The Fake Young Miss Who Got The City Quaking In Her Boots Book

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The Fake Young Miss Who Got The City Quaking In Her Boots

Blessed Journey

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Lydia, who grew up with her grandmother in a remote village, was finally taken back to the wealthy mansion. Only then did she realize that this was the result of her sickly grandmother kneeling down and begging her mother, who had long become a wealthy lady. However, her mother warned her sternly in private, "You can never call me mom! You can only call me auntie! Remember that?" The moment she entered the house, her mother's son and daughter, who were born in a wealthy family, took turns picking on her and humiliating her. What greeted her was always her mother's mocking words, "They are my babies, and you are just my niece. We eat and drink well, so what if you give in to them?" She knew that her mother might do something crazy to hide her secret. Good! Nobody can be relied on! I'll rely on myself! After surviving university, the female protagonist packed her luggage and exclaimed, "What rich family? I don't care anymore!" The female protagonist ran away from home and entered the entertainment industry! With her superb acting skills, an experienced director offered her an olive branch. Thousands of fans went crazy for her. She was invited to a charity dinner by the wealthiest man on the Fortune List. Someone even bought a big screen at Times Square to celebrate her birthday. While everyone was crazy about her, a mysterious man bought all the headlines and announced, "Thank you for liking my fiancée! But, I'm the one who loves her the most!"


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