The First Cultivator - Changing Existence

Throughout heaven and earth, I alone am powerful

Han_Jue_Fan · Fantasy
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466 Chs

Lang Yang City

Waking up, Zhou Fan continued on his journey. After around 8 hours of riding, Zhou Fan saw a gigantic city wall. It was much bigger than he had heard from Old Man Yang. It seemed this was a different city than the one Old Man Yang used to live in.

The dirt trail led to a gate with a small line. Linning up, Zhou Fan continued to look around. It seemed that the walls were made of stone. Above the gate, there was a huge sign that stated, ' Lang Yang City'. Soon, Zhou Fan made it to the gate.

"One copper for entry," said the guard.

Zhou Fan complied and took out a copper coin before riding inside. It seemed that the security here wasn't too strict.

Looking up, Zhou Fan noticed that the sky was starting to darken. Since he had heard stories from Old Man Yang, Zhou Fan had a minor understanding of the city.

He decided to look for an inn to stay the night at. It didn't take long before he found a nice looking inn. It didn't seem unreasonably priced. 5 copper per night. Although Zhou Fan could afford to stay here, he couldn't do it for long.

Walking in, Zhou Fan met the nice innkeeper. She was an old lady. Although he didn't catch her name, he had a good impression of her. It turned out that the 5 copper also paid for breakfast and dinner. They also had a stable that they could keep his horse in.

Before he even bothered going up to his room, Zhou Fan decided to have dinner downstairs. Zhou Fan didn't have high expectations, but the meal turned out to be the best one he's had since his parents died. It was almost enough to make him cry. Almost.

Heading up to his room, Zhou Fan saw that it was pretty basic. A neat looking bed, a small wooden desk, and a wardrobe.

After unpacking his few belongings, Zhou Fan started cultivating. He decided to cultivate through the night since cultivation was like a replacement for sleep. Although he did still have to go to sleep after staying up for a few days.


Zhou Fan stopped cultivating after about 10 hours had passed. Although he didn't breakthrough, Zhou Fan felt that he had made large progress.The sun had been up for a little more than 3 hours now. Deciding that it was an appropriate time to get up, he went downstairs to have breakfast. He had paid 20 copper. Enough to stay here for 4 days.

Sitting at a table, Zhou Fan asked the lady for some breakfast. She brought out some bread and some oatmeal. Although Zhou Fan had never had oatmeal himself, he had heard Old Man Yang casually mention it. It was an average meal in any city. Zhou Fan had no complaints.

While he was eating his meal, some loud men burst into the inn. Based on their tone and movement, they clearly didn't put anyone in their eyes. It was likely because they were extremely strong. Or at least they looked like it.

This likely wasn't the first time this had happened from the look on the peoples faces. All of a sudden, the three men started walking towards Zhou Fan.

"Hey pal." The biggest of the three men said. " Mind if we share your breakfast with you."

It was clear to anyone that they didn't actually want to share, just take.

"I mind." Zhou Fan said simply, before proceeding to ignore the newcomers.

Zhou Fan could tell their intentions, but he honestly wanted them to mess with him so that he could beat them up. Although it sounded bad, he had all this power and nothing to do with it. Might as well beat up some rude people.

When Zhou Fan said that, the three men stopped laughing instantly.

"Scram!" The biggest one said, before smashing his hand on the table.

Not to be outdone, Zhou Fan hit his hand on the table, making a much louder noise than when the man hit. Of course, he didn't use his full strength, or it would have broken into pieces.

"Scram," Zhou Fan said to them, repeating what the big man had said.


Suddenly, the three men broke into laughter for half a minute before abruptly stopping, giving Zhou Fan a death stare.

"Come outside, boy."

Zhou Fan was still 10. Hence, no one took him seriously.

"Sure," Zhou Fan said.

He didn't want to fight inside the inn either way. Following the men for a while, they eventually stopped in an alley.

Looking at him, the biggest man didn't waste any time before punching at his face. He didn't hold back at all! He intended to kill Zhou Fan with this punch!

Unfortunately for the man, Zhou Fan wasn't any other 10-year-old boy. Punching out, Zhou Fans fist collided with the mans. When their fists met, the mans arm instantly collapsed. He himself flew through the nearest buildings wall. Before they could react, Zhou Fan shot a wave of energy at the other two men.

Luckily for them, Zhou Fan held back, only breaking most of their bones before they flew through the wall. Looking at the wall, one could see 3 men shaped holes. Stepping through one of the holes, Zhou Fan came upon the sight of 3 men laying on the floor.

The biggest man was the only one conscious. What was left of his arms was a mix of blood and flesh combined. It looked like he didn't suffer too much compared to the other men, however. Their limbs were bent in random directions and foam was coming out of their mouths. They would likely die soon.

Walking over to the man, Zhou Fan stepped over the other twos dying bodies. Seeing the 10-year-old boy walk towards him, the man felt an unprecedented fear. Even with his mangled arm, he was trying to back away from him.

Deciding to show mercy, Zhou Fan stepped on his right leg, breaking it, before walking away. It wasn't too long after he left that some guards came into the building. Running out soon after, they came back with some doctors to try to save the men. Their fate would remain unknown to Zhou Fan, however. Making his way back to the inn, the old lady and all the other patrons were amazed to see him in one piece.

"What happened young man, are you okay?"

"We settled it, but thank you for your concern."

Leaving it at that, Zhou Fan made his way upstairs