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Firstly, DxD


| 1 | Second Great War


A severed head flew in the air, spraying its inwards across the place!

Truly a disturbing sight to behold!

The battlefield was utterly devasted... filled with boisterous battle cries calling for blood and glory! How foolish of them to even think that!

Dying was a glorious end!?

Glory at the cost of your life?

What utter rubbish!

There was no glory in death...no honour!

We all die... eventually buried within the sands of time.

There were no two ways about it.

"Forward soldiers!"

"Marinate your blades with the blood of devils!"

"For the church!"

"For the Biblical God!"

One after another, swords clashed!

Fist greeted fist!

Magic encountered magic!

The moonlit world brimmed with death and destruction!

It painted the blank canvas, called the sky; crimson.

Bright flashes of light and distorted screams of warriors lit up the silent sky as it shed clouds and turned pitch black!

It was ever-expanding and ever-compassing; gently holding the world, like a child within its arms.

The utterly devastated land greedily assimilated the seemingly never-ending sea of blood and mountain of corpses.

『 1467, The Great War! 』

It wasn't the first time that blood ran through the battlefield like a river!

In the past, the four original Satans led the 『Devils』 against 『God』 and the 『Angels』 in Heaven as well as Azazel and the 『Fallen Angels』 in the 『First Great War』.

『Devils』, 『Angels』, 『Fallen Angels』 and even humans were involved in the most horrifying war in the history of existence!

The 『 First Great War 』...the worst the world had ever seen!

The three conflicting factions were very powerful...their mere presence shook the entire supernatural world and garnered the attention of the various pantheons.

The world watched as the three factions competed for resources.

The imaginary satisfaction of being called the superior being led them to engage in a devastating war that went on for decades!

Their battle... decimated the land!

Enraged the sea!

Shook the sky!

Millions of beings perished at the hands of their enemies!

The war marked the beginning of the dark ages!

Faced with the threat of extinction!

Azazel, the 『 Leader of the Fallen 』 chose to retreat and wash his hands of the still-ongoing war.

There were some opposition, dissatisfaction, and hatred within his faction...after all the three factions hated each other with passion but his decision was still respected by his people.

After all! Who would want to fight a war where there was no prize!?

Even if their hatred for 『God』 and the 『Four Satans』 was overwhelming...the 『Fallen』 weren't idiots!

The 『Four Great Satans』 and the 『Biblical God』 eventually died in the 『First Great War』 after more than half of the 『72 Pillars』, as well as a majority of the armies of 『Devils』 that serve the 『High-Class Devil Clans』, were wiped out.

Their deaths marked the end of the 『 First Great War 』.

After the deaths of the 『Four Great Satans』 in the 『First Great War』, a group of their descendants intended to carry on their legacy by gathering the strong supporters of the originals and finish what they started.

The 『 Second Great War 』 to realize the world domination ambition of the Original Satans.

Their intentions, however, were opposed by a certain group of 『Devils』, the 『Anti-Satan Faction』, who wanted to ensure the survival of the 『Devils』 as a species, thus disapproving of the continuation of the Great War.

This dissension eventually caused a civil war to break out between the 『Devils』 which ultimately lead to the defeat of the Original Satans' descendants.

Following the defeat of the descendants who were forced to retreat to the back part of the 『Underworld』, their names became titles for the new rulers of the 『Devils』.

While the 『Original Satans』 became known as the 『Old Satans』.

The Satan positions were then given to Sirzechs Lucifer, Serafall Leviathan, Ajuka Beelzebub, and Falbium Asmodeus.

Four Devils who were born with immense power, equivalent or superior to the original four and were chosen for the Satans' positions despite not carrying the blood of the original Satans.

Despise their best efforts to put an end to this senseless conflict, the millenniums of hatred rooted deep within their race was not something they could control.

The peace lasted a hundred years following the gruesome war...unfortunately the tensions between the three opposing factions had started to grow once again.

Wanting to exploit the momentary weakness of the devils, the 『Church』 waged war against the ‹Devils› and the 『Fallen Angels』.

While the devils had new 『Four Great Satans』, the 『Angel faction』 already had prepared to confront the devils.

After the death of the 『Biblical God』, 『Heaven』 was managed by his eldest son, 『Michael the Archangel』.

Also known as,『Who is like God』, 『Prince of the Heavenly Host』.

With partial control of the 『God System』, he solely was able to exceed the limits of his creation and could evolve infinity close to the level of the 『Biblical God』.

