The Fifth Hokage Is Naruto's Uncle

During the Third World Ninja War, Namikaze Minato and his younger brother Namikaze Mirai dominated every battlefield, and their moniker 'Konoha's Twin Flashes', spread far and wide, instilling profound fear in their adversaries. The 'Blue Flash' with his Magnet Release, returned to Konoha after three years, only to find his brother and sister-in-law dead, leaving his young nephew to live a miserable life. ... Naruto, who was being bullied, suddenly saw a blond figure standing and shielding him with a gentle smile. "Don’t be afraid, Naruto. It's fine now. Why? Because I am here." .... Note: Needless to say, for publishing more chapters. It would depend entirely on the interaction the story receives and the readers's enthusiasm for this book.

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Uchiha Clan (1)

In an Akimichi's grill restaurant, the table was covered with a variety of sizzling barbecue dishes, and Naruto was eating with unrestrained enthusiasm. He grabbed each piece of food and swallowed it directly, barely pausing for breath. Across the table, Mirai ate calmly, his mind drifting as he reminisced.

Watching Naruto's voracious appetite, Mirai couldn't help but compare it to Kushina's. She had always eaten with the same unreserved enthusiasm, a trait she had clearly passed down to her son.

As he ate, memories surfaced in Mirai's mind. He recalled a particular conversation he had with Minato and Kushina about Naruto's surname. Kushina had been firm on the matter. With the Land of Whirlpools destroyed and her being the last to inherit the legacy of the Uzumaki clan, she was adamant about passing that legacy to Naruto.

"We can't let the Uzumaki name disappear." She had insisted, her voice resolute. "Naruto should carry it forward."

Minato had nodded in agreement, understanding the importance of preserving the Uzumaki heritage. "It's a way to honor your clan and ensure that Naruto has a strong connection to his roots." He had said, his tone supportive.

Mirai had agreed with their decision. He knew that, with him and Minato being civilians. The Uzumaki name would pave the way for Naruto's future, giving him a legacy to be proud of.

But now, seeing Naruto's bright blond hair and his expressive blue eyes, Mirai thought that he's got both of his parents in him. Naruto's hair was just like Minato's, while his spirited demeanor and energy reminded Mirai so much of Kushina.

"We look forward to seeing you again soon!"

Leaving the restaurant owner smiling and waving them goodbye. As they stepped outside, Naruto let out a satisfied burp, causing Mirai to chuckle.

"Niisan, I want to eat this dango!"

Just then, they heard a childish voice nearby. Mirai turned to see a three-year-old Uchiha Sasuke riding on the shoulders of his older brother, Uchiha Itachi. Sasuke was eagerly pointing at a dango stand, his eyes shining with excitement. Itachi, with his usual gentle demeanor, walked over and bought some dango for his little brother.

Itachi's demeanor shifted instantly as he saw and recognized Mirai. His normally calm and collected expression gave way to a hint of nervousness, and he greeted Mirai with deep respect.

"Mirai-sama!" Itachi said, bowing slightly. "It's an honor to meet you."

Itachi straightened, his eyes showing a calm look unfitting in his young face. "Mirai-sama, i've heard many stories about your exploits. Your return to the village has been… significant."

Itachi expected a hostile or suspicious look from Mirai. Despite being young, he understood the suspicion and wariness directed at the Uchiha clan following the night of the Nine-Tails's attack. After all, the red eye with its three tomoe in the humongous fox's eyes that night was obvious to everyone. However, what he received was far from what he expected.

Mirai's expression softened, a nostalgic smile crossing his face as he looked at Itachi and Sasuke. Itachi was momentarily taken aback, the tension in his shoulders easing slightly.

"You've grown, Itachi." Mirai said gently, his gaze shifting between the two brothers.

Itachi's eyes widened, caught off guard by the warmth in Mirai's voice. "Mirai-sama, I… thank you."

Mirai shook his head. "No need for thanks. It's good to see you two taking care of each other. Minato and Kushina would be happy to see this."

Suddenly, they heard a high-pitched exchange behind him. Oblivious to the deeper exchange, Naruto and Sasuke started quarreling in their first meeting.

"Dango is way better than ramen!" Sasuke declared, his small fists clenched.

"No way! Ramen is the best food ever!" Naruto shot back, his face scrunched up in defiance.

Mirai turned to see the two three-year-olds glaring at each other, their disagreement quickly escalating. He sighed, a small smile playing on his lips.

