The First Girl

Author: Maia
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What is The First Girl

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She was the first girl. In the all boys boarding school. And also happened to be placed with the demon himself. After being blamed for her father's death and her mother's drug addiction, her mother decides to send her off for good in a boarding school. Due to some mistakes in the gender part and no placement available in girls school, she was placed in Oaklawn Academy, the all boys boarding school. She expected there will so much awkwardness, she will be made fun off, no one will be friends with her, she will be embarrassed and bullied, everyone will judge her and what not. However, she didn't expect to fall for the demon. Oh but she did. She fell hard. Little did she know, the demon loves her as well. Watch this story unfold as the angel and the demon both experience their first love. TRIGGER WARNING : Mentions and descriptions of abuse, slight eating problems, and may contain a little violence. This the only tw alert and will be none inside the novel. -------------- "But I have always love you angel, since the moment I laid my eyes on you in the elevator as you sneaked glances of me thinking I didn't notice but I did, I noticed each and everything, every silly little thing you do and everything you say. I am absolutely and utterly in love with you Angel and only you. You're my first love and will always be" -------------

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This is a really good book. I felt like I was transported into the story. Such vivid descriptions and good writing style. It's in my library and looking forward to more. I adore the female lead and her growth. My heart.


hello guys, i m the author of this book, hope you all like and enjoy this book, please do vote and comment if you do, and let me know your thoughts x ❤️


Though this book hit too close to home because of what Alara go through with her mother, it's still a very interesting story and what makes it interesting is her humorous character and the writing style of author. i loved this book so far.


I like the way how the author describes Alara. It's very interesting and her humorous character hooked me to keep on reading. I always like Female lead books. (If anyone looking for a good female lead, I would recommend this.) This story has great potential. All the best Author✌🏻


Reveal spoiler


Hello dear author!!! I just wanted to say that this novel has a lot of potential as really popular. The main character is humorous and despite her situation seems to give off a light that spreads positivity. I like where this story is going. ill be keeping up with it


this book is amazing and worth the time reading, the plot is written amazingly and has such great character, I like the first set of chapters. I recommend this novel.


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