An 『Archangel』 who now could become 『God』 himself!

Now keep in mind that the true reason 『God』 died during the war was that he put thousands of seals on a powerful being known as 『666› (Trihexa)』.

And ended up fighting in the war in an exhausted state.

『God』was a madlad!

It just went to show how powerful the 『Biblical God』 was...and how powerful Michael could become!

Hence, the 『Second Great War』!

Fortunately, leaders of the three factions didn't support the bloodthirsty ideology of their people.

They didn't want conflict and thus refused to enter the battlefield themselves.

Faced with the rigid, uninterested stance of the three leaders...the war started to lose momentum and would very well cease soon.


Up high in the dark sky, two figures watched the ongoing war in silence.

If you would focus...you may see the air around them seemed to be slightly distorted, signifying that they were actively trying to hide their presence.

"What are you thinking, Lord Zekram?"

Lord Bael questioned his predecessor.

He was the current head of the 『House of Bael』, the husband of Misla, and the younger half-brother of Venelana.

He was an extremely prideful individual, even for a Bael!

Even so, despite being the 『Head of the Bael Household』, he had never made a single decision on his own without consulting the 『First Generation Bael』.

Whether it was political or familial matters.

And why wouldn't he?

Zekram Bael wasn't just a Bael.

No!... He was the entire Bael Clan!

He was the 『Founder of the House of Bael』, a devil with a far greater influence than even the current 『Four Great Satans』.

He was the de-facto leader of the 『Devils』 after the death of the original 『Four Great Satans』.

He was the Godfather of all devils!

"This war is just a waste of time, resources, and energy."

A middle-aged-looking man with black hair, peaceful violet eyes, and noble attire stood afloat in the sky.

He gazed at the devastated land beneath him with calm eyes.

An aura of strong dignity and power wrapped around him...demanding respect of all creation in existence!

To say, Zekram Bael wasn't delighted in the slightest would be an understatement!

The sight of his fellow devils fighting for a lost cause... to appease the sentiments of the three factions was vexing!

The 『Devil faction』 used to be strong, proud, and united...very much so!

But after the 『First Great War』 and the 『Civil War』, all that was left was just an empty shell of their past self.

"While it pains me to say this but their deaths would help weaken the influence of the Devil Elders considerably."

"Those old geezers, if left unchecked would bring about the destruction of the devil race!"

"The Old Satan Faction is also very active these days...there must be some traitors within our ranks."

Zekram was a very dutiful man, weighing the needs of the many over the needs of a few.

Everyone respected him, even the 『 Old Satan Faction 』... as the devil in question worked for the interest of their race.

He was also very prideful in his clan, as well as their trademark ability, and while he does take importance in Devils' traditions, old teachings, and values such as High-class Devils' viewpoints of blood purity.

He also does acknowledge people of exceptional ability.

Despite having been the leader of the 『Anti-Satan Faction』 during the 『Civil War』, he still showed active reverence and respect for the 『Four Original Satans』 due to him being one of the first generation Devils.

He even referred to Ajuka Beelzebub, one of the new 『Four Great Satans』 by his birth name of Asteroth, and refused to call him 『Beelzebub』 in respect of the original.

"Lord Zekram, with your vast knowledge and experience can't you predict their course of action?"

Lord Bael asked the 『Great King』 if the latter could predict when the 『Old Satan Faction』 would take action and wreak havoc.

"The reason why the Old Satan Faction still exists is because of their unpredictable nature and capability to infiltrate our Great King Faction."

"Knowing your enemy is half the battle and with their connections... they can stay one step ahead of us, all the time."

"We would need to weaken their influence over the devil race...some of the Noble Houses doesn't seem to be happy with the establishment of the new Four Great Satans."

"Blacklisting such houses must be our top priority after the Second Great War ends."

"Then we can carefully root out the traitors and kill Old Satan Faction leaders."

Zekram was calm and collected even when discussing murder on a huge scale, against his former masters!

Nothing in the world could break his demeanour nor could anyone make him reveal his weakness...if he even had any!

"The Old Satan Faction would certainly try to take advantage of the Second Great War to weaken us but how do they exactly plan on going about it remains a mystery to me."

The 『bGreat King 』 wasn't omniscient!

Even he didn't know about the plan of the 『Old Satan Faction』.

Both Lord Bael and Lord Zekram continued to observe the battle from a distance...any from prying eyes!



