107 New City

After a while of travel, Victor arrived at the city, Calcit. He get off his dragon while he was still very far away from the city so as not to drag any attention to himself.

A huge city like that would surely have guards standing on the walls always, and it will have people moving in and out of the city with the surrounding being busy. It was better to track the remaining distance for him.

The place Dustin had stopped in was pretty much a forest, and from there he walked towards the city. There was no need to run for now as Rea who was with him would not be able to keep up, plus he wanted to scout the surrounding area to see what kind of beasts or monsters the place inhibited. He did this for some reason.

"You seem to be looking out for something?" Rea asked as she noticed Dustin looking around a bit, definitely more than he normally would.

"Nah, not really."


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