The Femme Fatale [Completed] Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

The Femme Fatale [Completed]


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Badass female and ingenious male, what could go wrong with that combination? EVERYTHING! Meet Mia Duncan, who was an assassin that got caught up with Detective Liam Hunt. Her life will never be the same. Then, say hello to Sabrina Dubois, who was an intern until she met her boss, Nathan White who happened to be a CIA agent. Also, we have Anastasia, who was a science whizz but got entangle with Marco Conti, a person that was bad news. Lastly, we have Alina Dalca that has attracted Kyle Conti when he first landed in her hometown. What would our Female Leads do to get away from their match? Or maybe, they might just snatch them for themselves (wicked smile).


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