The father of my son's is a monster. So what? Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

The father of my son's is a monster. So what?


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Notice: The history has been rewritten, even if already the you read recommend reelerla. thanks for its support!!! She was a human, blessed by an unusual talent. Abandoned by her parents at a very young age she does not know what trust is, let alone love. He was a monster, an evil predator, dangerous and older than earth with substantial amounts of power between his claws. She wanted love, family, and affection. He just wanted peace, so he met her. They were two different beings from two different worlds with a single destiny. Will they make it work? ...The wolf studied the barrier with chilling attention. Sascha watched the monster's actions with caught breath as it raked its claws over the invisible power barrier and a shower of sparks dripped onto the ground. "You promised." He accused him and despite the distance, the wolf's ears twitched. The wolfish head fell and the creature stopped trying to break through the barrier, with a reluctant expression he looked at her without moving. She had been heard. She should be relieved, instead she felt...


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