A loud explosion reverberated throughout the battlefield!

The sky trembled under what looked like the might of the Titans!

The sheer power behind the explosion reckoned the clouds to part ways!

The ground cried out as it caved in before bursting out!

It sent chucks of huge rocks flying everywhere!

The winds danced around the two peculiar individuals who stood rigid in the middle of the battlefield...completely unnerved, and unflattering!

Both of them wore thick, distinguishing armour over their bodies as they stared down at the enemy.

"Vasco Strada also called the 『 Violence of Heaven 』...what a wonderful day it is!

"Haha!...After I kill you."

"I will present the 『Durandal』 to Azazel as an offering!"

One of the two individuals was a young man with long black hair, red eyes, and had pointy ears. He seemed to possess five pairs of black wings and wore black armour.

Originally an 『Angel』 from 『Fifth Heaven』, Kokabiel was one of the leaders of 『Grigori』 and one of the few 『Fallen Angels』 that survived the 『First Great War』.

Unlike the other leaders of the 『Fallen Angels』, Kokabiel desired war but had to face strong opposition from Azazel and Shemhazai due to the high number of causalities they had suffered during the 『First Great War』.

He was a ruthlessly skilled fighter who had mastered the ability to use 『Light Magic』 of the 『Fallen』!

As someone who was once called the 『 Star of God 』, Kokabiel could go toe to toe with 『Satan-Class』 beings without much difficulty.

Even during the 『First Great War』, he alone had killed tons of devils, angels, and humans while actively trying to prove that the fallen angels were the epitome of existence!

And now in the 『Second Great War』, he was clashing against the forces of the church, the 『Angel Faction』.

"O` Kokabiel of the Fallen, yer shall face the judgment of thy almighty!"

Vasco was a 2-meter tall young man in his twenties. He was bald, having shaken his head, his body was that of an extremely muscular human.

He had a thick neck, thick chest, thick arms, and legs that have the same girth as a normal teenager.

His yellow eyes burned with religious vigour and unending strength!

His white paladin armour shone brightly, devoid of any blemish and so did the peculiar sword that he wielded.

Contrary to his title as the 『 Violence of the Heaven 』, Vasco was an extremely gentle and compassionate man who cared for the sake of everyone.

He was immensely respected by the people of the church due to his immense compassion and powerful strength.

Last but not the least, he wielded the 『Legendary Sword of Roland』, 『Durandal』!

The 『Durandal』 was a large uniquely shaped broadsword with a blue blade and a golden edge.

The sword had a semicircular guard on the left side of the handle that extended to the bottom just above the pommel, with a small extension on the right side of the handle.

Vasco was stationed near the eastern stronghold of the church... he had received intelligence that the fallen angels were planning to capture the place and use it against Heaven!

Vasco raised the 『Durandal』 in the air before pointing it towards Kokabiel...as if challenging him to a battle!

"Ye shall know defeat!"

Instead of getting enraged when faced with Vasco's threat, Kokabiel let out a boisterous laugh before raising his 『Star Piercer』 towards the former.

"Haha! Come then! Show me!"

The ground buckled due to the pressure it was being subjected to while both of the individuals burst into speed!


Both of them clashed and locked their weapons against each other with naked ferocity and violence.

The wind danced around their bodies as both of them pushed against each other...wanting to overpower the other.

Being a 『Fallen』, obviously made Kokabiel stronger, physically... yet he was unable to even move Vasco from his place!

The behemoth of a man wasn't fazed by his opponent's strength and valiantly pushed the enemy back!

Kokabiel gritted his teeth as he tried to hold his place yet it was futile...under the might of the 『Durandal』, the ground beneath his feet broke apart as he sank deep into the earth!

Vasco raised his left hand in the air and clenched his fist!

The air started to coil around him as light particles converged onto his fist...making his glow with an unprecedented light!

"Holy Fist!"

『Violence of Heaven』 smashed his fist towards the retreating figure of the Cadre who simply twisted his body to avoid the blow and took to the air!


A thunderous blow rang out as his fist connected against the ground, where the fallen angel stood a second ago... and pulverized it into fine dust!

Seeing that his enemy recoiled from using such destructive attack...Kokabiel immediately seized the opportunity to attack!

Tons of 『Light Magic』 gathered around his body and started to take the form of multiple spears...each of them as big as a full-grown whale!

During their initial exchange, he was able to gauge the physical capabilities of the human he stood against!

