Chapter 9: Framing and Entrapment _1

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Song Sisi looked at Qin Feng with a disappointed expression and asked, "Where are the people from the Loyal Sect? Where is the criminal responsible for killing, destroying the body, and erasing all traces?"

"That's something the Patrol Team should be investigating. Do you really have the nerve to ask me?"

"You're the one who reported the case. If I don't ask you, who else should I ask?" Song Sisi's chest heaved with anger.

Xue Xiaochan hurriedly took over the conversation and said, "This factory building looks like it was just blown up, and all the human and physical evidence must have been destroyed. I visited this site before when Haiyun Group was building the industrial park. The property rights of this land are in the hands of Sun Manli, the owner of Fantasy KTV."

At this point, Xue Xiaochan looked at Qin Feng with a teasing smile and emphasized, "Sun Zhihao's little aunt!"

"Sun Zhihao? The one who cuckolded me, that Sun Zhihao?"

"Oh! Someone cuckolded you and you still don't care?"

"If he hadn't cuckolded me, would I have been able to marry you, a wife of peerless beauty?"

"We're in a sham marriage, I'm not your wife! Best not get any crooked ideas!"

Blue Moon Bay Villa No. 1.

A strikingly beautiful woman with a distinguished air walked up to Sun Zhihao and slapped him hard across the face.


With his cheek burning from the slap, Sun Zhihao was somewhat dazed.

"Little aunt, why did you slap me?"

"All of Wang Dahua and his men's arms and legs were twisted and broken by Qin Feng. That guy is a skilled fighter with extraordinary kung fu! Such crucial information, and you didn't tell me?"

Sun Zhihao was shocked!

Qin Feng was a skilled fighter?

He broke all the arms and legs of Wang Dahua and his men by himself?

"Little aunt, are you sure there's no mistake?"

"Wang Dahua and his men are in the hospital right now, do you want to go see for yourself?"

"If they can't even beat a nobody, it shows that Wang Dahua and his gang are no good! They are the useless ones, why slap me?" Sun Zhihao was on the verge of tears, feeling extremely wronged.

"It's because you lied about the military intelligence that led to Wang Dahua and his men getting injured. So, their medical bills are on you! The previously agreed two million, plus three million for medical expenses, makes five million in total!"

"Little aunt, you're my dear little aunt! Isn't it a bit too ruthless to blackmail your nephew like this?"


Sun Manli couldn't be bothered to speak more, and slapped Sun Zhihao again on the face.

"Five million, within three days! If not, I'll have someone break both your arms and legs so you won't be able to leave your bed for half a year!"

After dropping these harsh words, Sun Manli walked away, the sound of her high heels echoing crisply.

Sun Zhihao broke out in a cold sweat from fear.

It wasn't just him, his nephew. Even his father, Sun Chenggang, had no face in front of Sun Manli.

Ten years ago, when the Sun Family was dividing their assets, Sun Chenggang and his wife Yin Zhenxiang conspired to forcefully kick Sun Manli out of the house.

The Sun Family, worth billions, was entirely devoured by Sun Chenggang and his wife, leaving Sun Manli without a penny.

To survive, Sun Manli could only take up work in nightclubs.

Who could have known that three years later, she would transform from a nobody to a phoenix, becoming the head of the Loyal Sect and the woman of Zhonghai's Underworld Yama Ding Zhiming.

To cling onto Ding Zhiming's powerful support, Sun Chenggang took the initiative to give 30% of Tianlong Group's shares to Sun Manli.

Of the remaining 70% of the shares, he held 40%, and the rest, 30%, were registered under Yin Zhenxiang's name.

For Sun Manli, 30% of the shares was far from enough.

She feigned reconciliation with Sun Chenggang just so that one day, she could take over Tianlong Group and kick Sun Chenggang out onto the streets!

At that moment, Wu Qianqian arrived.

"Why isn't Wang Dahua answering? Has he replied to you?" she asked Sun Zhihao.

"Xiaochan just came by a while ago. She said that Wang Dahua and his guys had their arms and legs broken by Qin Feng."

"Are you saying Qin Feng alone took down Wang Dahua and his crew and broke all their arms and legs? How is that possible?"

"She said Qin Feng is a martial artist, and his kung fu is incredibly powerful! I suspect that loser got his strength from helping his mom sell scraps, lifting and carrying stuff around."

"Put Qin Feng's matter aside. Xiaochan has given me three days to come up with five million for her, or else she'll have someone break my arms and legs, making sure I won't leave bed for half a year."

"Didn't we agree on paying two million for Qin Feng's life before? Why hasn't the job been done, and now the price has gone up to five million?"

"She said the extra three hundred million is for Wang Dahua and their medical expenses. It was you who were so set on killing Qin Feng, so you need to figure out a way to come up with this five million," Xiaochan demanded.

"The hospital just received eighty million, and that money isn't going to be touched for half a month. Should I try to get it out? Plus the twenty million we took out before, that would make a total of one billion. Shall we dump all of it on Qin Feng's head?"

"Go, handle it!"


Rende Hospital.

A charming woman was rushed into the emergency room.

She was Sun Zhihao's mother, Yin Zhenxiang.

Director Luo Anmin asked, "What happened?"

Head nurse Xie Xiaoli replied, "Food poisoning."

"Hurry up with the stomach wash."


Half an hour later, all the data on the monitor returned to zero.

Yin Zhenxiang was dead?

"Defibrillate! Quick, defibrillate!" Luo Anmin shouted loudly.

After several shocks, Yin Zhenxiang couldn't be brought back.

"Isn't this just food poisoning? The patient didn't have any other diseases. Normally, a stomach wash should suffice to save them, right? How could she have died?"

Luo Anmin, wearing a look of regret, said, "Notify the family."

Xie Xiaoli asked other medical staff to leave the room.

"Director Luo, the patient in the bed is Sun Zhihao's mother, the wife of Tianlong Group's Chairman Sun Chenggang. A simple case of food poisoning, and she ends up dead under your care. If the Sun Family blames you, you probably won't be able to bear the consequences!"

"I did my best, what else could I have done?"

"There's a medical intern at our hospital named Qin Feng. Sun Zhihao took away his girlfriend, and he bears a grudge against Sun Zhihao. Therefore, he took advantage of his position and killed Yin Zhenxiang!"

"If that's the case, it would be murder! Wouldn't Qin Feng have to go to prison?"

"If a simple case of food poisoning couldn't be saved, and if this gets out, Director Luo, your lifelong reputation would be ruined. Sun Chenggang won't let this go after losing his wife! Eventually, when he takes it out on the hospital, the head director will surely push you out to take the fall."

"Qin Feng isn't even here, how can we say he killed Yin Zhenxiang? Does that make sense?"

"He's just an intern; any department can call him over when needed. As long as you agree, Director Luo, I can arrange it right away and have him come to rescue Yin Zhenxiang. As for the earlier resuscitation record, just delete it all."

"You must ensure that as soon as Yin Zhenxiang arrived at the hospital, Qin Feng was solely responsible for the resuscitation, and that no one else was present while he performed it. Only under these conditions will he have ample time to murder Yin Zhenxiang."

"Rest assured, Director Luo, I will make sure it's arranged properly."