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A woman from our world is reborn as a Fallen Angel Gamer in a Marvel/Crossover AU. Will she grind her way to the top, or get a game over?

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Chapter 238

Chapter 238: 


Watching a giant meteor appear in the sky over the top of the mothership was awesome…and terrifying. I would not want to be directly underneath that thing when it hit the ground!

What made it even better was Thanos's expression of shock and panic. A moment ago he was looking so smug and assured of his victory. His ship's doomsday canon was seconds away from vaporizing North America. Now that canon was rapidly aiming towards the sky to try and stop my meteor. It wouldn't make it in time…

"NO! NOOOOO!!!" Thanos screamed in rage. 

Maybe a weapon capable of destroying a continent could have destroyed Tengai Shinsei, but now we'll never know. Before the canon could fire, my meteor already made contact with his ship.

"HOLY SHIT!" Tony exclaimed in her ear piece!

"WHAT THE FUCK, LAYLA!?" Natasha yelled.

"MOTHERFUCKER!" Fury added.

The mothership, which was the size of a city and made of metal on probably par with vibranium, immediately crumpled like tin foil under the force of the meteor colliding with it. With a titanic boom, the ship was ripped apart into molten pieces that started raining down on the desert below. The meteor barely stalled in its descent as it quickly sped up and hurtled towards the ground! This was going to be a big boom.

{+1,100,234 MP!}

Holy shit! That number was insane! And that was only from the aliens still on board the ship.

I didn't have time to focus on it right now though. "Everybody! Brace for impact!" I screamed in my earpiece. The meteor hit the ground a few seconds later and officially became a meteorite. 


I spread my wings and quickly flew up into the air. The force of the impact sent out a shockwave that was going to span for miles around. A wave of molten hot sand at least 50 feet high originated from the crater and started spreading out in all directions! 

At least half of Thanos's armies had still been relatively close to the crater. The giant wave of sand swept them all up and violently tossed them around as they were buried alive under the Tsunami of molten hot sand. Thankfully, the wave seemed to lose its momentum before reaching our own forces. The devastation was still absolutely enormous.

{+2,456,780 MP!}

I'd gained over 3.5 million MP in seconds! The amount of power I had flowing through me right now was mind boggling. 

[You're lucky you're the Champion of Death or you would be exploding from all of that power!]

I flew back towards the sandy ground, which was now at least 30 feet higher, and searched for my opponent. Thanos was nowhere to be seen. He couldn't fly. I'm pretty sure he's currently buried under dozens of feet of molten hot sand. I laughed while wondering how long it would take him to dig himself out. 

With Thanos being indisposed temporarily, I looked around to see who was left fighting. Thanos's six–er–four children were nowhere to be seen. They had all been buried under the sand as well. With their opponents taken care of, Ironman and Ironwoman were currently flying back towards our main army to help finish the fight. Half of Thanos's army was devastated, but the remaining half were picking themselves off the ground and the fight was quickly starting back up again. Plasma and bullets began to fly free once more.

Fury was ordering the Helicarrier to move in and open fire. With the mothership gone, the Helicarrier could start raining death at 3 million rounds a minute.

As for the others, I could see Kokabiel hovering in the air, in the distance, holding an unconscious Hela. He looked pretty roughed up, but nothing some magic healing couldn't fix in a jiffy. Only Issei looked to have come out unscathed from the sand tsunami I had kicked up. Issei, Vali, and Thor were all hovering in the air. The Red Dragon Emperor's attention was no longer on them though. 


I heard a roar of outrage from the direction of Vali and Thor's battle. Issei Hyoudou, currently clad in half destroyed armor, was glowing green and screaming in fury. His voice seemed to be blending together with Ddraigs as his rage overtook him.

[Woops. We forgot about Ingvild Leviathan… Remember she had been kidnapped by Issei Hyoudou before he ran off with Thanos? She was most likely still on the mothership. The one that you just completely annihilated and turned to molten scrap. Molten scrap that's now buried underneath a giant meteorite as well…]

Well, shit… She's dead for sure. There's very few things that could have survived all that and I don't think she is one of them. Satan Class magical reserves or not. I don't even know if I'd be able to revive her at this point. 