Since his enemy had the advantage in close-quarter combat...he decided to opt for long-ranged lethal attacks!


The multiple yellow-coloured spears burst into motion...tearing the air apart as they blasted towards Vasco at a breakneck speed!

For a normal person, the light-spear would have been so fast they wouldn't even have been able to register its presence while in motion...yet Vasco not only did that but he was even fast enough to wield 『Durandal』 and deflect the incoming attacks.


Once again, a loud explosion rang out as the land laid decimated under the assault of the two opposing forces!


Many kilometres away from the battlefield in 『 Lucifaad 』.

Hidden deep underground, away from the public eyes was a whole hidden tunnel system that had yet to be discovered by the devils!

『Lucifaad』 was the original 『Capital of the Underworld』 and the Satan territory ruled by the original Lucifer before the new 『Four Great Satans』 took office as the second generation Satans.

In the past, the children of the first Satans and their blood relatives lived there and at the 『Amphitheater』.

There was a "meeting between young Devils" which was attended by all of the 『72 Pillars』 but usually served as a way for the Satan descendants to show off their authority among the lower classes of 『Devils』.

It is also the place where Sirzechs Gremory defeated and killed Bidleid, thus ending the civil war in the final battle between Satan and the Rebel army.

There are ruins deep underground that were left by the original 『Four Great Satans』 who died, and the only ones who knew of the existence of the underground ruins were the 『Six Houses of Lucifer』.

Even the Lucifer, Beelzebub, Leviathan, and Asmodeus' bloodlines didn't know about the existence of the ruins.

The city of 『Lucifaad』 had a very dark secret that no one knew of except Zaorama Nebiros of the Nebiros Clan!

Zaorama Nebiros was the head of the Nebiros Clan and the leader of the 『Nebiros Institute』. By nature, he was a devil who was only interested in his research.

At the end of the 『Devil Civil War』, he escaped from 『Lucifaad』 and set up a laboratory deep underground in an undeveloped land where no 『High-Class Devils』 had territory.

He was one of the very few individuals who knew of the existence of 『Malebranche』!

『Malebranche』, also known as the 『Evil Claws』 were twelve living weapons that the original 『Four Great Satans』 created using the crystals that were excavated from Agreas and modelled them into weapons, using the Sacred Gears as a reference.

Due to their unique power to transform them into weapons, the 『Original Satans』 referred to them as 『Satanic Arms』.

Considered living weapons, the 『Malebranche』 possessed both a body and consciousness and could change between their normal forms or into combat gear to be wielded.

Barbariccia and Scarmiglione were partially unsealed during the 『Devil Civil War』.

The former felt uninterested in that era and instead wished to fight against the Longinus and their wielders instead.

They were sealed away in the deepest space below 『Lucifaad』, but at the end of the 『Civil-War』 were moved to Zaoroma Nebiros' underground research lab to be unsealed when all the Longinus possessors have assembled.

After skillfully crafting and destroying top-secret materials and artefacts from Lucifaad's research facility, he arrived at his secret lab alone.

"Fucking pigs! Can't they let me do my experiments in peace!?"

Zaoroma Nebiros was extremely annoyed by the 『Second Great War』!

Ever since the end of the 『Devil Civil War』, he had devoted all his time studying the sealed statues of the 『Malebranche』.

Even while sealed away as statues, each of the 『Malebranche』 released an indescribable pressure and indefinitely daunting aura, while their leader emitted an aura far deadlier than all the other statues.

The power of the 『Satanic Arms』 was so great that even the original 『Four Great Satans』 feared them, believing that they would be killed in their sleep by the crazed combatants.

They could transfer part of their power into another Devil boosting their powers based on their compatibility and with different effects.

Scarmiglione gave an unnamed descendant of Beelzebub a small amount of his power just as a demonstration of their power.

The descendant in question then was turned into a gigantic chimeric fly, which could disperse corrosive poison, and caused him to become intoxicated by the power.

He became so dangerous that Sirzechs needed to use his "true form" and 『Ruin the Extinct』 to annihilate him.

The 『Satanic Arms』 were 12-unique weapons with physical body and soul; equipped with unique abilities and powers!

It was some time after he came to know of the existence of 『Malebranche』 that he formed a plan to integrate the statues.

Zaoroma wanted to merge the 12-members of 『Malebranche』 into a single entity!

He wanted to create an entity so powerful that it could even fight against beings like Shiva, Ophis, and Great Red!

