26 Approaching



A pulse of pure darkness spread, before collapsing inwardly towards a single point on the Old One command ship. At the center, was a tiny dark red dot of anti-matter reacting. The Necron fleet had snuck an anti-matter bomb through the defensive shield of the orbiting command ship and detonated it from within the ship. The ship was torn to pieces in an implosion of absolute violence, leaving none abord to survive.

Supporting Old One ships came out of the Webway quickly after, replacing the destroyed command class ship with three others. An immediate counter-offensive commenced upon the Necrons, overwhelming the Cairn Class Tomb Ship and the surrounding fleet with firepower and Warp-charged weapons.

Meanwhile, on the surface of the habitable moon, scarab constructors scrambled on the bare surface of a life-baren zone of the Necron command center. At the center of their post, was a tall Necron Monolith made of black and green Necrodermis. Green lightning arced from its tip, generating dark grey clouds in the atmosphere. Monoliths are massive, pyramid-shaped war machines armed with devastating weaponry. They usually serve as a mobile fortress a powerful artillery platform and the heart of Necron's advance forces on new planets.

The grey clouds generated by the tall Monolith shrouded the area with Warp repelling radiation, and an occasional pulse of pure energy arced out from the Monolith to bombard an area of the war with firepower. Legions of Necron Soldiers patrolled near the Monolith and would enter the Monolith and be teleported to varying sections of the battlefield.

Next to the Monoloth was another important command structure for the Necron forces, the Tesseract Vault. This building was a large plateau with a large pilon of rotating and disrupting energies churned in an unstable manner. This building was generally deployed as a strategic counter to the psychic races of the Old Ones and the Eldar. It could conduct and create psychic instability in specific areas on battlefields.

But it had little effect on the Krorks, leading the Necrons to employ different strategies to deal with them.

Ozkan stood inside the Monolith next to Necron Overlord, Carion, and his god Stardeath. Carion commanded the forces of the Necron troops from the Monolith, occasionally bombarding key areas with artillery fire. He moved his cold eyes away from Carion and turned to Stardeath. Stardeath looked at Carion for a moment and addressed him.

"The Krorks will be a problem if this trend continues. Ozkan, you will come with me." Stardeath commanded.

"Overlord Carion, order the 4th Lychguard to come with us." Stardeath finished saying as he left.

Ozkan said nothing and only bowed his head in agreement as he followed behind Stardeath. A squad of Lychguards joined them before they were moved to the eastern battlefield.







More Krorks rained down in full power armor from the Old One command ships along with a few other war vehicles. 

Gork and Mork ignored rejoining any of the reinforcements and led the charge forward toward the Necron command center in the distance. Gork and Mork were lighting a beacon of power at this point and many of the Krorks followed after these two twins with admiration in their eyes.

The more Gork and Mork killed off the Necrons, the stronger they became. The 'numbers game' that Gork and Mork played was not only a game, but a measure of strength among each other. A belief simmered under these seemingly simple game rules, in that the more victories one of them has, the stronger they are. 

And now, Gork and Mork were magnificent. Their bodies could barely contain the powerful souls they had inside them. Green energy simmered around their bodies like thick green Warp flames. They had grown another 2 meters since the war began and they would only continue to grow. If they were to be measured as Psyker talent, they would both be around the strength of Alpha Plus.

Mork stepped forward ahead of Gork, green flames wafted off his power armor and up his arms and shoulders. Gork, annoyed, stepped up next to him looking similar to Mork with footprints of green flames left behind in his path.

A large legion of Necrons had appeared in front of them, with Stardeath standing at the back of his legion. Beside him was Ozkan and a legion of elite Lynchguards. The Lynchguards were the elite of the elite among the Necron soldiers. Each soldier was equipped with heavy armor and defenses along with close-range weapons. Next to each Lynch guard, was a Scarab mobile turret, which could be operated by them to provide suppressing fire if needed.

"WAAAAAGGGHHH!!!!" Mork and Gork both screamed.

Sometimes, words are not enough for them to express their excitement. And so they simply screamed and charged forward.

"WAAAGGHHH!!!!" The rest of the Krorks who followed them repeated after them.

The Green Wagh energy seemed almost tangible as it condensed onto Mork and Gork at the front, and the remaining Krorks in the front line. It didn't only condense onto the Krorks. This moon has had the Krork spores already spread across it and the number of Krorks now on it had almost tripled since their arrival. All of these Krorks, together amplified the Wagh energy to huge levels. Not to mention, Gork and Mork's powerful souls added to this. This caused a large-scale reality manipulation.

"FIST OF MORK!" Mork screamed as he threw a punch.

"FOOT OF GORK" Gork screamed as he threw a kick.

Huge ethereal versions of Gork and Morks 'adult selves' that they believed they would one day grow into. Appeared in the area surrounding their bodies, making Mork's fist and Gork's foot 100 times their natural size for a few moments.



A large hole appeared in the Necron Soldiers as they dived into it without any regard for their lives. They charged with a straight and simple goal, to reach the 'big guys' in the back.


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