The Fallen Rose: in love with the Vampire King Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

The Fallen Rose: in love with the Vampire King


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She was broken and had no one to cry to, an orphan who worked for only herself, a beautiful red-haired beauty who at the same day broke up with her boyfriend and also died by an accident, only to wake up in a mystical world in the body of a princess, with powers she herself couldn't understand. "Look 'your majesty' I don't know what sort of realm I am in but been here creeps me out" Then she meets Allerick the demon who hopped into her life after she chose to be his pet, just for the fact that she wanted to go back to her word, but slowly but surely feelings are meant to be built up. Him lone Demon reincarnation of wrath one of the seven deadly sin tries to change his faith of been controlled by lucifer and keeping his freedom, and now with the apearance of Nesrin, he should have a valid reason to change his faith. Read on to find out if Allerick is going to be successful or if she would end up going back to her world!!


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