Unfortunately for him, combining the Satan Arms was near-impossible!

Even after doing research, conducting experiments for the past 400 years...he wasn't able to find any detail regarding the core structure of the Satan Arms.

It made him feel helpless yet at the same time it also excited him with the possibility of making something..."otherwordly"!

After more experiments and research, Zaoroma decided to conduct an experiment where he would try to integrate the 12-weapons into a living vessel!

That living vessel being a 5-year old pureblood devil child.

Why a devil child? You may wonder...

The pillar which the boy belonged to was a Noble House with the astonishing ability to absorb all kinds of Energy to a certain limit...depending on the mastery of their clan ability.

The 5-year old child was the only pure-blood devil left of his Noble House...his clan was already decimated in the 『First Great War』.

Zaoroma fakes the death of the child and proceeded to kidnap him after the defeat of the 『Old Satan Faction』 in 『Lucifaad』.

He then proceeded to put the child into a comatose state using the『Forbidden Devil Magic』.

The 5-year old boy was his only shot at realizing his dream!

He placed the 12- statues in a circle and attached an assimilation machine to the ceiling, hung above the water tank.

In theory, the plan was to convert the statues into pure devil energy and then forcefully use the boy's "innate ability to absorb energy" to push all of it inside him.

The converted energy would carry the specials abilities of the 12-statues while their physical bodies would be transformed into "gears-to-be wielded", which then would be pushed inside the boy's soul...similar to a sacred gear.

Now comes the problem, there was no way that the 5-year old boy would survive the assimilation of 12-Satanic Arms.

And if the boy died then there would be no soul for the arms to be integrated into, failing the experiment.

To prevent this from happening, Zaoroma was going to use the sacred gear of his pawn, 『Twilight Healing』.

『The Smile of the Holy Mother』, also called 『Twilight Healing』 was a rare sacred gear with the ability to heal any mortal injuries within moments!

The 『Twilight Healing』 could be mastered to increase the potency of its abilities.

Zaoroma was able to brainwash the current user of the sacred gear into becoming a part of his peerage, even though the latter formally had connections with the church.

The latter was the only servant Zaoroma had and helped him conduct many inhumane experiments on the test subjects.

"Tobago...it is the time!"

"Use your scared gear on the boy!"

The pawn was named Tobago by his master after the latter brainwashed the former into becoming his servant.

Zaoroma yelled at his pawn to activate his sacred gear and get ready to use it on the 5-year old boy...floating inside the water tank.

"As you wish, master..."

In a dull, gritty tone...the servant replied to his master as he raised his arms towards the tank water.

A green light emerged from his body as the 『 Twilight Healing 』 took the appearance of two silver rings with a blue-green gem on each ring.

"Starting the assimilator!"


The statues started to glow with crimson light as the assimilator started to make disturbing noises which seemed to not affect Zaoroma and his servant!

Zaoroma grinned in delight as he observed the situation.

He thought to himself.

'The sacred gear should be able to keep the child from dying and the assimilation would turn out to be a great success!'

'The Gaia barrier will hide all this devil energy from being detected by the devils and I will finally succeed!'


Zaoroma burst into cynical laughter as he looked at the tremendous devil energy pouring inside the water tank while his pawn kept using his sacred gear to prevent the boy from dying!


"Lord Zekram...I think we should return to Agreas."

"Kokabiel has lost against Vasco Strada...there is nothing more to see here."

Lord Bael suggested that the 『Great King』 returns to Agreas, rather than wasting time watching the three factions kill each other.

While the 『Great King』 didn't react to his words, he did acknowledge them.

"After returning to Agares, invite the Four Great Satans to a meeting at the 『Castle of the Bael』."

"We have to consider a peace proposal which would put an end to this meaningless war...once and for all."

"Yes, Lord Zekram..."

Lord Bael and Lord Zekram took one last look at the ruined battlefield before preparing to teleport away.



In a fraction of a second, Lord Zekram felt space twisting, a few kilometres away from him... a gigantic pillar of raw devil energy exploded near 『 Lucifaad 』.

The devil energy was so potent that it reminded him of the late Original Satans...when they were still alive.

"Brace yourself!"

Zekram wrapped himself and Lord Bael inside his devil energy as a terrifying shockwave impacted the battlefield.


A powerful shockwave blew huge rocks in the sky whereas individuals like Vasco and Kokabiel wrapped their energy around their respective factions.