"Hey, you two!" Mirai interjected, stepping between them. "There's no need to fight. Both ramen and dango are great in their own way."

Naruto and Sasuke both crossed their arms, each turning away with a huff.

"Ramen is still better." Naruto muttered under his breath.

"No, it's not." Sasuke retorted quietly, but with equal stubbornness.

Mirai chuckled, kneeling down to their level. "How about this, Naruto, you can treat Sasuke to your favorite ramen place sometime, and Sasuke, you can show Naruto where to get the best dango. Deal?"

Both boys looked at Mirai, then at each other. Reluctantly, they nodded.

"Fine." Naruto grumbled. "But you'll see. Ramen's the best."

"Whatever." Sasuke replied, though his tone was slightly less hostile.

Mirai couldn't help but reminisce about the past. Time had flown so quickly. It seemed like only yesterday that he had fought alongside Fugaku and chatted with Mikoto and Kushina.

"Fugaku-san and Mikoto-san already have a second son." Mirai mused aloud, glancing at Sasuke, who was still sulking beside Naruto. The rivalry between the two boys was a stark reminder of how much had changed.

He remembered the many times he had sparred with Fugaku, the leader of the Uchiha clan, known as the 'Wicked Eye' for his formidable Sharingan prowess. Fugaku was a warrior through and through, and they had often fought side by side during the Third Ninja World War.

Mikoto, on the other hand, was a close friend of Kushina. They naturally got acquainted.

Standing up and turning his head back to Itachi, Mirai spoke with a firm resolve. "Tell your father that I will be visiting the Uchiha compound soon. I need to speak with him personally."

Itachi's eyes widened slightly in surprise. He nodded respectfully, understanding the weight of Mirai's words. "I will let my father know." he replied, his voice steady despite the nerves he felt.

Mirai gave a brief nod, signaling the end of their conversation. He then turned to Naruto, who was still bickering with Sasuke. "Come on, Naruto." he said, his voice softening. "We have more to do today."

As they walked away, Mirai's thoughts remained on the Uchiha clan and the steps he needed to take next. He knew that the Uchiha had been marginalized and unfairly blamed for the Nine-Tails incident. He saw that aligning with them could be crucial in challenging the current power dynamics in Konoha. The Third Hokage and his council had grown too comfortable, too willing to sacrifice the well-being of individuals like Naruto for the sake of maintaining their control.

Mirai resolved to visit the Uchiha compound and speak directly with Fugaku. He needed to clear the air and forge an alliance. The Uchiha had suffered long enough under outdated policies, and together, they could bring about meaningful change.

At night, Itachi opened the door to Fugaku's study room with a calm demeanor. Fugaku, deeply engrossed in his paperwork, barely looked up. The room was dimly lit with a lone candle, and moonlight streaming through the open window, casting a serene glow.

"Is something wrong Itachi?" Fugaku's voice was serious, his eyes still at the matters at hand.

Itachi stood in the doorway, his posture relaxed yet purposeful. "Father, I met Namikaze Mirai at noon."

The name brought Fugaku's full attention to his son. His eyes narrowed slightly, and he set his papers aside, focusing entirely on the conversation.

"What did he say?" Fugaku's voice was measured, betraying a hint of curiosity and caution.

"He said you should expect him soon. He plans to visit the Uchiha clan." Itachi relayed Mirai's words before quietly leaving the room.

Fugaku leaned back in his chair, the moonlight highlighting the contemplative expression on his face. The familiar name awakened long-standing memories. Based on his understanding of Mirai, even if the Uchiha clan had no hand in that night, Mirai would still come to inquire further and get any information that could help him hunt the culprit.

Fugaku was not surprised that Mirai planned to visit the Uchiha clan. He had been waiting for him since he got the news that he had returned to the village. Mirai's return was significant. He was a man of action and purpose. If he was coming here, it was because he sought something.

Mirai's focus on confronting the Third Hokage and his council, rather than the Uchiha clan, brought a mix of relief and concern. The village's suspicion of their clan had not diminished, and any new development could either help or further complicate their situation. Fugaku needed to ensure that the clan presented itself as cooperative. Any information they could provide about that night might help Mirai, and in turn, help them.

As the door closed behind Itachi, Fugaku turned his gaze back to the moonlit window. Mirai's return was a double-edged sword. It brought the potential for upheaval but also the possibility for change. For the Uchiha clan, it was an opportunity to shift the narrative that had cast them in a shadow of suspicion for far too long.