The Fire Prince’s Bride

Author: sierra_caitlyn
Fantasy Romance
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What is The Fire Prince’s Bride

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“Sometimes I think you’re an actual Angel sent down from the gods.” *** Sybil had always been the quiet orphan girl who lived at the local church. She never stood out and was easily forgotten by everyone, and due to a magical secret she had been hiding most of her life, she preferred it that way. She figured she would never leave the church, but when a mysterious stranger on the brink of death came crashing through the church doors one night, everything changed. Andrius, the Crown Prince of Ignis, was loved by all his people, but he was especially loved by the ladies. He was the courageous warrior who was able to charm anyone and everyone. He always put himself first until a simple girl from the village changed how he saw life, and gave him hope for a better future than he could have ever envisioned. Now Sybil must learn how to navigate living in the public eye, jealous and scorned foes, her mysterious past, wars among the lands, keeping her secret, and falling in love for the first time. *** “Now, how would you like to be rewarded for finding me?” Andrius trailed the ends of his fingers up Sybil’s arms, over her shoulders, until he reached her neck. He gently held her neck in one hand while the other came up to tuck a golden curl behind her ear. Sybil’s heart erratically beat in her chest as she remained motionless. All the while, their eyes never left each other’s. “If you don’t have any ideas, I certainly do,” he told her in a silky voice. “How about a kiss?”

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Shameless author review! 🙈 I’ve absolutely loved bringing Sybil and Andrius’ stories to life. If you enjoy romance, betrayal, action, and mystery, then you’re in the right place :) I can’t wait to hear what you think!


Such a sweet beginning! I absolutely love the relationship that is building between our leads. Sybil is so kind and innocent, I love her sweetness. the way they met and how they privately grew to know each other is refreshing. I am excited to see where their story leads.


Oh my heart! I really love a fairy tale love story and this one is just perfect. Oh, I just wanna be a healer like sybil, and be a hero of that handsome knight, lowkey prince. Aaawww... I'm in love with this story.


The story unravels beautifully, the language is descriptive and easy to follow along with the plot which starts at a light-hearted pace. As we're gradually being introduced to the looming clouds of conflict, I can't wait to see where it ends Overall an amazing work, kudos to the author! ^^


Sybil is so sweet and precious soul. And I understand why the Prince was so enchanted by her. I would love to read more about the two of them. Good job dear author! Thank you for creating this beautiful world.


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