The shockwave also had destroyed their concealment technique...exposing their whereabouts to the three factions.

The air trembled under the 『 Power of destruction 』 as it danced around Lord Bael's enraged figure!

"Has the Old Satan Faction finally decided to attack!?"

Ready to destroy everything...Lord Bael questioned the 『 Great King』.

"No...this energy doesn't belong to any of the members of the Old Satan Faction."

"Unless, of course, they have found someone new belonging to a Noble House."

The power behind the shockwave peaked at High-Class but the explosion of the raw Devil energy was far more powerful.

"Go and gather our forces, Lucifaad will be under lockdown until the source of this explosion is determined."

"Yes, Lord Zekram..."

Saying so, Lord Bael restrained his 『Power of Destruction』 and teleported to the 『Castle of Bael』 to gather his troops and inform the other high-ranking officials about the situation.

With Lord Bael gone, Zekram expression turned increasingly solemn.

"This energy? Is it!?"

Zekram turned towards the origin of the explosion and decided to check on the situation himself.

Black-coloured electric arcs wrapped around his body as he basked within the lightning!


His body turned into pure lighting as he disappeared from the battlefield in a flash!

Following behind was a tremendous thunderclap that shook the battlefield!

Within a few seconds, Lord Zekram had travelled a great distance and was now floating just above the humongous crater...an aftereffect of the explosion!

The crater was a thousand meters deep and a couple of kilometres wide in diameter!

The underworld had far more landmass when compared to earth since there were no seas or oceans...only small lakes.

Zekram couldn't see anything inside the crater...only pitch-black darkness which the light seemed incapable of reaching.

"This energy! There is no doubt about it!"

A grave expression appeared over his face as he recognized the baleful energy that was dwelling inside the crater.


The wind picked up as the sky was devoured by thundering black clouds!

Tremendous devil energy was being released out of Zekram's body...the body of a 『 Super-Devil 』!

He was about to transform into his true form to combat against the Satan Arms for he had thought that someone had unsealed some of the most terrifying weapons in existence!

Fortunately, before he could destroy the whole 『 Lucifaad 』 just by transforming...he stopped hearing a noise!

"Uwaa! Uwaa!"

An outcry resounded throughout the crater...and it matched that of a child crying!

But how can that be?

How can a child even survive the explosion?

It should be a trap right?

Zekram hesitated for a second before he cautiously descended into the crater...devil energy tightly wrapped around his body.

It took him some time to reach the bottom of the pitch-black crater before his ears pinpointed the location of the outcry.

He ignited a black-coloured flame within his palm before slowly moving towards the source of the sound.

The massive crater was so far... empty.

Powerful devil energy lingered at the bottom yet there were no signs of any kind of entity residing in the crater.

"What is going on?"

"I can't sense any of Malebranche members!"

"Did they somehow escape?"

Zekram wondered out loud before his eyes were attracted to a piece of paper lying on the ground...half burned and half crumbled.

"And what might this be?"

Zekram bent forward and picked up the crumpled paper before narrowing his eyes on the content on it.

'Only the leader, Malacoda mustn't be released!'

"This handwriting!? Lord Lucifer!?"

He was shocked to find a "document" written by his creator...here, a thousand meters below the Capital of Underworld.

He carefully pocketed the paper before exploring the left od portion of the massive crater.

"Uwaa! Uwaa!"

Zekram eyes darted towards the sound and he saw a 5-year old devil child sitting on the scorched & decimated land...crying!

While the 5-year old child itself looked normal... Zekram could feel the unending Devil-Energy flowing through the veins of the boy.

Zekram thought for a second before he decided his next course of action.

He gently picked up the child... who suddenly stopped crying and lost consciousness.

"Now what to do with you...?"

Both Lord Zekram and the child disappeared from the crater.

『 End Of The Chapter 』


Now the Marvel one,


(Carol POV.)

In the distance, blue dust twirled in the air as the gentle wind carried the smoke and fire far up in the air!

The heat accompanied by the smoke could be seen from far away and ought to have alerted people.


The crisp sound of boots grinding against the dirt drew closer by the second...indicating the presence of a tall, armoured individual.

"The energy core, where is it?" (Yon-Rogg)

"His" voice barely registered within my buzzing head as the red liquid continue to drip down my nose, staining my prized uniform.

I grimly peeked at the gaping hole within the stomach of my now dead mentor... the person whom I admired the most laid dead within my arms.

"Her" last words still resounded within my mind.

