The Farmer’s Eldest Daughter Has a Spatial Pocket

After transmigrating from the apocalypse to ancient times, Gu Yundong barely had time to catch her breath when she realized she was in the midst of a journey to escape famine. To make matters worse, her entire family had been expelled from the group fleeing the famine by her grandparents while others watched on coldly. With her father missing, her mother feeble-minded, and her starved younger sibling, Gu Yundong, who had barely caught her breath, only felt a major headache oncoming. With no other choice, she rolled up her sleeves and got to work. She engaged in business, opened a shop, and acquired fertile land. Gu Yundong thrived in her daily life. If it weren't for the people around her eyeing her as a potential wife, she could conquer heaven itself.

Three Dates · General
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Eerie Gu Yundong

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They were still pointing at the house with disdain on their faces.

Tong Shuitao only heard their conversation when she got closer.

"I knew it. This young lady from the Gu family must have eloped with that wolf cub."

"That's right. Otherwise, why would that wolf cub propose marriage as soon as she returned?"

"Gu Yundong hasn't reached adulthood yet, right? Why is she in such a hurry? Is she pregnant?"

When she said this, the people around her widened their eyes. It couldn't be, right?

Tong Shuitao was furious. "You gossipy old women, I'll tear your mouths apart."

As she spoke, she pounced on the person who had spread the most rumors.

The few of them immediately turned their heads and retreated.

As they retreated, they saw Gu Yundong standing at the back and looking at them coldly.