Chapter 96: Engaging in Battle_1

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Xun Hui was dumbfounded and suddenly sat on the bed, "But, I can't just watch you jump into a pit of fire, can I? It's all mother's fault for being useless..."

"Indeed it's a pit of fire, but whether or not to jump is up to me," Yang Ruxin smiled, "As long as I'm unwilling, nobody can push me into it. You just have to not agree, and everything will be fine..." In this era, that's the downside, one can't be in charge of their own marriage. But having a mother who is a pushover has its advantages, at least she won't forcefully make what she thinks is the right decision.

"Alright, mother will definitely not agree," Xun Hui hurriedly nodded, thankful that her eldest daughter was smart enough to go and inquire about the situation. Otherwise, wouldn't that be a deception?