The Familiar Academy

Author: liccachan
Fantasy Romance
Ongoing · 17.7K Views
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What is The Familiar Academy

Read ‘The Familiar Academy’ Online for Free, written by the author liccachan, This book is a Fantasy Romance Novel, covering MAGIC Fiction, ACADEMY Light Novel, LOVETRIANGLE Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: On the day of her dreaded twelfth birthday, Briar is called in to be evaluated for her potential to be a Mage. Mages bec...


On the day of her dreaded twelfth birthday, Briar is called in to be evaluated for her potential to be a Mage. Mages become products of the state; their souls are removed outside of their body to take corporal form of an animal called a familiar. Watch Briar as she navigates her remaining childhood as a ward of the Familiar academy where no one will ever graduate.

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