The Fifth Hokage Is Naruto's Uncle

During the Third World Ninja War, Namikaze Minato and his younger brother Namikaze Mirai dominated every battlefield, and their moniker 'Konoha's Twin Flashes', spread far and wide, instilling profound fear in their adversaries. The 'Blue Flash' with his Magnet Release, returned to Konoha after three years, only to find his brother and sister-in-law dead, leaving his young nephew to live a miserable life. ... Naruto, who was being bullied, suddenly saw a blond figure standing and shielding him with a gentle smile. "Don’t be afraid, Naruto. It's fine now. Why? Because I am here." .... Note: Needless to say, for publishing more chapters. It would depend entirely on the interaction the story receives and the readers's enthusiasm for this book.

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Hyuga Affair (4)

In a secretive prison on the outskirts of Konoha, hidden deep within the forest and obscured underground with its entrance secured by multiple seals, Hiruzen, Mirai, and the rest who were at the Hokage building made their way to meet the prisoner, G.

The group moved through the dense foliage silently, their presence concealed by the natural cover of the forest and the intricate seals protecting the hidden facility. As they approached the entrance, an ANBU operative activated a series of hand signs, dispelling the seals and revealing a concealed doorway.

Not long after their arrival, Nara Shikaku, the Jonin Commander and renowned strategist of Konoha, joined them. His sharp mind and keen insight were invaluable in such delicate matters. He gave a curt nod to Hiruzen and a brief acknowledging glance to Mirai before surveying the room with a critical eye.

Descending into the dimly lit underground prison, the air grew colder and heavier. The narrow passageway led to a central chamber where G was confined, bound by chains and subjugates to a seal, to prevent him from moulding his chakra and using techniques.

The cell was dimly lit, casting long shadows on the rough stone walls. G sat on the bare floor, his back resting against the cold wall, his eyes defiant and unwavering despite his predicament.

Hiruzen stepped forward, his voice stern and unyielding. "Do you understand the gravity of your actions? Do you comprehend the consequences of betraying our trust?"

G sneered, a cold smile curling on his lips. "The Raikage won't abandon me. There is no right or wrong here, Hokage. It's all for the benefit of our village."

Shikaku stepped forward, his eyes narrowing as he studied G. "You realize the precarious position this puts both our villages in? This act of treachery could reignite a war."

G's expression remained unyielding. "We were never truly at peace. This 'peace' was nothing more than a façade, a pause in the hostilities. Kumo will always act in its best interest."

Koharu spoke up, her voice laced with disdain. "And that justifies kidnapping a child?"

G's eyes flashed with anger. "You don't understand. The Byakugan is a powerful tool, one that could give Kumo an edge."

Shikaku took a deep breath, muttering under his breath. "What a drag." Then, holding his chin and closing his eyes, he pondered the situation.

After a few moments, he suggested. "We should keep the leader as a hostage while sending the remaining envoys back with a letter. This could be an opportunity to insist on more significant compensations." He paused, then resumed. "But knowing Kumo, they would likely act shamelessly, feigning innocence and accusing us of framing them."

Mirai interjected, his voice calm but his tone laced with disdain. "They've always been shameless. Remember, they attempted the same thing with Kushina several years before the Third Ninja World War."

Hiruzen and the elders frowned, recalling the incident and hearing the same suggestion from Mirai before. Shikaku and Hiashi, hearing about this for the first time, exchanged concerned glances, the gravity of the situation sinking in further.

The room was soon engulfed in a heavy, oppressive silence, the weight of the decision pressing down on everyone.

After what felt like an eternity, Mirai broke the silence, his voice cutting through the heavy atmosphere with a sharp edge. "In times like this, I really regret killing Danzo."

His words elicited a mix of horror and anger from the others in the room. But it was his next action that made everyone freeze in their tracks.

Without hesitation, Mercury began to flow from his right sleeve. The liquid metal moved with an almost serpentine grace, forming an elongated spike that bypassed the bars of G's cell. It stopped just millimeters away from his eyeball, the tip glistening ominously in the dim light of the prison.

G could only watch, sweat beading on his forehead, too afraid to even blink.

Hiruzen turned to Mirai, his face darkened with a deadly glare, chakra already beginning to seep out of him with an intimidating aura. The air in the room grew tense, and even the elders, Hiashi, and Shikaku instinctively retreated a step, feeling the weight of the Hokage's fury.

Mirai, however, remained composed, his posture relaxed as if untouched by the rising tension.

"Diplomacy is pointless in this matter." Mirai stated calmly, his voice cutting through the charged atmosphere. "We must make our stance clear. Kumo respects strength above all else."

