Chapter 15: Xiaochan's Test_1

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Xue Xiaochan pulled out the agreement, ready to tear it up, but Qin Feng quickly snatched it away.

"You say get married and we get married, you say divorce and we divorce? What do you take me for? Am I such a casual man? We agreed on twenty million for one month, and you haven't given it to me yet!"

Xue Xiaochan grabbed a pen and paper and rapidly wrote an IOU, hand it to Qin Feng.

"I don't have money now, but I will give you the twenty million I promised you later. Let's go to the civil affairs bureau later and get the marriage dissolved. Just think of what happened before as a farce!"

"A farce? Before being forced by you, I had never married. You've ruined my first marriage, and you think you can dismiss me with twenty million? And it's not even in cash, just a lousy IOU! I can agree to divorce you. But since you're my wife, I should legitimately exercise my rights as a husband at least once."

Xue Xiaochan was so angry that she ground her teeth and roared, "You scumbag, don't even dream about it in this lifetime!"

"Without letting me taste what it's like to be a husband, I absolutely won't divorce you!"

"Get out! Don't come to see me again!"

Xue Xiaochan no longer wanted to see this guy.

If Qin Feng wouldn't divorce her, she could only hide their marriage certificate first and keep it from Xue Yuhang.

When she was parking in the underground garage earlier, Xue Yuhang's Rolls-Royce was parked in the spot next to her. Although she only saw a profile, Qin Feng recognized at a glance that the guy was probably Xue Xiaochan's real brother.

As soon as he entered the door and saw Xue Xiaochan's complexion was amiss and she proactively proposed to divorce him, Qin Feng could of course guess what was going on.

Qin Feng decided not to tease this woman any longer and directly asked, "Is it your eldest brother? Or your second brother?"

"How did you know?"

"I'm not blind. We met in the underground parking lot, and that brother drove away in a Rolls-Royce."

"Did you tell him we got married?"


"Are you mad? You're asking for trouble! Let's hurry up and get divorced, and then you need to leave Zhonghai immediately!"

Xue Xiaochan rummaged through her bag in a hurry and finally pulled out a black bank card, handing it to Qin Feng.

"All my other cards will probably be frozen. This card is a little special, there's not much money in it, just five million. You can take it and go somewhere where no one knows you to settle down. It should be enough."

"Oh! So you're asking me to take the money and run while you stay behind and face the consequences alone? Five million is already quite a bit, how about we elope? Find a place with beautiful scenery and no people. Build a straw hut and then you can bear me a brood of little ones. Our family can live there, a tranquil and fairy-like life."

"I'm not the same kind of person as you. I can't get used to the life you're talking about. I have my own career!"

"Career? My dear CEO Xue, all of your bank cards have been frozen, you only have this one left, with just five million in it, and it's now in my hands. If I'm not wrong, Haiyun Group has also been taken over by that uncle of yours, right?

The company is gone, the money is gone. Apart from me, your husband, you've got nothing! If you want to do business, I can join you. Isn't it just an uncle? Daring to snatch my wife's company and freeze her bank cards, I'll take back double from his hands!"

"Don't spout nonsense here. You're just a bit skilled in medicine, what can you do to fight against the Xue Family?"

"Love gives me courage."

"Stop talking about love to me, we don't have it between us! Our marriage was fake, I just wanted to use you at the time. Now it seems, you're a useless fake husband!"

"Useless? Are you really going to succumb to your family's will and marry that guy you don't like at all?"

"I will never marry Jian Shichao! Absolutely not! Is it just because they've taken my company, frozen all my bank cards, taken away my house and cars, and everything else? I'm not scared! Even if I, Xue Xiaochan, have nothing, I can still survive! I want to start from scratch and rise again!

Even without relying on the Xue Family, I can still succeed in business! I will use my new company to take over Haiyun Group and acquire all of the Xue Family's assets! I want to show grandma that even without a man, I, Xue Xiaochan, can revitalize the Xue Family and make it one of the Capital's top families!"

"And you said I was boasting? I think you can boast even more."

"You're just boasting, but I have the capability!"

"I have strength too!"

"What strength do you have?"

"Financial strength!"

"What financial strength do you have?"

Qin Feng slapped down a bank card and said, "Your card only has five million, but my card has twenty million. We can go into business together and each own 50% of the shares."

"Where did you get the twenty million from?"

"None of your business!"

"Not telling, huh? If you don't, I'll immediately call Sisi and have the police arrest you!"

"On what grounds would they arrest me?"

"On what grounds? For your huge amount of funds of unknown origin? Who knows if you stole it, robbed it, or obtained it by some other illegal means?"

"I made it by treating patients."

"Treating who? You earned that much?"

"Sun Zhihao's mom, the chairman of Tianlong Group, Sun Chenggang's wife, Yin Zhenxiang!"

"The mother of the guy who cuckolded you?"

"That's right! He cuckolded me, so I took advantage of his mother's illness to severely fleece his father, getting back at him for the humiliation! This twenty million is just the start. There will be plenty of opportunities to fleece his father in the future!"

Qin Feng's words greatly piqued Xue Xiaochan's interest.

"What are you planning to do?"

"Of course, do good deeds! I'm a good person, I only ever do good."

"Quit beating around the bush, just tell me."

"Isn't Sun Zhihao an only child? The Sun Family's fortune will all be his in the future. When I was treating his mother, I realized she still had her charms and looked quite young. Clearly, she's capable of having another child. So, I plan to prescribe a few tonics for both his mother and father to try and get them to have another son."

"Pfft..." Xue Xiaochan laughed.

She punched Qin Feng with a little hammer and scolded teasingly, "You dog! You're really something else!"

"If I get Yin Zhenxiang pregnant and Sun Chenggang has a son in his old age, he would be over the moon. He'd definitely treat me as a great benefactor and reciprocate generously. So, you need to partner with me for your startup because I have not only money but also connections."

"If you want a chance to partner with me for this venture, you'll have to show me your real skills."

"What real skills?"

"Debt collection."

"Collecting what debt?"

"There's a company called Kuoyang Shangmao, their boss, Liu Haitao, owes me seventy million. You go and collect it."


Qin Feng agreed, and Xue Xiaochan gave a sly smile.

She wanted to teach Qin Feng a lesson, to let him know just how treacherous and dangerous the business world is?

She wanted Qin Feng to understand that he couldn't play in her world and that he should take his five million and scram, disappearing from her world!