The Fifth Hokage Is Naruto's Uncle

During the Third World Ninja War, Namikaze Minato and his younger brother Namikaze Mirai dominated every battlefield, and their moniker 'Konoha's Twin Flashes', spread far and wide, instilling profound fear in their adversaries. The 'Blue Flash' with his Magnet Release, returned to Konoha after three years, only to find his brother and sister-in-law dead, leaving his young nephew to live a miserable life. ... Naruto, who was being bullied, suddenly saw a blond figure standing and shielding him with a gentle smile. "Don’t be afraid, Naruto. It's fine now. Why? Because I am here." .... Note: Needless to say, for publishing more chapters. It would depend entirely on the interaction the story receives and the readers's enthusiasm for this book.

Dienekes · Anime & Comics
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Seeing the still black cocoon of thorny chains where Mirai was imprisoned, unable to move his chakra or body, the Root operatives finally sighed in relief. They knew all too well that Namikaze Mirai was never an ordinary opponent who could be overwhelmed by mere numbers. Countless battles during the Third Great Ninja War had confirmed this.

In their strategic assessment, they had concluded that the best way to deal with him was to treat him as they would a Tailed Beast, with targeted sealing techniques. They had waited for the perfect moment, allowing him to toy with them just long enough to take him off guard. It was a perfect strategy, meticulously crafted after studying both his abilities and temperament. However, despite their success in capturing him, the cost had been high. They had lost two jonins, effortlessly killed by Mirai's incredible speed and precision.

But their joy didn't last long. A chilling laughter suddenly rang in their ears, making every Root operative tense with unease. From within the cocoon of thorny chains, Mirai's voice echoed, laced with amusement.

"It seems I've grown rusty." Mirai said aloud, his tone calm but filled with a mocking edge. "But i must admit, I enjoyed your little performance."

The Root operatives exchanged worried glances, their previous confidence shaken. The second-in-command signaled for them to tighten their formation, but the air was thick with tension and uncertainty.

Mirai took a deep breath, his voice growing more serious. "But the fun ends here. I have no time to waste with you. Naruto is still waiting for me."

Soon, a dense silver liquid began to seep out from the gaps in the chains, spreading with an almost sentient determination. The liquid corroded and weakened each link, making the chains snap one after another.

The four Root operatives responsible for maintaining the seal felt deep dread settle in their chests.

"What's that?" One of them managed to voice, his hands trembling as he tried to maintain the hand seals.

They doubled their efforts, their fingers blurring through the intricate seals, attempting in vain to replace each destroyed chain with new ones emerging from the scroll. The scroll's inscriptions glowed brightly as fresh chains burst forth, but the silver liquid corroded them just as quickly.

As if being irritated at their desperation, the dense silver liquid separated into numerous spheres, each one suspended in the air for a moment, gleaming ominously under the fading sunlight.

The sealing squad's eyes widened in horror as they realized what was about to happen. "No!" One of them shouted, but it was too late.

Before they could react further and with a swift motion, the silver projectiles tore through the air with a whistling sound, each one finding its mark with lethal precision.

The Four had no chance to defend themselves. The bullets struck them, their bodies convulsing before collapsing to the ground. The spheres soon returned, coalescing back into the original liquid form that hovered around the chains, shimmering with a lethal beauty.

The remaining Root operatives, already considering their mission a failure, had begun their retreat the moment they saw the seal weakening, their sole priority for this battle's informations to be bought to Danzo-sama. Panic set in as they witnessed the chains finally snap and Mirai break free from the confinement. Their hearts pounded with fear and frustration, knowing that their leader's meticulously planned strategy had failed.

Mirai walked calmly. The silver liquid that had seeped from the chains hovered behind him, shimmering and undulating like a living entity and reflecting the fading light of the setting sun. With a simple wave of his hand, the liquid began to morph and extend, transforming into multiple sharp spears.

"Leaving so soon?" Mirai's voice was calm, almost mocking, as he directed his gaze towards the retreating operatives.