'Destroy the ship... the Skrull must not possess the [Light-Engine]!'

I still couldn't understand what was happening but I knew one thing... that I must stall!

Taking a deep breath, I spoke with certainty and conviction.

"Pararescue's on the way. You have two minutes until you're surrounded." (Carol)

Intimidation was a powerful weapon if brandished correctly.

Unfortunately, the intimidation didn't seem to have the desired effect that I wanted to see.

Almost immediately, he spoke in a definitive time which was enough for me to know that I wouldn't be able to stall for the reinforcements to arrive.

"Then I see no reason to prolong this conversation." (Yon-Rogg)

Saying so, he grabbed his strangely glowing firearm and aimed!

"Wait!" (Carol)

"You mean that energy-core?" (Carol)

"No!..." (Yon-Rogg)




(POV Mc)

W-Where am I!?

I found myself surrounded by a thick fog of darkness.

I could feel myself losing consciousness...fast!

It was a strange feeling of losing strength and the ability to think.

I didn't know why or how?

But I was losing blood... lots of blood and I couldn't feel my legs anymore.

I knew I was still alive...but for how long?

My name was Mael Grant, a normal 22 years old restaurant owner who lived a simple life.

I wasn't married but I did have a family.

My father and mother were 54 years old, the former was a war veteran whereas the latter was a housewife.

I also had a younger sister who was 19 years old; who had just finished High-School and was preparing for her college entrance exam.

I had decided to drop out of college to take over the family business after my father lost his left arm in an accident.

Initially, life was tough but we didn't give up and managed to pull through.

Everything was going well so I couldn't understand what was happening to me?

Or why was I, in this strange place?

ᒥ Wake-Up! ᒧ

ᒥ Seek Vengeance! ᒧ

ᒥ Destroy everything! You have the power! ᒧ

ᒥ They stole everything from you! Kill them! ᒧ

ᒥ Save yourself! You are dying! ᒧ

ᒥ Let go and let us in! ᒧ

Argh!... Various voices entered my buzzing ears!

I could barely make out any sense from them.

What was happening to me!?

Like a hammer beating down on the anvil; the buzzing intensified!

I tried to clutch my head in throbbing pain...only to fail as I couldn't even muster any energy to lift a finger.

More voices that I didn't recognize... resounded near me.


"Permission to shoot!?" (Minn-Erva)

"Permission denied." (Yon-Rogg)

"Stand down." (Yon-Rogg)

"But sir! She is still alive!" (Minn-Erva)

"She absorbed the energy from the engine!" (Yon-Rogg)

"Take her to the ship!" (Yon-Rogg)

"Yes sir!" (Minn-Erva)


Hearing these voices, lots of information bombarded my brain as I tried to scream but no sound came out; my mouth.

A certain memory started to unravel itself; in front of me as I was forced to "live" these moments!

1983, 26th February...

Marcus was 6'2 ft tall, a native American with fairly attractive blue eyes, a handsome face, and a well-defined jawline.

He had been working for [S.H.I.E.L.D] for several years now and was one of their highly valued agents.

He, a [Level-4] [S.H.I.E.L.D] agent was tasked with co-operating the [Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S.] with the project leader Wendy Lawson.

[Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S.] was the name of the joint project between [S.H.I.E.L.D.], [NASA], and the [United States Air Force] to study the [Tesseract] and harness its power.

Marcus didn't trust Wendy Lawson due to her questionable past; the latter had no definite records of her life and most of the evidence seemed to be illegally created.

While keeping tabs on the project, he discovered a mind-blowing secret concerning Wendy's real identity and the fact that Earth was slowly turning into a warzone for the two alien species!

Mar-Vell was a [Kree scientist] who had escaped to planet Earth where she hid her identity and started working with the [United States Air Force] in the framework of [Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S.], using the name Wendy Lawson.

Together with Carol Danvers and Maria Rambeau, Mar-Vell worked on harnessing the energy of the [Tesseract] to create a [Light-Speed Engine] which according to her, would help end the [Kree-Skrull War].

According to what he had gathered; Carol Danvers and Maria Rambeau weren't knowledgeable of the truth behind Wendy or Mar-Vell's identity.

Despite being an [Kree] herself, Mar-Vell intended to offer the technology to the [Skrulls] so they could relocate far from the [Kree].

The [Kree] were a militaristic race of mostly blue-skinned humanoids from a planet named [Hala].

