The Fifth House: Galegold

Did you really think that Hogwarts only had four founders? No, my friend, you should not believe what the history books say, because reality always has its hidden cards and sometimes it decides to use them at the most unexpected moment. How shall we say… now? When the unknown heir to the fifth house receives the letter from the famous College of Witchcraft and Wizardry. After an absence of almost a millennium, it is time for everyone to know the truth, whether they like it or not. I do not own Harry Potter or any other universe that will appear except the MC.

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Almost clear evidence

"In the name of Merlin, what is going on here?" McGonagall watched them like a hawk. "Can someone tell me what happened?"

"Excuse me, Professor, but before any explanation, Hermione has been attacked by the troll and urgently needs to visit the hospital wing," Soisen said earnestly as he took the dazed witch's hand and walked past the startled teachers. "We can talk later when the troll has been dealt with and the threat has passed.

"Mr. Galegold!" McGonagall said in surprise.

"Priorities, Professor," Soisen's voice trailed off. "If you're in such a rush for an explanation, ask Potter, he'll be a truer version than any other witness among those left in the bathroom."

The teachers unconsciously looked at Ron in unison and nodded at the same time, they understood what Soisen meant.

"Minerva, please escort the young lions back to their common room," the Headmaster requested, rubbing the bridge of his nose wearily. "Severus, if you would be so kind as to escort Miss Granger and Mr. Galegold to the Nursing. And Quirrel, I'll have to pester you to take care of the troll.

…On the way to the infirmary…

Hermione finally managed to process everything that had just happened and snap out of her stunned state.

"Thank you for saving me," she thanked. "But what were you doing there?"

"I'm wondering the same thing." Snape caught up with them and matched his pace. "Explain yourself, Soisen."

After correcting the headmaster's nonsense order (with all due respect) and following the Gryffindor prefect into his common room, I noticed Potter and Ron sneaking out. Initially I thought they were reckless who wanted to fight the troll, so I informed the prefect before trying to catch up with them and take them back," she recounted in a clear voice. "Only after seeing Hermione present did I understand: One, the prefect didn't bother to check that everyone in your household was present before you left, which is a serious mistake during this emergency. Two, the reason they ran away from her was to warn her of the troll.

"Go on." Snape raised an eyebrow with a slight note of interest.

After finding them, they were idly watching and panicking as the troll had already started attacking Hermione. I simply got fed up with her doubts when there was a life in danger, pushed them aside and took steps to ensure as much as possible Hermione's safety despite my meager strength. Given the characteristics of a troll, I decided to render him unconscious due to lack of air by drowning him in a bubble of water.

"A creative approach, the power requirement is weak but effective for the situation," Snape nodded approvingly.

"What doesn't enter my head is how a twenty foot tall troll has managed not only to get through the school's defenses, but has managed to end up in the bathroom when it was supposed to be in the dungeons," he commented with an annoying tone— The distance between the two is not something that a huge troll can cover in a few minutes, let alone whether the moving stairs can support his weight or he is able to pass through the stone arches with his size. Also, I doubt there are secret passageways in the castle that I could fit through or know how to use.

"Certainly…" Snape narrowed his eyes.

When Madam Pomfrey found out that Hermione was attacked by the troll, she gave her a full diagnosis, the results of which were only minor bruises from her fall and stress. She smeared him with a potion, gave him a piece of chocolate, and ordered him to stay in the infirmary until morning.

Without discussion!

Snape escorted Soisen to the Galegold common room after leaving the infirmary at her request. The last thing he wanted right now was to have to face two packed and excited houses for what will no doubt be a Weasley brand theatre.

"Professor," he called, "is Quirrel to be trusted?"

"What's with that question?" Snape stopped and looked at him carefully.

-Honestly? After seeing how Snape nodded, he continued, "First, as a teacher he is pathetic." I don't mean the stutter of it, but it teaches nothing but theory that I could read myself in the book in a classroom full of garlic to hide a strange smell of decay coming from it. I noticed it in the first lesson and since then, I have used a Bubble Head spell to be able to tolerate it. Second, what kind of DADA master meets a troll in the castle and doesn't take care of it? Instead, he ran into the Great Hall and instead of approaching the staff table and reporting so as not to set off a panic through the side door, he makes his way as conspicuously as possible through the large doors, yells that there's a troll. in the dungeons and faints. Third, it turns out that the troll was NOT in the dungeons and by chance appeared near a student who was alone, isolated and knew nothing of the danger —he kept a moment of silence and continued— That mistake could have cost Hermione her life, Professor. It's not a small mistake and it seems almost deliberate.

Snape was speechless at Soisen's analysis in one fell swoop. He would doubt anyone knowing these facts and would suspect if he is smart enough, but the question now was how to answer.

The director's plan was halfway and he couldn't expose it...

He could lie, but he knew the boy wouldn't fall for a piece of nonsense out of his sleeve without thinking.

"I'll tell the director your suspicions," he said simply.

It was the truth, without further details. Albus needed to know that the Dark Lord's cover was nearly blown by a first year student and he had to decide what to do to calm the student down. One who is also a natural Occlumant, so he won't be able to perform his usual tricks and he won't allow him to do anything beyond Lily's adoptive son.

"I understand, Professor. Good night.

It was only when Soisen was left alone with Rada and was stretched out on the bed with his mind relaxing, that a fleeting thought appeared in his head.

What if Dumbledore's command wasn't actually wrong in the Great Hall?

Because he KNEW the troll wasn't in the dungeons, so there was no danger to the students!

No student except...


They came to the exact spot just seconds after the troll's defeat. That means…

This is worrying, very worrying.

The famous and well-known great magician of light seemed to have a long shadow behind him...