He paused briefly, his gaze unwavering. "Kumo saw an opportunity because they perceive weakness in Konoha right now. Our response must be decisive."

Hiruzen's expression hardened further, his commitment to avoiding conflict evident in every line of his face. "Even in our weakness, we must strive for peace, Mirai."

Mirai's smile in response was almost teasing. "With all due respect." He said, his tone still relaxed but firm. "I am here now. I'll ensure that Konoha does not falter. Strength, when wielded with wisdom, can preserve peace as effectively as any treaty."

Homura immediately intervened, his voice filled with concern. "A war will cause many casualties!"

Mirai turned to him, a steely resolve in his eyes. "You've been retired for so long, perhaps you've forgotten what it means to be a ninja bound by duty. Konoha was built on the cornerstone of the Will of Fire—a will that states the entire village is like a large family, and every Konoha ninja should fight to protect it from enemies."

Taking a deep breath, Then, with a deliberate motion, Mirai extended his right hand, pointing directly at the still-frozen G. "He is the enemy now."

The room fell into a heavy silence, the weight of Mirai's declaration pressing down on everyone present. Hiruzen's frown deepened, and he cast a long, hard look at G, then at the advisors and Hiashi. The tension in the air was palpable.

Hiashi's stoic expression remained unchanged, but his eyes betrayed a flicker of agreement. Shikaku, still deep in thought, didn't speak.

Koharu spoke next, her voice a measured blend of caution and disagreement. "Mirai, while your points are valid. An all-out war could devastate not just our village, but the entire region."

Mirai's eyes narrowed slightly, but he maintained his composure. "And what do you suggest we do? Wait until Kumo makes another move? Until they kidnap another of our children or launch a surprise attack when we're least prepared?"

Shikaku stepped forward, his strategic mind already working on the details. "A full-scale war probably won't happen, as both sides will want to avoid escalating this into a global conflict with other villages interfering. But a skirmish and a fight between the top powerhouses will definitely occur, which will decide the outcome."

Hearing Shikaku's analysis, Mirai's expression softened, and a smile played at the corners of his lips. "I like it." He said, a hint of excitement in his voice. "A fitting occasion to announce my return."

G, who had been silent until now, licked his dry lips nervously. His eyes, filled with a mixture of fear and defiance, fixed on Mirai. "You ruined everything." He rasped, his voice trembling. "Why didn't you die with your brother?"

Mirai's smile widened, a cold, amused glint in his eyes. "Unlucky for you." He replied, his tone almost playful.

The room's tension peaked as the mercury spike, gleaming ominously, began to move. G's eyes widened in terror, his breath hitching. He could do nothing but stare, frozen in place, as the spike hovered dangerously close to his eye.

Mirai's eyes never left G's, the predator locking eyes with his prey. "You should have known better than to provoke the tiger in its den." He said softly, his voice a mere whisper that carried the weight of a death sentence.

With a final, swift motion, the spike pierced G's skull, ending his life instantly. There was no scream, no final plea—just a silent, swift end.

Hiruzen's eyes darkened, his earlier anger tempered by the grim necessity of the situation. He glanced at the advisors, who wore expressions of shock and resignation. Shikaku and Hiashi, maintained their expressions, already hardened by their experiences.

Mirai withdrew the mercury spike back into his sleeve, the metal flowing seamlessly and flicking the blood away with a casual grace before disappearing in his sleeve, as if it had never been there.

He turned his back to the rest, his steps measured and deliberate as he traced his way back to the entrance. With a casual wave of his hand, he spoke over his shoulder. "Hokage-sama, send a message to Kumo."

As Mirai walked away, his voice echoed through the dimly lit corridor, carrying a calm yet cutting edge. "Hokage-sama." He began, a faint smile playing on his lips. "I respect your attempt to follow in the First Hokage's footsteps and your relentless pursuit of peace. But there's something you seem to have forgotten."

Hiruzen, his eyes heavy, looked up, caution mingling in his gaze. "And what is that, Mirai?" He asked, his voice betraying a hint of weariness.

Mirai's smile broadened slightly, though it didn't reach his eyes. "You lack the overwhelming strength that can deter any danger." He said, his tone brutally honest.

Hiruzen's face tightened, the words striking at his pride as the leader of Konoha. His jaw clenched, and a flicker of frustration crossed his features, but he held his composure, knowing that there was a painful truth in Mirai's words.

With those final words, Mirai walked away. The sound of his footsteps gradually faded until he vanished from sight, leaving an oppressive silence in his wake.