who unknowingly direct their attention to the title. It acts as a filter of energy to empower the soul beyond its natural boundaries.

This technology is not without its flaws it is still vulnerable to a need to be supplied with 'attention'. But Arlow wonders, if he can change this vulnerability. And now he had the data he needed.

He arrived in front of a freezing cold area inside Pandamonium and stood in front of 2 bright halo-like rings. These rings are a kind of constructed faculty for souls in order to cycle excess psychic energy around them infinitely. In other words, these are a kind of binding ring that can cut off souls integrated with it from the Immaterium completely. Its development was tied to the same spatial construction techniques that created the Webway but on a miniature scale.

In fact, this ring was one of the major projects Arlow had finished. It was kind of 'bound' quantum energy construct through a title-anchor, just like the Choran gland. However, the anchor for the stability of this quantum-energy is actually the entire Webway itself. By using the entire Webway as an anchor, the amount of psychic energy needed to break the binding ring would need to surpass the strength of the Webway dimension as a whole. With this being nearly impossible, the binding rings would be a perfect prison for any prisoner.

"It should not be much longer," Arlow said quietly.

He reached out and made some slight adjustments to the binding ring based on the Choran gland's data, before leaving. He needed to watch the next events that unfolded in order to determine his future actions. The next few years the Old Ones would enter into a war with the Necrontyr and the future was heavily uncertain. Significant nodes of the future always returned billions of possible futures when performing divination, resulting in them being impossible to scry. The future would be determined in the next few years.


The Great Counsel, Old One Homeworld

"This is ridiculous. They haven't even discovered the Immaterium until now. And they declared war?!" Gorvor said confused.

A large stadium building, standing 80 stories tall, was filled to the brim with the Great Counsel Honored Ones. The amount of psychic power concentrated in this very building alone would be enough to make an average Old One faint upon coming near. An emergency meeting was being held after Weklor's war declaration was sent back to the Great Counsel.

The Counsel gathers during large scales like this only during important decisions and during significant happenings to their race as a whole. The war declaration with the Necrontyr empire was significant enough to garner their entire Great Counsel for consideration and war preparations. Some Honored Ones, who were caught up in their private research, were completely confused about how an empire that hadn't yet discovered the Immaterium could declare war and threaten themselves enough to gather all the Counsel members. Yet, despite their confusion the war had started, pulling even the most reclusive of researchers like Gorvor out of their hiding places. Necrontyr and the Old Ones officially entered the state of war.


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