28 Despair? What's that?

Ozkan held a small sarcophagus the size of a book tome in his hands and plucked the streams of energy as one might string on an instrument. This device was known as a Harp of Dissonance, a tool for Cryptoteks who were masters of the transmogrification discipline. It harnessed the magnetic fields of metallic elements and modified the molecular bonds that stabilized even the toughest of metals.


A soft ringing buzzed outward from his instrument and gathered on Gork and Mork directly, focusing directly on their power armor. 

*Crack Crack*

Cracks began to spread in the power armor as if the metal had been transformed into brittle ceramic. More cracks continued to spread as Gork and Mork swung their attacks wildly at the heavy armored Lynchguard around them. Perhaps the only thing holding their armor together at this point was their overwhelming belief energy. Now that Ozkan had already transformed the armor, it was no exaggeration to say the two Krorks were fighting in armored clay pots at this point.

"Data recorded. 'Wagh' energy of the Krorks can suppress natural laws to a higher degree than estimated." Ozkran spoke to himself while transferring data to Carion back in the Monolith.

Gork and Mork noticed the collapse of their armor and weapons, but who knew that what was going on in the brains of these two children was anything but a normal line of thinking. 

'Too strong for my clothes' is what both of them were thinking.

"WAGGGH!" Gork and Mork screamed ever louder.

Victory after victory. Lynchguards fell under the nearly exploding Wagh energy off their bodies. The Lycnhguard's halberd-like weapons, which normally would suffocate any other being of the Materium due to its ability to suck in lifeforce, were nothing more than a basic cold weapon to them. The Scarab-like mobile turrets that followed each Lynchguard were completely useless, as the Gauze beams that hit them only consumed some of the endless Wagh energy that was rolling off of them.

The green Wagh flames had grown around Gork and Mork to the point that a vague outline of the upper body of their 'adult forms' could be visible behind them as a ghost. They had both grown another meter since they started their fight with the elite Lynchguards. They had dropped their weapons and began to use some of the Necron Lynchguard's halberds as weapons.

The halberds fed off their life energy as they used them, but it didn't even slow down their slaughter. 

Ozkan backed off a few meters as he noticed Stardeath had fully approached the targets of his hunger. He stood in front of Gork and Mork, hovering 1 meter off the ground.

"You two are alone. Why won't any of you despair?" Stardeath asked, in a disappointed robotic tone to the two Krorks.

The C'tan had developed a specific taste after they consumed the race of Necrontyr. The radiation of lifeforce could have different flavors based on the strong emotions in the soul of the victim at the time. Stardeath loved the taste of despair. To describe it, for him, it was like a sweet and filling homemade ice cream in summertime. Perfectly quenching his hunger in all regards.

Gork and Mork paused their fighting and glanced around behind them. Mork scratched his head and looked down at the power armor, which had peeled off in shards down to the base of his torso. Neither of the two of them had noticed enough to care about Stardeath decimating the ranks of all the Krorks except themselves.

"Gork, I think we went too far forward. I can't see any of the boyz no more." Mork concluded.

"Hmm," Gork was also deep in thought as he looked at the situation behind him, before seemingly shrugging it off and pointing at Stardeath foolishly.

"You guy! Wierd floating thing, FIGHT ME!" Gork roared, with a large smile on his face.

"I obliterated the entire army you were leading. Did you not see what I did earlier?" Stardeath asked.

"We didn't see it. SO IT DIDN'T HAPPEN." Gork screamed like a child.

"OH!" Mork nodded his head funnily, agreeing with his brother.

Ozkan looked on silently, back and forth between his god Stardeath and the two Krork foods.

Stardeath didn't continue his attempts at making his food despair before eating. His metallic body *wrrd* and his mouth opened. A large vacuum of darkness seemed to be swirling around his mouth, pulling lifeforce in anywhere within 15 miles of this location into his bottomless stomach. Hundreds of white lights were pulled into this vortex of darkness and shadow from the surrounding area.

However, Gork and Mork just stood there amongst the storm, with it only having a slight effect on them. Their green Wagh flames burned around them fiercely, expending themselves to keep up the cost of their belief: that they were immune to the color black. They could only last like this for about another minute at most before their souls would also be devoured.

"Gork! This weird thing wants to eat us!" Mork screamed in surprise.

"That's boring. Fightz are better than eat'in." Gork answered back.

"Exactly!" Mork nodded. 

They were about to leap at the mouth of Stardeath and begin beating him senseless, but Ozkan and the remaining Lynchguard stepped forward immediately after they noticed the anomaly, where Gork and Mork didn't immediately get devoured.

"Interesting. Your Krork souls are strong enough to resist even instant death." Ozkan stated, while once again sending the data back to Necron Overlord Carion.


Slagar had been rushing to rejoin Gork and Mork and was only five miles away from their location now. The Necron Tesseract Vault on this moon's surface was targeting him ever since he arrived, causing his astral titan form to fluctuate wildly, like a flickering radio signal. Thanks to his Choran gland he was able to manage, albeit with much difficulty and constant concentration.

He stopped suddenly, grumbled, and began to construct a hastily built psychic ritual for binding the soul to the body. He hurriedly applied this to himself and sat safely within a drawn circle filled with symbols for protection. 

The next moment, it seemed like a vortex of shadow swept over the area, pulling in the life energy and souls of living things all around him. His eyes hardened with the seriousness of facing a terrible enemy. He was trapped here now and needed to find a way he could help from a distance. And then, his eyes lit up as he thought of an idea.

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