24 Eighty Years of War

Eighty years have passed since the approval of the War Races and the war continues to rage on. It has only grown since then and the destruction wrought between the Old One's forces and the C'tan's armies has become even greater. The war races, created and directed by each of the seven Councilmen, were completed and their cultures were organized only twenty years ago.

Two most prominent of them, were the Krorks, designed by Weklor from distinct souls left behind from the Great Spirit's research. And the Eldar, designed by the 1st Councilmen Armok.

Even though it was difficult for Weklor to admit it, the Great Spirit and his research were keeping themselves one step ahead of the C'tan. And it was only a matter of time till the help of his research ran out.

The C'tan had a response to keep their army, called the Necrons now by the Old Ones, from being crushed by the advancements in war. They unveiled their specially selected and instructed powerhouse units ten years ago, once again tipping the scales back in favor of the C'tan. They were called the Crypteks and the Old Ones were unhappy to admit that their technology had surpassed themselves.

These soldiers were a commander with the ability to manipulate the energy of the Materium, similar to the C'tan they served. But if this were all it could be, it wouldn't be such a shock when they had first appeared.

Due to some science unknown to the Old Ones, the Crypteks could even manipulate time. Slowing it down to a crawl or even slow enough that it would appear frozen. The first Cryptek who appeared looked like he hadn't moved from his very spot before the entire planet's troops of Krorks were slaughtered.

The war has and only continues to grow bigger. And the C'tan, have only set their goals higher intending to devour the souls of all life in the Materium and bring about the destruction of the Warp, which is the only energy outside of their control.


"Mork!!! WHA you dOing?" A large 15-meter-tall Krork lumbered over to his twin brother and slapped him on the back.

Mork was busy attempting to tighten a bolt on a motorbike-like vehicle he had made. But with the powerful slap from his twin brother, he loosened the bolt in the wrong direction, causing the bike to fall to pieces. A sane person watching this scene might consider how an entire vehicle fell apart due to one loose screw. But this only happened because Mork and Krork, the two of the most powerful Krorks believed completely that interrupting someone while they are concentrated, will break what they are concentrated on. This is a true break in concentration.

"GAH! GO AWAY GORK!" Mork screamed annoyed.

He swung his fist back at his brother and wrestled him to the ground. At some point, the annoyance he felt gave way to happiness as he beat his brother to the ground with his strength.

These two Krorks are much different than the rest of the Krork race. Most of Weklor's designs were only biological, whereas he attempted to graft new souls out of the two experimental souls Arlow had left behind. These twin guys were the original souls that Arlow had experimented on when inserting a title into a soul, and what effects it would produce.

These guys had a resonance effect with each other and with the rest of the Krork race, causing a simulated Warp energy to appear from their thoughts. Of course, they were also engineered by Weklor to be extremely smart species, but Gork and Mork didn't care about what Weklor and the Old Ones wanted too much.

When Weklor attempted to teach Gork and Mork about the rules of the universe, Mork was distracted and Gork was distracting. So Gork and Mork decided they would come up with their own rules because it was too boring to listen to the 'lizards'.

Gork and Mork had some knowledge instilled in them by Arlow since before their birth regardless. They knew that their 'pops' who had given them their knowledge and formed their souls were missing and this cunning guy Weklor had been trying to manipulate them to fight a different war. Gork and Mork were quite smart, they just didn't care about what the 'lizards' wanted to do too much. 




Mork dropped the wrench he had been using to beat his brother senselessly and looked at the blaring sirens on the Old One ship they were riding. A large grin spread on his face and he glanced at Gork, who was also grinning.

"Lets count 'em again. POP'S game." Gork suggested, wiping the green blood from his mouth.

"HAHAHA!" Mork pushed Gork down and ran across the deck of the command-class ship at full speed.

"YOU CHEAT'IN GIT!" Gork screamed and followed after him.


Satelite Moon of Finam, Habital moon.

The surface of the planet that once had green forest across it, was already half dead. A C'tan floated coldly above the ground, sucking in the life and the souls of all the indigenous life there. This C'tan was known as one of the weakest of his kind. He often stuck close to his assigned legion and his personal Cryptek, Ozkan the Codifier. He had given his name as Stardeath and only ever went by this boring title.

Ozkan tended to be the one driving the army and forces, following his god. He had been granted significant teachings in alchemical transformations and could easily liquefy someone into pure adamantium if they were standing in front of him. His time manipulation was, sub-par compared to other Crypteks, but he could easily transform some basic uranium into antimater within a few minutes.

Ozkan suddenly stopped watching his god eat the souls of the living and looked up into the atmosphere above the planet. A sight greeted him that might be funny to some people. An Old One command ship was slowly entering the atmosphere, but some humanoid figures were freefalling through the atmosphere as well. He zoomed his vision in until he could see the figures of hundreds of Krorks, burning as they entered the atmosphere. And yet, they were not dying. 

They wore metal heavy armor like power suits and painted different colors. Well, almost all of them wore power suits. Two twin Krorks were entering the atmosphere completely naked, punching each other in the air as they fell.


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