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"I'm so fucking tired of your worthless ass!" My mother screamed coming up to me where I was cleaning in the kitchen and held my arm tightly in a fierce grip. I tried hard not to flinch and make her even angrier. But it was of no use since she was angry all the time anyways.

"W-what happened?" I don't stutter, but I can't help it around her, her presence alone made fear establish in my bones and be scared. Was this normal? To be this scared of your mother?

She let go of my arm and picked up the glass I just washed and smashed it onto the wall behind me, Woah, easy there lady.

"I had to spend my fucking money on your fucking school fees that I could've spent on my beer" She seethed in anger. She was furious, her eyes were bloodshot, her greasy black hair fell over her pale face and her lips quivered. That always happened when she didn't get her drugs on time. She was a fudging addict!

I shrugged, pathetically looking down at the floor, my dark brown hair escaping from the bun and framed my face. She usually became very weak when she was behind on her fix so she refrained from hurting me but the sober and alcoholic her was a whole different story. A story that I hate.

She desperately ran her hand over her face trying to think of something from her non-existent brain. Her eyes then found me again and she cursed at me before pulling me by my arm and shoving me on the floor. Ouch. My knees and hand braced the most of the impact but it's alright, at least I didn't land on my face or broke something.

"That's it, you're fucking useless, you're going, yes! I can not tolerate your fucking face any longer!" She shouted again waving her hands in the air like a madwoman, and I winced rubbing my ears. Her voice was like when you scratch your nails on a chalkboard. Get it?

I stood up from the floor, my knees turning red, and brushed my pj's, and shrugged nonchalantly. "Where am I going?" I ducked using my ninja-like reflexes when I saw a bottle being thrown my way. I'm basically a secret ninja. Really. Hee!

"To a boarding school. Now fuck off from here" I didn't need to be told twice and happily skipped away to my room. Any place was better than this infernal region.


Ok. I take back my words. When I said any place was better, I didn't mean a fudging BOYS SCHOOL. It was for BOYS! And I'm a GIRL! Holy macaroni!

Oh God, please give this woman a brain.

I bit my lips in nervousness as my heartbeat got faster, and I rubbed my sweaty and clammy hands on my dress. Laughing nervously, I hoped this was some sort of a sick joke. But who I'm kidding? My whole life is a sick joke. Lol.


My mother looked confused as well as she stared again and again on some paper in her hand. I jerked my head so that my hair would fall in my face and hide the hand imprint on my cheek. It was only temporary because my bruises heal very fast. I probably have some sort of healing power.

My train of thought was interrupted by a very cute puppy as the puppy tried to jump up and heaved excitedly. I giggled excitedly as well and bend down caressing his soft fur. The puppy licked my hand and I smiled happily. Can I adopt him? Is anyone looking? He had no collar and no one seemed to look for him. I grew more excited, maybe I can-

And I was interrupted by the she-devil herself as she roughly held me by my arm, and dragged me inside the Oaklawn Academy. The all-boys boarding school. I whimpered at my mother while she just sneered at me, and continued to woman-handle me, dragging me mercilessly inside the building. It was empty. No one seemed to be around. Maybe it was for the fact that it was spring break and everyone was off to see their families and loved ones. I wonder what it feels like to have a loved one? To have a family? It must feel nice.

Her nails dig in my arms and I winced at her angrily. At least she can be a little gentle for the first and last time in her whole darn life.

I tightly held my large suitcase despite her being rough because it had my pillow and toothbrush, my paint stuff, and my teddy. I know what you must be thinking. IsN't ShE tOo OLd FoR a StUfF tOy? But I'm not that old, I'm 17, and also it is dear to me because it was the only thing I received as a gift for Christmas from a nice lady in my daycare.

My mother halted towards an office and took a deep breath sending me a glare. Ha! I was about to be free from her soon. Yay!

There was a lady at the counter who sat there looking very bored typing fast. Wow, she has got super typing power. She raised her thick bushy brow when she saw me and I send her a small smile which she ignored. Huh, I just smiled, what is she giving me attitude for? I frowned and just held onto my suitcase and bag tighter.

"We need to see the principal" My mother murmured lowly and I'm surprised the lady even heard her.

"You can go" She allowed with a blank face and my mother wasted no time and dragged me once again inside the office.

She didn't knock before she entered, rude, and barged inside as it was her office. And there was an old man, his beard resembling that of Santa and I grinned. He looked startled and dropped the mirror he was using to look at his face and looked at us with wide eyes and grumped.

"Yeah, what is your problem?" He grumped in annoyance and composed himself, crossing his arms on the table. We sat down and my mother took out some papers from her tattered purse and shoved it towards him. I ignored whatever they were talking about and glanced at the room. It was nice and clean. The exact opposite of the house I used to sleep in till yesterday.

There was even a long floor vase filled with flowers in the corner! Wow. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad? I looked at the principal again with wide eyes and he was already looking at me so I just threw him a shy smile and his eyes softened.

"Ok, here is her dorm key, schedule, map, and you can take your books and whatever you may need from the lady outside. Now kindly hurry and get out of here" He said to my mother in a rude tone and gave me a soft smile. "You can come in here if you have any sort of problem in adjustment or whatever," He said to me softly and gave me a sharp nod. I gave him a wide grin and rushed behind my mother.

My 'mom' glared at me and looked at me coldly. She shoved all the things towards me and I quickly gathered them all in my hands.

"Now listen here you bitch, I hope I never see you ever again for the rest of my life. and if you ever even tried to contact me or came back to my house, I will fucking kill you, get it?" She explained to me with wild eyes and shook my shoulders tightly. I nodded scared but scoffed in my head. Does she take me as a fool? I'm not some idiot to willingly go back in that purgatory.

Oh, boy, this was going to be avocado of a ride!


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