Issei was hovering in the air, furiously mumbling to himself. I was too far to make out the exact words he was saying but his tone was very hostile.

Vali suddenly looked panicked. He flew over to Thor and grabbed hold of the confused Asgardian before bolting towards me as fast as his white wings could fly!

"Layla! You have to stop him! Before he finishes his–" Vali's words were cut off just as he reached me. 

"JUGGERNAUT DRIVEEEEEE!!!!" Issei/Ddraigs voice roared loudly and echoed for miles. 

An aura of power blasted out from his location. It was so potent that the air around him started to boil. A second later there was a blinding flash of light and Issei Hyoudou vanished. In his place was a pretty cool looking red mechanical dragon.

{Dragon of Domination: Level 89}

I whistled at that. Juggernaut Drive was feared by the Supernatural world for a reason. At the cost of the users lifespan/actual life, it immediately catapulted them to the peak of the world.

Under any other circumstances, I would be nervous about fighting a being 29 levels above me. However, right now was different. Right now I have over 3.5 million MP…

[Layla of the Fallen: Angel of Hope, Death's Favored]

[Level: 60]

[Sacred Gears: Purger of Darkness, Orb of Anywhere]

[HP: 13000]

[MP: 3563014]

[Faith Energy: 525,267]

[Vigor: 800]

[Strength: 185]

[Intelligence: 1000]

[Luck: 200]

[Skills: Observe 4, Angelic Mastery (Max), Acting (4), Light Manipulation (7), HP to MP Conversion, Mana Burst, Senjutsu (2), Six Paths, Susanoo (1)]

[Perks: Daughter of Heaven's Will, Mana Replenisher]

[Drawbacks: Sin of Lust]

[Available Free Stat Points: 0]

[Skill Up Point: 0]

I wondered what would happen if I used Mana Burst with all of that power?

[Are you crazy? That would be extreme overkill!]

The Dragon of Domination let out a metallic screech of a roar! Its long neck bent so that its eyes were directly staring at me. I could tell that Issei had probably lost his mind, but his hatred still made this behemoth target me. That was fine. It was better than him rampaging and attacking everyone else.

"Dammit!" Vali exclaimed next to me! He's gone berserk. "He won't stop until he dies!" 

Thor tightened his grip around his two hammers and grinned. "Tis been many moons since I last faced a true dragon! Our battle will be sung about in Asgard's feast halls for millennia!" Lighting arced around his body as he shot forward towards the Red Dragon!

Vali facepalmed next to me. "Dammit! I pulled him away in the first place because he has no idea how powerful Juggernaut Drive is."

{The God of Thunder, Thor: Level 67}

I agreed. The second Mjolnir had definitely made Thor much more powerful, but there was still a massive level difference here. I really should step in so Thor doesn't get hurt. 


"Die dragon!" Thor had reached the dragon in a trail of thunder. He raised both Mjolnirs over his head and swung them down onto the Red Dragon's head with all of his might!


…Watching both of his powerful hammers harmlessly bounce off of the Red Dragon's metallic head was pretty funny. 

Thor almost resembled a Looney Tunes character as the force from his failed attack was sent directly back through his own body and he started shaking up and down comically. To his credit, he recovered quickly and attempted another attack. Too bad he didn't notice the dragon's claw coming from the side and smacking him away. Thor let out a cry of pain as he was smacked away as if he was an insect. 

There wasn't much emotion in the dragons glowing green eyes besides rage and hatred. With Thor dealt with, it turned back to us. It opened its mouth wide and prepared to use its breath attack on us. Malicious crimson energy started to condensed in its maw.

"Not good!" Vali yelled in panic. "He's using a full powered breath attack! That could annihilate an entire city at once!" 