"[Mercury Silver Spears]" He declared with a calm, resonant voice. In an instant, the silver spears shot forward with blinding speed. The operatives barely had time to react. The spears found their marks, piercing through their defenses and incapacitating them before they could make any significant distance. Cries of pain and surprise echoed through the forest as they fell, the spears pinning their bodies to the ground or nearby trees, and destroyed the terrain.

Mirai watched impassively as the last of the operatives fell. The silver spears dissolved back into liquid, hovering obediently around him, and sliding into his arm following his will.

Mirai reflected on Mercury, his proudest creation, a weapon far more deadly than the Third Kazekage's Iron Sand or the Fourth's Gold Dust. Its high density and great versatility made it an unparalleled tool in his arsenal. As a liquid metal, Mercury could be shaped into any form Mirai desired, enabling a myriad of destructive attacks and the ability to crush opponents with ease. Furthermore, the inherent toxicity of mercury meant that wounds inflicted by it could prove fatal if the mercury entered the bloodstream.

His fighting style had always revolved around the use of metallic weapons, which he saturated with his chakra to magnetize and control via his self-created magnetic field. These weapons, sealed in small, convenient storage scrolls, allowed him to perform various techniques. However, Mirai recognized the limitations of this method. While effective against lesser foes, these restrictions became apparent when facing truly formidable opponents.

The idea for Mercury came to him as he sought to emulate the Iron Sand. He conceived the notion of developing a liquid metal and, drawing from his knowledge of his previous life, thought of mercury—a metal that becomes liquid at room temperature and seemed to be undiscovered by the ninjas of this world.

With this idea in mind, Mirai embarked on a his already planned journey with this goal. His first destination was the Land of Wind, known for its rich mines. He sneaked into several, searching for his intended ores, until he found them in a discarded cave. Extracting the element, he discovered its weak diamagnetic properties, meaning it magnetized slightly in the opposite direction in a magnetic field, which stomped and frustrated him a little.

However, Mirai knows that chakra was a continuation of the user's will. He was confident that he could overcome this hurdle and so he made a bet. For three grueling years, he poured his chakra into the mercury, shaping and refining it until he achieved his desired results.

Standing in the forest clearing, having just dispatched Danzo's Root operatives, Mirai marveled at the culmination of his efforts. Mercury had become an extension of himself, a lethal, versatile weapon that transcended the limitations of conventional ninja tools.

In the Hokage's office, Danzo's eye narrowed as he listened to Hiruzen speak. Thoughts raced through his mind, calculating and reassessing the situation. He was confident in his assassination plan, which had been meticulously crafted after countless simulations and strategic evaluations. The plan was foolproof, or so he believed.

If everything proceeds according to his calculations, Mirai's body should already be stored at the base, ready for the research team to study his kekkei genkai further.

But a sudden voice interrupted his thoughts. A Root ninja appeared in the office, kneeling with a trembling voice.

"Danzo-sama, Hokage-sama." The ninja began, clearly uneasy.

Seeing his subordinate here, both Danzo and Hiruzen knew the situation had spiraled out of control. Danzo's face darkened, his composure slipping.

"What happened?" Danzo demanded, his voice cold and sharp.

The ninja replied, his words faltering. "The assassination team's chakra signatures…they've disappeared. It's presumed that they are already dead."

Soon as he finished, Danzo immediately disappeared from sight, leaving Hiruzen with a sinking feeling in his chest, who soon followed.

In the forest, the setting sun on the horizon had reached its last moments, leaving only a scarlet hue in the sky. The eerie glow cast long shadows, intensifying the grim scene below. Mirai stood amidst the fallen Root operatives, their bodies scattered and motionless, each lying in their own pool of blood.

Danzo arrived swiftly, his presence commanding and filled with tension. But as he took in the sight of his carefully chosen and trained subordinates, his always-present aloof demeanor faltered. He couldn't hide the shock and rage that twisted his features.

Mirai, observing the change in Danzo's expression, smiled coldly. "I've been waiting for you for a long time, Danzo."