The First Cultivator - Changing Existence

Throughout heaven and earth, I alone am powerful

Han_Jue_Fan · Fantasy
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466 Chs

Snakes - 18

When Zhou Fan could stand up, he noticed that all the trees around him were gone. Looking in the middle of the site of the explosion, he noticed a grey energy was eating the surroundings. Zhou Fan observed it for a while before he realized that it was leaving nothing behind.

He was terrified and instinctually willed it to stop. Only then did the grey Qi stop moving. Zhou Fan willed it towards him and the Qi flew into his body. Only then did Zhou Fan have time to pay attention to the surrounding devastation.

In the middle, there was a pit 60 feet deep. If someone didn't know better, they would have thought a meteor had fallen onto the area.

The entire surroundings were absolute chaos!

In fact, since Zhou Fan didn't know of a name for his innate Qi, he decided to call it chaos Qi. Naturally, he named it after what it caused.

Since he had no more reason to stay there, Zhou Fan flew into the air and tried to remember which direction he came from. Luckily, he had memorized all those books and knew the geography around here.

It didn't take long before Zhou Fan made it back to the courtyard. He went inside and sat on his bed while thinking about his breakthrough. After consideration, he decided to come up with a name for this realm after he knew what it did. For example, in the first realm, he was gathering Qi. Hence, Qi gathering. In the second realm, he was establishing a foundation. Hence, foundation establishment.

Based on that notion, Zhou Fan decided to cultivate for a while before naming this realm. Zhou Fan then got into position and started cultivating.

As he was cultivating, he came to the conclusion that it was the same as usual. The only difference was that it was his core that was growing instead of his foundation. After thinking, Zhou Fan decided to name this realm 'Core Formation'. He named it that due to the fact that his core was growing when he cultivated. He had almost considered naming it 'core establishment', but felt that it was to repetitive. Of course, 'core growing' was also considered before being immediately shot down.

While cultivating, Zhou Fan had completely forgot what Fui Rong had told him.

At around 3 am, Zhou Fan heard a slight shattering sound and his eyes shot open. When he looked down, he saw a rainbow colored snake squirming on the ground. Although he had almost instinctively crushed it, Zhou Fan managed to stop himself after remembering what happened last time he dealt with a snake.

Instead, Zhou Fan floated in the air above it horizontally. While looking down below, his incredible eyesight spotted the source of the shattering noise. Zhou Fan saw that the snakes fangs were cracked and destroyed.

The rest of its fangs were in a pile on the bed. Zhou Fan instantly came up with a hypothesis. It was very likely that the snake tried to bite him while he was cultivating. Due to the fact that his body was already harder than diamonds, the snakes fangs broke off, sending it into a spiral of pain.

Zhou Fan decided to observe it further and covered it in Qi before making it float towards him. This was also a nice trick that he learned along with flying. Even after poking and probing the snake, Zhou Fan couldn't recognize it. The fact that Zhou Fan couldn't recognize it meant that it was likely a new species. After all, he had memorized all of the known snakes in the world.

Of course, there was also a chance that it just wasn't on the first five floors. since he had no idea about it, Zhou Fan used some wood Qi and formed a cage around the snake. He also put a door on the cage. Although creating something took a lot of energy and was temporary, Zhou Fan didn't mind.

Zhou Fan had decided to take it to the 8th floor and study it. He would also get the help of some of the researchers there. They would surely be interested in a possibly unknown species.

Zhou Fan was also curious as to where the snake had come from. Zhou Fan sat outside and fully activated his senses. Normally, Zhou Fan didn't have his senses at 100%. After all, with his current eyesight, he would be able to see all the dirt on someone's skin and even their pores. Zhou Fan never wanted to experience that kind of thing.

However, he had no problem activating his senses if it was necessary. Even if it was disgusting, Zhou Fan had already partly disconnected with the human species. Luckily, his pores and skin were clean and pristine after he had gotten rid of his impurities.

With his hearing expanded, it wasn't long before Zhou Fan heard sounds of hissing underground. Zhou Fan stood up and followed the sound to the back of his house. When he arrived, he saw a hole hidden under a bunch of leaves and branches. After he cleared it off, Zhou Fan tried to look down it. The hole, however, was the size of a wheel and was pitch black.

Zhou Fan created a flame and sent it down the hole. At first, the tunnel just continued on and on. After about 100 feet, Zhou Fan the hole suddenly widden. When the flame reached into the widened part, he saw a scene that sent shivers down his spine. At the bottom of the hole, there were hundreds of snakes. And that was just what he could see from his point of view.

Zhou Fan couldn't be considered scared of snakes, but anyone would feel some fear after seeing such a sight. Even then, Zhou Fans curiosity got the best of him. He decided to jump into the hole and investigate the huge cave down there. Luckily, it looked like his body could fit. He may have to squeeze a little bit.