"Motherfucker! Do not let that fucking dragon use its attack. Stop it!" Fury screamed in both of our ears. Of course he had still been listening in even if he was currently directing the Helicarrier in fighting off the remaining aliens. There weren't many left at this point. Death from above had reduced an army of 50,000 to only a few hundred in only a few minutes.

"You heard him, Layla." Vali steeled himself. "There's no choice! I will defeat my rival myself this time." He declared before taking a deep breath. "I, who am about to awaken–OW!"

I slapped Vali upside the head to stop him from activating his own Juggernaut Drive. "We don't need two Heavenly Dragons tearing each other apart. You'll end up wrecking half of California! I'm planning on taking a vacation here with my girls at some point in the future and I'd rather you not ruin all of its nice beaches."

Vali rubbed the back of his head and clicked his tongue in irritation. "Then how are we going to stop him!? His breath attack is almost fully charged! And did you have to smack me so hard…that's gonna bruise." He added with a whine.

"You might want to take a few steps back, Vali." I told him.

"Steps? Were floating in the air though?"


[Whoa there, Host! How much MP are you about to use!?]

'Not that much. It'll be fine.'

[Ok then, you should only need around 100,000 to reach his stats. There's no need for extreme overkill–]

"Mana Burst!" A massive grin formed on my face as I felt more power than I had ever comprehended so far!

{–1,000,000 MP}


{...All stats +100,000…}

–The Ancient One–

The Ancient One had been watching the battle from the safety of the mirror dimension. Even during the event of an Alien invasion, the sorcerers of the Kamar Taj were technically not allowed to intervene in non-magical affairs. They had already broken that rule by creating an array that shifted Thanos's ship to Death Valley, away from any civilians. That was as far as they could help.

The Ancient One was standing in front of a few dozen other sorcerers as they watched the battle play out. For the most part, she was proud of how far the human race had come technologically. They were holding their own against one of the most terrifying armies in the galaxy! 

She had found herself growing nervous when it was revealed that Thanos's ship had some kind of doomsday laser cannon built into it. She had never seen that employed in any of her future visions. 

"Wow, I'm not even surprised at this point that she can summon literal meteors." Wong said as they watched the mothership get crushed from above by a gigantic meteor. 

The Ancient One actually found herself cracking a small smile. "That's going to leave a mark on the landscape." She said jokingly. Leave it to Layla to employ the most overkill method possible to deal with an enemy…

"Is the battle over now? Where did Thanos go?" Wong asked once the ship had been dealt with and the SHIELD Helicarrier started mopping up the remaining aliens.

"Thanos appears to be buried deep under several thousands tons of molten sand. He is slowly digging his way out. All of his children have perished." The Ancient One said. She was using a special X-ray spell to see under the sand. It was a spell that was only reserved for the female members of the order. They couldn't trust the males to not abuse it… 

"I suppose our work here is done then–Is that a freaking Dragon!?" Wong paused and then exclaimed!

"Hmm, so it is…" The Ancient One trailed off. It was a very powerful dragon as well. Almost as strong as some of the top Gods remaining on Earth. They observed as the Asgardian Thor got slapped aside almost immediately.

"Should we help? It's technically a magical Dragon. We should be allowed to intervene now and subdue it." Wong suggested. "It's currently more powerful than Layla."

The Ancient One thought about it before she said no. "Layla of the Fallen is just floating there with a look of confidence. Clearly, she has at least one more trick up her sleeve to deal with the Dragon. Let's see how she manages." The Ancient One said. She had to admit that Layla developed new abilities and powers more quickly than any being she had ever heard of. She was interested in seeing what Layla had in store.

In hindsight… Maybe she should have intervened before Layla did something that made the entire world tremble. 

"Mana Burst!"

"How in blazes did her magical power grow over 100x instantly!?" Wong shouted in shock. That's not possible!"

Every God on the planet might have just pissed themselves in fear from how much power Layla was putting out. Layla was currently emitting the kind of power that only certain beings had when they owned their own dimensions and drew power from them for millenia!

