12 12. Dead eyes!!


<Congratulations! You have unlocked an ability>

'Did getting injured trigger the unlocking of another ability?' Le Fangling wondered.

[Ability unlocked: Piercing weapon Resistance- Basic level/ high level>

- This ability minimizes the injury inflicted by sharp weapons.]

-Not applicable for blunt weapons! ]

-The activation of this skill will depend on the system]

The notification of the system rang inside her head followed by the information on her new found skill.

'Is this a flag to be on good terms with the system?' Le Fangling thought when she heard the last line of what system had notified her.


"Zhang Wei.."

Grandmaster Lan looked at the boy, the figure on the mountain top with a stern look, his voice icy and chilling. Hint of anger and a little helplessness could be seen in his apathetic eyes.

"Yes…Grandmaster Lan."

The boy jumped from where he stood and landed perfectly in front of the Grandmaster Lan.

"This disciple is here." He informed the immortal cultivator before him with a respected tone.


<Species- Human

Gender- Male

Name- Zhang Wei



Level difference between the Host and Zhang Wei- Infinitely big

Conclusion- Do not anger the person !

-Do not start a fight!]

The screen changed and showed the status of the person but the important information were still only question marks.

From this Le Fangling could deduce that seeing the cultivation rank of someone stronger than her was not possible.

<You are correct host!>

<The awareness of host has increased by +2>

She was about to say something more when suddenly her consciousness shut down.

She could barely hear the system speaking.

<The effect of sleep resistance is wearing off>

<Initiating the penalty!>

<Host will be sent to deep slumber for 10 minutes!>

<The penalty has started!>

<9 min 59 secs till the end of penalty!>

The body remained as it was, standing on the spot, while her consciousness was inside somewhere dark space.

'Falling asleep like this is seriously weird!' With the last bit of her awareness, Le Fangling managed to speak before she completely shut down like a old computer.



Looking at Le Fangling who stood frozen stiff like fish in winter pond, Grandmaster showed a light frown on his forehead which immediately disappeared before anyone could notice it. His face became apathetic as before.

"What did I say about this before?" With his seemingly angry voice he asked Zhang Wei who was kowtowing before him.

Zhang Wei spoke nothing and continued staring on the snow on the ground at the grandmaster's feet, watching it melt under the pressure of it. He knew he was in the wrong but he just could not help it when he saw the wretched fool of a girl.

He was sure he won't be given harsh punishment as long as he did not seriously harm her.

"You are to be confined within your room for a week." Grandmaster Lan spoke walking towards the boy kneeling on the ground.

Zhang Wei felt as if he fell down from a huge cliff and crashed head first into the bottom of the mountain.

"But Master…" Zhang Wei suddenly spoke as he stared at Grandmaster with his eyes open wide in shock.

"There is the annual tournament in a week, how can I stay confined without practicing?" He could not believe the punishment given to him.

He was about to say more but looking at the glowing eyes of Grandmaster Lan, he stopped before he made him angry further. It was just on arrow and not even a fatal injury was obtained by the girl yet he was given such a big punishment.

Zhang Wei felt he was biased against. He once again looked at Le Fangling who stood motionless.

'You….' he hated her even more. He gritted his teeth while his hand clenched the bow almost breaking it off.

"Try defying my order once more and you will not even be able to participate in the tournament." With a loud voice he declared his decree. "And it is for everyone." He slowly looked around the hills where some of the disciples had gathered looking at the scene with a rather curious look in their eyes.

Some were here with the same intention as Zhang Wei, while some were just here as a spectator.

It was a warning to the entire disciple present to not mess with the girl.

"Am I clear?" He repeated once again.

"Y-Yes M-master." Reluctantly all of them replied as they slightly bowed down towards his direction, their hands clasped before them.

"Try sneaking out then you will see the real punishment worse than this by hundred folds." As if reading the mind of Zhang Wei, Grandmaster Lan coldly spoke.

"Yes, Master. I apologize for disobeying your orders." Zhang Wei begged for forgiveness but whether the sincerity in his voice matched the one in his heart or not, that fact only he knew.

Getting up from the ground he stretched his hands on either side and with a clean leap jumped over the wall heading towards his quarters to confine himself and his expression certainly did not look nice.

'You will regret coming here....Le Fangling..' He gritted his teeth while his eyes looked viciously dark.



"An Lin." He called the boy who had been standing idle all this time.

"Take junior Fangling to the Cherry blossom Pavilion and hand her to the Elder Lin." He gave orders before he walked away towards the main hall. He had his own share of duties to perform except babysitting some new disciple.

"Yes Master."

An Lin kowtowed answering him.

Looking at the girl with blank expression on her face An Lin felt a little bit of pity. 'Poor girl, got scared stiff the first day.' But he really did not feel bad about it.

Just a few moment with her wasn't enough for him to think about her positively considering she was from Le family.

'Who knows when she might show her true color..' Shrugging his shoulder he tapped her lightly on her shoulder.

He got no response. Moving in front of her and standing face to face with her, he called her name once more.

"Hey, Ling'er??" He raised her tilted head slowly.

"What in the world….." An Lin gasped lightly looking straight at the lusterless dead eyes. Her turquoise eyes had lost their color resembling that of a dead man. He hurriedly checked her pulse.

It was there but… 'Why is her eye so dead?' He had no experience with this type of situation.

Since Grandmaster Lan was alreday gone he decided to not disturb him with this.

Taking her in a princess carry he flew towards the cherry blossom pavilion, where Elder Lin was currently living, who was also the in charge of the pavilion.

'Oh, she is lighter than I imagined.' He realized her chest added no weight to her body.

'What am I even thinking?' He snapped out of his thought and flew towards a traditional Chinese styled building with a white board on its front.

Written in big characters in neat calligraphy was 'Cherry Blossom Pavilion.'


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