The First Cultivator - Changing Existence

Throughout heaven and earth, I alone am powerful

Han_Jue_Fan · Fantasy
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456 Chs


The next day, Zhou Fan awoke by the river side. After thinking it over for the night, he decided to leave the village. At this point, he had no reason to stay. The people he once treated as friends, now see him as a monster.

It isn't an unreasonable thought. Besides his abhorrent strength, even Zhou Fan's mind was less human. Even at the thought of leaving his house, the only thing left of his parents, Zhou Fan didn't feel any sadness. His emotions seemed to be fading away.

Standing up, Zhou Fan took one last walk to the village. Enjoying the view to his home, he saw the looks on the villagers faces that contained more fear than kindness. Deciding it was best not to say goodbye to anybody, Zhou Fan made it back to his house uninterrupted.

Zhou Fan had come back to his house for two reasons.To gather some useful items, and to pay respects to his parents grave.

Grabbing the bandit leader's sword and what was remaining of his bread, Zhou Fan hopped on the horse and hastily traveled to the graveyard. Although he had never ridden, nor even touched a horse before, he got used to it extremely quickly.

Entering the graveyard, Zhou Fan immediately noticed the familiar site of his parents grave. Although it had been over a year since he last came here, Zhou Fan used to come here at least once a week.

Seeing the dirt and leaves on his parents grave, Zhou Fan frowned. He didn't bring a broom with him and their grave was quite dirty. Coming up with an idea, Zhou Fan closed his eyes and held his palm out.

Gathering the surrounding Qi, Zhou Fan concentrated it on his hand. After about 10 seconds, Zhou Fan decided that he had gathered enough Qi. Waving his hand like he was swatting a fly, Zhou Fans hand moved at an incredible speed and made a fairly strong gust of wind.

When the wind hit the graves of his parents, much of the built up dirt and leaves dispersed immediately. Although there was still some dirt stuck to it, most of the built up filth was cleaned off. Quickly cleaning the rest off with his hands, Zhou Fan once again blew a gust of wind towards the graves.

After the gust of wind cleaned the remaining dirt, his parents' graves looked brand new. Kowtowing three times, Zhou Fan had finally paid his final respects.


Leaving the graveyard on his horse, Zhou Fan decided to head past Tonton valley into the unnamed forest.

Since they had no maps, the villagers' knowledge of the surrounding terrain was very limited. As far as they knew, the closest city was 50 miles the opposite direction of Tonton valley.

Deciding to go through Tonton valley, Zhou Fan was going in a completely unknown area. Making it to Tonton valley, Zhou Fan decided to sit down and eat some of his bread.

Quickly eating and cleaning up, Zhou Fan got on his horse and rode into the unnamed forest.


After around 5 hours of nonstop riding, Zhou Fan decided to set up camp for the night. He had just come across a clearing. Luckily, he had long known how to start a fire, courtesy of Auntie Sung.

While starting a fire, Zhou Fan heard a twig snap. Standing up warily, Zhou Fan immediately deciphered which direction the noise came from. Tip toeing up to the nearest tree, Zhou Fan peeked from behind it, looking in the direction the noise was made.

Very quickly, he saw a lone boar munching on some grass. Thinking of the last time he ate meat, he recalled that 2 years ago, one of the villagers had caught 5 wild boars. He had decided to share his lucky harvest with everyone in the village free of charge.

Although with the silver he had earned from chopping down trees, he could have bought a fair amount of meat. It , however, hadn't even crossed his mind due to the fact that it had been so long.

Focusing himself, Zhou Fan grabbed the bandit chief's sword. Quietly jumping out from behind the tree, Zhou Fan swung at the boor. With his enhanced speed, Zhou Fan should have easily killed it.

Unfortunately, it sensed his leap and booked it into the deep forest. Although Zhou Fan was confident he was faster than it, the path it ran to was layered with so many trees, he wouldn't even fit through most of the gaps.

Deciding to cut his losses, Zhou Fan walked back to the clearing mildly depressed. Starting up the fire, Zhou Fan ate some bread and went to sleep. Sadly, he hadn't remembered to bring water and could only go to bed parched.


Later that night, Zhou Fan was awoken to the sound of growls. Jumping up, he noticed that he was surrounded by 5 wolves. Clearly, they had gathered around him while he was sleeping, preparing to kill him in an instant.

Unfortunately for them, Zhou Fan's hearing had long been enhanced to an unnatural degree. Although wolves likely had better hearing, he was far beyond most other animals, humans included.

Jumping at him, the biggest wolf started the attack. The remaining wolves weren't too far behind. Reacting swiftly, Zhou Fan met the wolf's claws with an attack of his own. The wolf's claws instantly shattered from the force of his punch.

The biggest wolf jumped back retreating. Sadly, Zhou Fan didn't have time to punch out again when the wolves attacks reached him. To both his and the wolves surprise ,however, their attacks merely cut his clothes before scraping against his skin, causing little white marks to appear.

Realizing that these wolves didn't have the capability to harm him, Zhou Fan started on the offensive. Ignoring the wolves' counter attacks, Zhou Fan continued to simply punch at the wolves. When he collided with their claws, their paws broke and their claws shattered. When he collided with their bodies, they instantly fell to the ground, struggling to breath.

Like that, Zhou Fan quickly finished the fight. Although he only managed to kill two of the wolves before the rest realized they weren't his match and scrambled off, Zhou fan still felt satisfied with the outcome.

It seemed like he would be having meat tonight after all.