One of the most technically advanced races in the galaxy, the [Kree] were skilled in genetic engineering and were responsible for the creation of the [Inhumans] on Earth.

Politically, they were a powerful intergalactic state, controlling a vast empire.

Whereas [Skrulls] were a technologically advanced race of reptilian humanoids, native to the destroyed planet [Skrullos].

They were a humanoid species with distinguishing features that include green skin and pointed-back ears.

Unlike all species that are native to Earth, [Skrulls] were not carbon-based lifeforms.

They seemed to possess a wide variety of otherwise augmented abilities compared to humans, such as enhanced strength, durability, and agility, but not to superhuman levels.

It also appeared that the [Skrulls] possessed a vast level of longevity.

The [Skrulls] were also able to shapeshift - or "sim" - into other sentient humanoid beings right down to the individual's DNA, perfectly matching their height, voice, body weight, unique physical characteristics, and even copying their clothing - by way of [Skrull co-morphing apparel].

They were all physiologically capable of this, but accurate shapeshifting seemed to require practice and talent.

[Skrulls] were even able to replicate the recent memories of the person that they've simmed. However, they couldn't mimic any supernatural or superhuman powers and abilities of the person they've simmed.

Marcus, not knowing what to do wanted to gather more evidence before he would report back to [S.H.I.E.L.D.].

Unfortunately for him, his decision to wait quickly became his undoing!

it was too late!

Mar-Vell was considered a traitor by the [Supreme Intelligence] and was ordered to be killed by the [Starforce]; [Kree Elite Combatants].

While running tests of the engine alongside pilot Carol Danvers and hidden agent Marcus, Mar-Vell was targeted by a [Kree ship] with the aims of recovering the engine.

Mar-Vell's ship was shot and it crashed.

Marcus was caught up in the explosion; his body was partially crushed under the debris of the ship.

He died as his body was still being burned by the flaming debris.

Mar-Vell was also shot and killed by Yon-Rogg while trying to destroy the engine so the [Kree] could not control it.

Carol, shaken by the death of her mentor picked up the [Kree-pistol] and destroyed the engine; resulting in an explosion!

Lots of energy escaped from the destroyed engine and wrapped around Carol and Marcus's dead bodies.

Yon-Rogg observed the energy coiling against the woman and decided to take her to his planet; in hopes of grooming her into the perfect weapon.

Since Marcus's dead body was crushed underneath the debris, they didn't see the energy coiling against it and left the planet.


Moments after the [Kree] left planet Earth.

A strange phenomenon was taking place underneath the flaming debris which had crushed Marcus's body.

An energy sphere could be seen forming around the half-crushed, half-burned dead body of Marcus Maker.


The debris started to tremble and break apart!

Six varying coloured energy arcs coiled against the damaged body!

A "Blue" arc of energy!

A "Yellow" arc of energy!

A "Red" arc of energy!

A "Purple" arc of energy!

A "Green" arc of energy!

An "Orange" arc of energy!

Each arc twirled around the rapidly regenerating body of the dead Marcus Marker!


ᒥ Wake-up! Use our power! ᒧ

Arrghh!...These voices!

ᒥ Destroy everything! ᒧ


ᒥ Seek Vengeance! ᒧ


ᒥ Watch them burn! ᒧ


ᒥ Why do you resist? Give up! ᒧ


ᒥ Let go and let us in! ᒧ

Leave me alone!


An extremely terrifying energy burst out of "Marcus" body as everything within a half-a-kilometre radius was decimated in an instant.

The debris weighing down on "Marcus" was decimated by a purple-coloured energy wave which left the land charred!

The purple-coloured arcs coiled against his body for some time before disappearing altogether.

The previously levitating body of "Marcus" dropped on the charred ground; unconscious and devoid of any strength.

And so finally, the dust settled....or did it?

An outburst of such intense energy ought to have attracted the attention of the government officials.

This place would soon be crawling with various officials and agents!


The space around "Marcus" started to grind a little as a yellow-coloured circle formed mid-air; out of nowhere.

An individual; donned in yellow-coloured monk robes stepped out from the circle and turned towards "Marcus".

The individual didn't speak or move any further but rather waved their hand in the air as the unconscious body started to float mid-air.

The yellow-robed individual once again entered the circle; the floating body followed behind him and also disappeared within the circle.

The yellow-coloured circle started to fade out of existence as the space around the area returned to being normal; once again.

『 End Of The Chapter 』


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