The Fireborne Prince (GOT)

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What is The Fireborne Prince (GOT)

Read ‘The Fireborne Prince (GOT)’ Online for Free, written by the author NobleVillainess, This book is a Book&Literature Fanfic, covering ACTION Fanfiction, ADVENTURE Fan Fiction, REINCARNATION Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: What if you got reincarnated into the world of Game of Thrones? What if you knew the Fire breathing techniques like Reng...


What if you got reincarnated into the world of Game of Thrones?  What if you knew the Fire breathing techniques like Rengoku from Demon Slayer?  What if you could Firebend like Zuko from Avatar?  Or what if, like Daenerys Targaryen, you were immune to fire? Would you Win? Or would you Die? 

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Author : "Are you strong because you have many abilities? or do you have many abilities because you are strong?" MC : "Nah, I'd Win."


To be honest i’ve recently been struggling to find something to read but this brought me some relief since i’m actually excited for future chapters, i hope you don’t drop this, i would be disappointed.


What an amazing story idea, writing was good, storyline is great and interesting. I wish we can get a chapter everyday but that’s up to the writers. Keep going you have over 150 power stones hopefully that give you confidence to write more chapters.




Wow, there are no words to describe how incredible this masterpiece is. The way the MC interacts with his people and family is truly satisfying. I never realized how much I needed this in my life. One minor concern I have is the frequency of updates, as there are only two chapters released per week. However, I completely understand that creating such a unique and amazing ideas takes time and effort. The quality of the content produced is definitely worth the wait, and it's clear that a lot of thought goes into each chapter, wait is well worth it.


Keep up the good work Author Great fanfic


Pretty terrible update schedule which tells me the author has zero hopes or plans to finish this story. Also the writing feels like chatGPT. Story does not progress whatsoever in the first 8 chapters to the point I think the author is just rambling and doesn’t even know what they want to plot to be yet.


Love this story I am quite confident this shall be a beautiful and exciting book I myself am extremely grateful for this and absolutely love both worlds you have merged can't wait for the next


Hay author, you are breaking traditions. Where is your own 5star review [img=angry]! By the way, you already have a great start on this novel. Keep up the good work [img=recommend]. I'll be waiting for more chapters [img=update]. And... don't you dare drop this fic or else I will find where you live...


Looking forward to more chapters,Truly one of the best beginnings I've ever seen in a Got fanfic.Keep up the great work author!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


great story so far. can't wait for more chapters.


Right at this moment, I have very few problems with this novel. The writing quality is amazing, very few of any errors appear. The sentence structure and each paragraph are well thought out. Updating stability is great but with longer chapters mean the stability will usually start to slow down. The story development depends on what the reader is expecting. I was kind of hoping for a relatively longer story, maybe a couple of wars or interesting events to happen. But he, the mc, is practically living the perfect life. Schemes are all well and good until absolute power comes into play. I don’t really see any way for the mc to struggle other than morality situations. For example, the faith of the seven I believe hate magic so once they learn he can firebend, he can be a target for their manipulations. They can try to tarnish his image or get the people to hate him or whatever but he could kill the pope and their faith quite easily in a hundred different ways. But the different regions being any type of threat? He has five dragons who will all be bigger than drogon by the time he is older, not to mention the fact that he individually have a massive amount of power which will put him onto or close to the same level as the dragons. I just don’t see much of conflict in the future of this novel. Character design? We haven’t seen much of the mc, it has only been 10 chapters and about half of those chapters he was a baby so it’s hard to judge but he hasn’t done anything that I hate so I would normally give perfect five stars but I’m slightly hesitant because of the authors previous works on FF.net. The mc is still young so romance isn’t a thing but I really pray you do not turn him gay. I am ok with absolutely no romance, that is fine with me. Harems will usually ruin the story, especially in GoT universe so please don’t do that either but turning this into a yaoi will instantly destroy this novel for myself and most likely many others. So please don’t follow your James and Severus stuff. And the world building is good. Writers normally don’t have to do much world building when it’s a fan fiction since we already know but you still world build for those who aren’t familiar to the story so good job. Anyways I’m looking forward to more. I find it may be difficult to make jaw dropping and nerve wrecking scenes in the future since you gave him so much power right at the start but I’m still look forward to it. Good luck


Honestly I was expecting face slapping Chinese mlt level story but this surprised me it’s genuinely good


I would have to say that this is a really good Game of Thrones, Fanfiction so far, currently at chapter 10. The main character understandably has some pretty impressive abilities, but it also doesn’t make him come across as too overpowered just yet, although he is very well protected by his companions. I also really like that the butterfly effect is certainly having an effect quite early in the story, and things are continuously developing, due to the abilities and knowledge of the main character. I am not the biggest Game of Thrones fan myself, but I definitely enjoy reading the story. For what my suggestion is worth, I would definitely say you should give it a try.


Really enjoying this so far, the author is doing a great job. And the powers combination? Fantastic


It's a great novel that has little to no problems. Now give me MORE!!!!!


25 Five stars review with 7 chapters I can already tell this is promising[img=In your face][img=In your face][img=In your face][img=In your face]


║ ” ◕ ◯ ◕ ” ║ᵒᵐᵍᵎᵎᵎ So I didn’t know about the tradition of reviewing my own work until a reader told me about it, and now I’m here shamelessly reviewing my work with 5 stars. lol My work could use improvements, no doubt. But I’m rating it 5 stars because I’m satisfied with my current work. I started this fanfic without much expectation. I didn’t think it would garner much interest. But y’all prove me wrong like a good slap in the face. xD I’m glad many people are actually enjoying it. TBH I was going to make the MC a female, but I’ve change my mind last minute because I noticed ASOIAF actually had a lot of female protagonists—like; Daenerys, Rhaenyra, Alicent, along with Cersei, Arya, and Sansa. And plus, I wanted to try writing a male protagonist for once, so here we are. Thanks to all who reviewed and commented on my story. And to all my readers!! I appreciate you! (っ˘з(˘⌣˘ ) ♡






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