Chapter 246: Younger Cousin (part 4)_1

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"Thank you, Uncle Wang," Yang Ruxin bowed to Doctor Wang in gratitude. Although the book was only of an introductory level, it was always good to learn more, and Doctor Wang did not get angry that she had not formally become his apprentice. In fact, he continued to support her, which kindled a mentor-apprentice relationship. So, from now on, she would treat Wang Zhenggang with the respect due to an elder, and since it was rude to receive a gift without giving one in return, she would need to bring a return gift for Doctor Wang next time.

Doctor Wang waved his hand indifferently and then turned to go to the front. Although he felt a bit regretful, he understood the Yang Family's situation. Perhaps, if Ruxin came, the rest of the Yang Family might follow, creating trouble; he suspected she was afraid of implicating him.