Chapter 6: Loyal Sect_1

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The ones who took Qin Feng away weren't members of the Patrol Team, but killers hired by Sun Zhihao with his money.

Wu Qianqian didn't follow them. Her heart was as venomous as a snake's, and her mind was as clever as a fox's spirit, so naturally, she wouldn't go to the murder scene!

After glancing at the new furniture and new appliances in the room, Wu Qianqian asked, "Did Qin Feng buy all these?"

"Yes," Wang Guixiang nodded frantically.

"He used embezzled public funds, so all of it is illicit money. These are all illicit goods and must be returned. Only then can his sentence be reduced."

The aroma of the chicken soup in the clay pot caught Wu Qianqian's attention. She walked over, pointed at the clay pot, and asked, "Was this chicken also bought with illicit money?"

"Uh... yes."

"This must also be handed over!"

Wu Qianqian made a phone call, and soon a group of people arrived and emptied out the house. The therapeutic chicken soup that Qin Feng had stewed for Wang Guixiang, Wu Qianqian took it all away, clay pot included.


On this side.

A black business car drove into an abandoned factory.

As soon as he got out of the car, Qin Feng saw a large electric saw and a bone crushing machine.

"Is this the working place of the Patrol Team?" Qin Feng asked.

"I'm not from the Patrol Team, I'm from the Loyal Sect. This is not the office of the Patrol Team, but Factory 104, the slaughterhouse for our Loyal Sect!"

Wang Dahua pointed to the hemp rope hanging on the hook and said, "To buy your life, Sun Zhihao only paid one million. I'm too lazy to do it myself, so just go hang yourself!"

"So, that large electric saw and bone crusher, they're not prepared for me?"

"After you hang yourself, I'll have the brothers chop your body into small pieces, then crush it into paste with the bone crusher, and finally flush it down the sewer. This part is a value-added service specifically requested by Wu Qianqian. For this, Sun Zhihao paid an extra million.

By the way, Wu Qianqian also asked me to tell you. That old house of yours, your mom has already transferred it to her, saying she can get two million from the demolition. This two million in demolition money, used to buy your life and shred your body, was spent entirely on you. When your mom ends up homeless in the streets, with nowhere to shelter, it's all because of you, her unfilial son!"

"Wu Qianqian, you bitch! I will tear you to pieces!"

Qin Feng could not contain his rage, he clenched his fists so hard they cracked, his eyes flashing with murderous intent. The Xuanhuang Qi in his Dantian dissipated sharply.

When he received the Immortal Doctor's inheritance, the old ancestor warned Qin Feng. He could only heal people, not harm them, and definitely not kill them.

If he killed, the inheritance would be destroyed instantly!

Unless he became an Immortal Doctor!

The "Xuanhuang Medical Classic" that Qin Feng received divided practitioners into five levels: Healer, Physician, Honor Doctor, Divine Doctor, Immortal Doctor.

Qin Feng, who had just received the inheritance, was merely a Healer at the moment.

Qin Feng quickly quelled his murderous intent. The Xuanhuang Qi stopped dissipating, but it did not recover and only a meager amount remained.

Wang Dahua brandished a specially made dagger with a reverse hook.

"I've delivered the message! You have three seconds. If you don't go hang yourself, I'll have the brothers each give you a stab and cut a piece of flesh from you.

Today I've brought seven brothers with me. Seven rounds of stabs, just enough to practice the 'Slaughter Dog Forty-Nine Blades' that I've taught them.

The Slaughter Dog Forty-Nine Blades require a stab every three minutes, and you must be cut into forty-nine pieces by forty-nine stabs before you can die. Otherwise, it's considered a failure!"

Wang Dahua handed the dagger to a scar-faced man and began to count down.




Seeing that Qin Feng was standing still and not moving to hang himself willingly, and even had a dismissive smile on his face.

"Since you don't appreciate the face given to you, let this lowly licking dog taste the full flavor of the Slaughter Dog Forty-Nine Blades!"

At Wang Dahua's command, the scar-faced man with the dagger stabbed straight toward Qin Feng's waist.

With precious little Xuanhuang Qi left in his Dantian, of course, Qin Feng wasn't going to use it just to deal with such a lackey.

The scar-faced man's speed was as fast as a gust of wind, but in Qin Feng's eyes, it was as slow as a snail.

Just as the dagger was about to pierce Qin Feng, he sidestepped, and with a chop of his hand, he struck the scar-faced man's arm.


The scar-faced man's arm broke off.

Then, Qin Feng tripped, and the scar-faced man face-planted onto the ground, his mouth full of dust.

Breaking just one arm was clearly not enough!


"Crack, crack!"

In the blink of an eye, Qin Feng had broken the scar-faced man's other arm, as well as both his legs.

After finishing, Qin Feng realized that as long as he didn't use his Xuanhuang Qi but only his skills, even if he injured someone, the consumption of his Xuanhuang Qi was exceptionally low, almost negligible.

"You motherfucker, are you a trained fighter? Everyone, get him!"

Wang Dahua waved his hand grandly, and his remaining lackeys swarmed forward.

"Crack, crack!"

"Crack, crack, crack!"


In less than three minutes, all the limbs of the lackeys had been broken by Qin Feng.

They were rolling on the ground, howling in pain.

In the end, Qin Feng approached Wang Dahua.

Wang Dahua quickly put on a pair of custom-made knuckledusters on his hands.


He threw a punch, aiming straight for Qin Feng's face.

Qin Feng responded with a spinning kick.


The sole of his foot landed firmly on Wang Dahua's face, toppling him to the ground.



"Crack, crack, crack!"

All of Wang Dahua's limbs were also broken by Qin Feng.

"Ah... ah, ah..."

Wang Dahua screamed miserably.

Seeing Qin Feng squat down beside him, he was terrified and quickly pleaded for mercy.

"Don't kill me! Brother, please don't kill me! I wasn't the one who wanted to kill you, I just took someone's money to do their bidding. If you want to kill someone, go kill that scumbag Sun Zhihao and Wu Qianqian!"

"I'm not here to kill you, I'm here to set your bones."

After saying this, Qin Feng grabbed Wang Dahua's arm and pulled.


The dislocated arm was immediately set back in place, and Qin Feng's Dantian was replenished with a small amount of Xuanhuang Qi.


Qin Feng broke the freshly set arm again.

Upon comparison, Qin Feng found that breaking Wang Dahua's arm consumed one-tenth of the Xuanhuang Qi he gained from setting it.

Thus, Qin Feng found the trick to farming Xuanhuang Qi.

He found a small stool, sat down, and started breaking and setting the arms and legs of Wang Dahua and the other lackeys, over and over again.

The screams of agony were unceasing!

Two hours later.

Qin Feng found that no matter how he tried to set these people's bones, he could not gain even a tiny bit of Xuanhuang Qi anymore.

Through these two hours of practice, thousands of times over, not only had Qin Feng greatly increased his Xuanhuang Qi, but he had also mastered the common bone-setting methods in the "Xuanhuang Medical Classic" to perfection.

In the end, Qin Feng broke all the arms and legs of Wang Dahua and his group once more.