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The First Girl


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THE BOOK IS UP! This book has been republished with the same name and synopsis, please do check it out ❤️❤️ - She was the first girl. In the all boys boarding school. And also happened to be placed with the demon himself. After being blamed for her father's death and her mother's drug addiction, her mother decides to send her off for good in a boarding school. Due to some mistakes in the gender part and no placement available in girls school, she was placed in Oaklawn Academy, the all boys boarding school. She expected there will so much awkwardness, she will be made fun off, no one will be friends with her, she will be embarrassed and bullied, everyone will judge her and what not. However, she didn't expect to fall for the demon. Oh but she did. She fell hard. Little did she know, the demon loves her as well. Watch this story unfold as the angel and the demon both experience their first love. TRIGGER WARNING : Mentions and descriptions of abuse, slight eating problems, and may contain a little violence.


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