1 Where am i?

"Your Majesty, we found Princess Nesrin at the shore of the sea, we brought her back to the palace" When King Dederick heard that, he turned his sharp green eyes to his Queen's as they nodded affirming something, but the warrior that rushed in didn't know what went on with those stares.

"Take me to her Chambers" his strong but intimidating voice instructed his warrior, while turning to face his Queen, he cupped her cheeks, "Stay here Ellison, I will just check on Nesrin for the two of us" she smiled widely as he craned her neck and gave her a peck on her forehead, he left.


"What are you saying, Daniel?" Nesrin stood fierce as she fought back the tears that were threatening to spill, she didn't understand why daniel would do this to her.

"I just don't love you anymore Nes, am sorry, but am in love with someone else" Daniel raised his hand and combed his perfect soft Nutbrown hair, something Nesrin loved about him, his Perfect Gold skin and his Crystal black eyes, that always made her squirm under his hot gaze and those pink lips of his that make her melt when his lips touched hers, she then snapped back to the moment as a tear ran down her cheeks, she then harshly swiped it off.

"Congratulation, Daniel, thanks for throwing our beautiful Five years of being together, I hope she is better than me" But what she said in her mind was different, she wanted to know that girl and have her way with her, just thinking of it made her smirk, she didn't notice the pained expression on Daniel's face, he tried to caress that face that he so loved to touch, but he stopped midway.

"Am sorry Nesrin, find someone better than me" he said as he dropped his hand beside him as he balled them in a fist, seems like he didn't like seeing Nesrin in pain, Nesrin then grinned widely, he thinks she is going to find someone, a total waste of time and energy, but she had to accept it then.

"Will do, so this is a token of our break up," she said and extended a hand to shake him, which he accepted with a wry smile, and his brows furrowed, he didn't understand why she was this calm.

"So, I would have loved to have a shot of whiskey with you, but home calls me, today was one heck of day" she then excused herself without giving him a chance to talk she walked past him, and even though she was walking, she increased her pace, as she remembered old memories, she met Daniel in high school, they fell in love and they decided to enter the same college together, then he attended her parent's burial with her and was even there during her worst times, she could still remember their first night together, and she bit her lips when she remembered that memory.

Soon she was standing at the pedestrian walk as she waited for the red light to show, then as everyone was there she silently cried, tears wetting her smooth cheeks and falling to her clothes, the other people never paid attention to other people's business, so when the red light beamed people started walking, Nesrin was too engrossed in her crying that when she realized it, the red light had almost turned to green, she started walking ignorantly, but then a car horn interrupted her and then she raised her hand to cover her eyes from the raging light from the car, that was when it hit her "Oh crap" then this light enveloped her and bam...


"Ugh, I didn't die?" her eyes still closed Nesrin trying to figure out why she didn't die, then she slowly opened her eyes and met with this strange environment, when she raised her upper body she stared at the mirror just before and she found that she still had her striking red curly head of hair, and hair violet eyes and red plump lips but strangely she had bigger chest, "What the fuck?" that was when she found out about the dress she was wearing and the big bedroom she was in.

"Where am I actually? what's with these clothes" she then rose from the very soft bed that made her feel amazing and then walked to the window, she was amazed to see what was outside, "Wait am I in a Castle" she rose the pitch of her voice that the warriors that were running down below rose their head and met Nesrin's eyes.

"Greetings your highness" the leader among them greeted her and the others bowed, she didn't know what to say so she grinned widely, and stuck her head back into the bedroom and put a finger under her chin, to help her think, then a small gasp startled her as she snapped her neck to see the girl that gasped.

"Your highness you are finally awake" the girl fell to her knees with her head very low, Now it got her more confused, what's with the title that's what she asked, then a voice rang in her head, 'you are a princess dummy' she gasped in horror, what was that voice she tried to search for the voice but no one.

"This looks like those reincarnation stories, so those that mean in Iron forge city I am....dead?" she put a hand on her lips, as she figured that then she remembered the maid on the floor.

"So..." but before she talks someone opened the door and a perfectly Brown bearded man walked in and stared at Nesirin with so much authority like he was waiting for a greeting but Nesrin just stood there looking lazily at him then she widened her eyes and smacked her lips.

"You must be the king, wow, someone with more authority is here," She said with her eyes still looking lazily, she knew what to do but that's not what she wants to do, the other peoples gasped as they saw that she had not greeted the king.

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