The Red Dragon released its devastating breath attack directly at Layla. The air particles in its path simply ceased to attack as the powerful magic attack bent space and broke the laws of physics a thousand times over!

"What is she doing!?" Wong exclaimed. 

Layla didn't throw up any kind of shield spell or even deploy her giant purple skeletal construct. Layla simply raised her right hand…and backhanded the devastating breath attack when it reached her! 

The unbelievable happened before the Ancient One's very eyes! The breath attack simply flew off upwards into the sky and sailed right into outer space! Before the Red Dragon could even attempt to understand that its attack had failed, Layla was already directly in front of its face. She hadn't used any teleportation magic either. Her sheer speed simply defied comprehension.

"You're starting to be very annoying now, Issei." Layla raised her hand slowly before flicking a single finger forwards. It made contact with the Dragons metallic head–the same head that easily took a full powered attack from Thor with no damage. As soon as she flicked its head, it ceased to exist. One instant it was there, the next it had been completely blown away! 

The Red Dragon was dead. The headless dragon body immediately started plummeting towards the ground. 

"Start packing up everyone…it seems we are not needed here." The Ancient One said to all the other sorcerers who were still gaping in shock from what they all just witnessed. 


"What the fuck…" Vali said when I appeared next to him.

Yeah… Having over 100,000 Strength and Intelligence was pretty insane. I wondered if this was what Dragon Ball Z characters felt like all the time. I had just slain a Heavenly Dragon with a forehead flick of all things!

"God damn, Layla! That was cool!" Tony exclaimed over the open channel. "That was some OP anime shit right there! I recorded the entire fight and it's going to get so many views online!" I cracked a smile at Tony's enthusiasm. 

I guessed that the battle was over now and it was time to wrap things up. It was strange though, I felt like I was forgetting something. 

A large purple hand burst out of a sand dune below. I glanced down and saw a ragged Thanos begrudgingly lifting himself up. He definitely looked like he had seen better days. 

In an instant, I was on the ground standing in front of him. 

Damn, I was really fast right now! I felt like I could circle the entire planet multiple times with only a single flap of my wings. I glanced behind myself…My FOURTEEN black wings. I currently had more wings than any other Angel ever had. I wondered if they would stay or not once Mana Burst wore off? I'd have to wait and see.

Thanos coughed out a mouthful of sand and scowled at me. "Damn you! You ruined everything!" He ran a few steps forward and punched me square in the face with everything he had! A few minutes ago, that would have done a few hundred HP in damage. Right now, I didn't even flinch. 

{-10 HP}

"What!? How?" He reeled back his other arm and punched me again! When that didn't work he started adding kicks before hitting me with everything he had in all of my vital spots. My current Vigor was 100,800. My HP was literally over a million. He could attack me all day and wouldn't bring me down before he exhausted himself. 

I let him vent for about a minute because I felt a bit bad for him at the moment. He was gasping for breath and slumped to his knees after hitting me with everything he had. "How?" He asked me one last time. His eyes were resigned when he realized he had been beaten.

I shrugged. "I'd explain, but what would be the point?" 

He chuckled. "I suppose that your–"


I swung my hand forward and tore his head from his shoulders. The expression on his face was unchanged, he hadn't even realized he had died. 

"Eww, you're not planning on taking that as a trophy are you?" Vali asked as he landed next to me. 

I scoffed. "Of course not. I just wanted to make sure to go for the head!"

"Ok…?" He obviously didn't understand my reference. This uncultured swine… 

With a giggle, I tossed the head in my hands directly at Vali. He instinctively reached out and caught it. "Gross, Layla!" He quickly tossed it away while I started laughing. 

{You have Leveled Up x5!}


I was standing aboard the bridge in the Helicarrier. Rias and Sona were quite literally hanging off both of my arms at the moment. Devils were creatures that were naturally attracted to power and I was exuding a lot of it with my sheer presence right now. The looks that both of them were currently giving me were very clear. They wanted me badly. Very badly. 

I just had to take care of a bit of clean-up first before I would take them back home so we could celebrate our victory. I wondered if any of my other girls would want to join us?

