The Favored Little Peasant Has Stolen the Heroine’s Life! Book

novel - Romance

The Favored Little Peasant Has Stolen the Heroine’s Life!


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# DAILYFAMILYLIFE # PRETENDTOBEAFOOL Yuan Bao transmigrated through ancient times and became a family's only daughter in three generations. Her nickname was Jiaojiao, while her actual name was Bao. This had all the makings of the life of a pampered heroine.But suddenly, an official’s daughter came to the city.This lady was the first born child, but her own mother died earlier and her father remarried. She wasn’t welcomed, so she was sent out of the city.“There’s a sense of foreboding!” Yuan Bao said to herself.A certain brother looked at the next door lady, a sad look on his face. “Little sister, look at how pitiful she is. Can’t you show some compassion?”Yuan Bao raised her hand, a plot armor on top of her head. “She’s pitiful? She’s well-fed and clothed, why would you need to pity her?!”“Well said!” Her grandparents, parents, and her many siblings all clapped their hands in applause.A certain young lady who was well educated and balanced: “Spoiling a child is like killing them! You should educate your sister properly!” A certain brother glared. “My little sister is beautiful and kind-hearted. Who has spoiled her?!”


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