Fury was actually smiling as he spoke to everyone. "Good job, everyone. We have proven that we have the power to fight off threats from outer space! This is a monumental victory, not just for us, but for the world!"

"Hell yes!"

"We did it!"

"We're the greatest!"

There were quite a lot of congratulations and pats on the back all around. Quite a few people were probably getting lucky tonight judging by all the victory champagne bottles I was seeing uncorked on the bridge. 

With his speech over, Fury pulled me aside privately. He gave me the final tally for all the dead soldiers and I grimaced at the number. Over 2000 National Guard and 200 Fallen Angels had perished in the fighting. Fury asked me if and when I could revive everyone that had died. If I had to stick to my single person a day, it would take years obviously. 

'You can revive them all now as a one time reward. I will allow it as repayment for defeating Thanos.' Lady Death's voice whispered directly into my ear. I felt an invisible kiss on my cheek before her presence faded away. I was definitely going to pay her another visit soon.

I ended up using the King of Hell to bring everyone on our side back to life. Fury wanted all camera's off when I revived people from the dead, but I'm sure Tony was recording anyway. 

Once I had brought everyone back, I decided to call it a day and wanted to head home to celebrate the victory with my two horny Devil girls. I tried to invite Sif and Natasha but they both declined. Sif and Thor were temporarily returning to Asgard to present Hela…to Hela. 

Natasha wanted to stick around and make sure no soldiers secretly made off with any alien technology. The mothership might have been obliterated, but there were still plenty of alien guns and broken down tanks lying all over the desert.


Hela, The Queen of Asgard, sat on her throne with a look of amusement on her face. Sif and her younger brother Thor had brought her quite the interesting prisoner when they returned from a very exciting battle on Midgard. Hela was honestly upset that she missed it…

"Unhand me you blond slut! I am Hela, the true Queen of Asgard!" The prisoner who looked nearly identical to her screamed in fury. The woman was wrapped in Layla's black chains that prevented her from using any magical abilities to escape.

"I think you're quite mistaken." Hela declared. "I am the Queen of Asgard. You're nothing but a failure from a different reality who couldn't hack it. If I recall from Layla's tales, your Asgard is nothing more than a barren wasteland."

The imposter, currently in chains, glared at Hela. She started filling the throne room with some very colorful language as she cursed everybody and everything she could think of. 

Hela found the threats to be amusing, but ultimately disruptive. The imposter was promptly gagged before being carted off to the prison cells. Hela would figure out what to do with her at a later date.

Hela's attention turned back to Thor and Sif. "Excellent work. So how did the battle go, and what is Layla doing now?" Hela asked.

Thor and Sif took turns explaining the events of the battle to Hela while she listened. She thought they both did a good job, minus Thor getting bitch slapped by a dragon, and they had both made Asgard proud. 

…And then Sif explained to Hela that Layla had gotten two beautiful new 'girlfriends' from an alternate dimension. Layla was probably in the process of celebrating her victory with those two new girls right then. Hela was quite jealous but didn't show it.

"I wanted to celebrate with Layla as well, but knew I had a duty to turn over the imposter queen to your custody." Sif told her. 

Hela nodded at Sif. "You did well. I would love to go and celebrate Layla's victory with her as well, but with Asgard on the brink of war, it would be irresponsible for me to leave." Hela requested that Sif temporarily stick around Asgard as well for a few days. She told Sif that there had been reports of Frost Giant scouts along Asgard's borders.

Sif and Thor both promised to stay a few days in case the Frost Giants suddenly attacked and Hela thanked them both. Once the two had left for their respective quarters, Hela immediately bolted towards the Bifrost!

There were no Frost Giant scouts…

Hela had simply made up a reason to get Sif to stay on Asgard while she rushed down to Midgard to celebrate with Layla! Sif had described both of Layla's newest girls as unbelievably beautiful and Hela wanted in on that! Was that devious and unfair to Sif? Absolutely. Did Hela care? Not at all. She was the Queen after all…


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